2022 Garage doors come in a variety of styles, much like the front door on your home. Among the many options for new doors, you can find both custom-made and stock doors in various styles. Each garage door style in 2022 has its own unique set of features and benefits. This guide will cover the different garage doors styles you can purchase, including their features, benefits, and average prices.

2022 Average Cost of a Garage Door by Style & Brand

2022 Paneled Garage Doors

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Many people from the area prefer paneled garage door styles because they are sturdy, attractive, and easily operated from the outdoors. These doors are separated into sections, which creates a more dimensional look and depth. Paneled doors are convenient for customizing, and they work well with many home styles.

Some of the features of these doors are an anti-rust coating to prevent rusting of the panels, robust steel construction, and built-in safety sensors. The average price range for a paneled door is $770 and $2,180.

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Carriage Garage Doorscarriage garage doors

Carriage garage doors have been around for years, but they remain prevalent today. These garage doors open outward instead of upward, which is unusual for the design. The design can make them have a stunning impact on your home’s appearance. A carriage-style design usually features custom wood or wooden paneling that displays a variety of designs. Carriage doors are also very functional and offer a wide range of benefits.

Carriages can usually be customized by adding glass inserts, and they can have features such as an automatic door opener. The average price for a carriage door is in the range of $1,200 and $4,250.

French Garage Doors

If you want a classic and natural look, consider installing French-style garage doors. They are also perfect if you want a truly unique door and unlike anything you have ever seen. They may be similar to a carriage door without the arch on top. Regardless, they make your home more attractive. They’re an elegant way to make your home look distinct from the rest.


These doors function like standard French windows but on a larger size. Due to the amount of glass in these doors, they don’t insulate and other styles. Sometimes these have no glass at all. If you want a genuinely different door, a French-style garage may be a great option. The price of these doors can range from $1,550 to $6,050, depending on the style and design. If you decide to have one custom-made for your home, the price could be much higher than this.

How Configuration Affects Garage Door Pricing

Average Cost of a Garage Door by Brand

One of the most challenging aspects of purchasing a new garage door is choosing which brand to trust. With so many options, layouts, and styles on the market, it is essential to understand what features each brand offers. Homeowners choosing a brand should differentiate between brands in three key aspects: warranty protection, quality, and style. The following are some of the brands that are recommended for homeowners to consider:

Amarr Garage Door Cost

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Are you looking for a more affordable yet reliable option? Amarr is the brand for you. Amarr doors are one of the more popular options for a garage door brand around the country. They offer a well-known guarantee, and they have been known to last for years without problems.

One of the predominant features of Amarr garage doors is insulation and noise reduction. This company also uses recycled materials for many of its products, which makes them eco-friendly. These doors have an automated garage door opener and lifetime warranty. You can choose to insert glass panels or other exterior additions. Prices for Amarr doors are moderate and can range from $550 to $1,650.

CHI Overhead Doors Prices

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CHI has built a reputation for being one of the most popular garage door brands in the country. They are honest, reliable, and they can provide homeowners with high-quality products.

CHI Overhead Doors has various door styles, including carriage door designs made from steel or fiberglass. Window panels are also available for your custom look, along with a range of specialty glass options. With the wide range of colors, you can make your garage door uniquely yours. All CHI Overhead Doors have a lifetime limited warranty. Prices for these doors can range from $660 to $2,200.

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Clopay Garage Door Cost

If you want a more affordable option but don’t want to sacrifice quality or style, Clopay is the brand for you. This company has been designing and manufacturing garage door products since 1964. They are one of the most popular brands in the country today.

Clopay offers a wide variety of garage door styles and customization options. With Cloplay, you can choose from many materials for your exterior door, including wood, composite, glass, steel, or aluminum doors. They also offer several door designs, including modern, carriage house, and traditional.

All Clopay doors are manufactured and designed according to your specific needs. Every home is different, so every door should be, too. On average, a Clopay garage door cost between $770 and $3,850.

The Overhead Door Garage Door Prices

The Overhead Door has been producing high-quality garage door products for over 100 years. They have a variety of great products, and they are known for offering reliable warranties.

If you choose The Overhead Door, you can find many unique options in design and materials on their website. They offer an assortment of colors, frames, and styles, so you can truly make your garage door a one-of-a-kind product. From wood to metal doors with windows, they have it all. The company offers diverse styles, and its team provides 24/7 services for maintenance and repairs. Prices on The Overhead Door doors range from $825 to up to $4400 depending on the type of door you buy and which additional features you choose.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Prices  

Wayne Dalton provides high-quality doors for customers across the country. They are known for their modern doors design and customized products, making their lineup a one-of-kind product for homeowners.

Wayne Dalton offers a range of garage door designs in different colors and materials that can be installed on your home, including steel, wood, and aluminum. If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your property or increase the value, this is an excellent option. An average Wayne Dalton garage door will cost you around $880 and $9,900.

Garage Door Opener Costs

Many people choose to install an automatic garage door opener so they can open the door with ease (and from their phone). Garage door openers in 2022 come in many forms to meet the needs of different kinds of garage doors. The most popular is belt-driven and chain-drive models with homeowners. Belt-driven openers may be just the thing for a single-car garage, but they don’t work as well when lifting heavier doors. For heavier glass or wood garage doors, chain drives are a better option. Smart openers provide even more convenience by connecting to your WiFi. Carriage door openers are best for garages with doors that swing out.