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The suburbs and outskirts of the Denver metro area have become quite popular for residents looking for a lower cost of living and a new environment outside of city living.

Places like Commerce City, Castle Pines, and Centennial are some of the many options for living, but Aurora, CO, has remained one of the largest spaces with a growing population.

It is an excellent place for families to live comfortably, with incredible attractions and diverse homes.

Still, one thing those houses all have in common is garage doors, and it is the responsibility to maintain them for safe operations.

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The Modern Conveniences of Garage Doors in Aurora, CO

Unfortunately, garage doors are one of the many components of homes across Aurora, CO, that require regular maintenance and should be overseen by legitimate garage door services when things go south.

If you are looking for a quick garage door fix near me for a broken garage door, they are a rather complex system, so hiring reputable garage door repair companies is essential.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Aurora has been gaining experience with local residents and commercial businesses for years; our crew is licensed specialists who provide same-day service options to keep all of the garage doors in town running correctly!

The Comforts Associated with a Garage Door

It is easy to take garage doors’ typical comforts and conveniences for granted until those doors suddenly break down.

Most residents utilize a garage door as the entrance to their home, shelter for their cars, safety for household members, etc.

Without access to the garage door, things can get sticky for homeowners in Aurora, CO.

The Importance of a Modern Garage Door Opener

While Ben’s supplies reliable garage door repair services in the area, it is not always the right choice, as older doors and opening systems can only last so long.

Garage door installation options and exploring the benefits of garage insulation can enhance those usual comforts of home, upgrade curb appeal, and security for the family!

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What to Do About a Broken Garage Door

When something happens with the garage system, it is easy to resort to thinking the worst.

Still, with our garage door repair technicians available anytime, day, night, or weekends, you can call our team whenever needed.

Having a door that is reversing once it has hit the ground, is vibrating on its way down, or merely won’t open or close calls for local garage door repairs through a company that you can trust with all your garage door needs and worries!

Without having a business you can rely on for help with garage doors Aurora, residents are left to complete the initial investigation alone and then turn to an endless search through the internet.

Contacting a Local Garage Door Service in Aurora, CO

With Ben’s Garage Door Service, the entire team of specialists is dedicated to providing quick and efficient solutions for our clients.

We supply emergency garage door services and remain available early mornings, nights, and weekends to ensure any door repair needed gets completed.

Our technicians will offer a free quote and consultation for the process, providing customers with a clear line of communication and options for garage door repair Aurora, Colorado!

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Garage Door Openers & Key Pad Issues

A garage door opener is the right hand to every garage door; it is the device that allows the doors to open and close, supplying safety measures and lighting throughout the garage space.

Many modern garage door openers are built to last and provide homeowners with additional technologies and security systems. However, even those are still prone to breaking down or malfunctioning every now and then.

An old garage door opener is likely to cause even more problems.

If you are struggling with a keypad or remote, this is something plenty of people experience, but it is very inconvenient and compromises the safety of the property.

From LiftMaster garage door openers to Chamberlain and all the top brands on the market, our garage door experts are prepared to help resolve all your opener and remote transmission problems!

Broken Springs

Springs are one of the most essential parts of garage door systems; they will not operate correctly without the right springs to support the garage doors.

Spring breakage and snapping are something Colorado households often experience due to the cold temperatures.

When it is frigid outside, the springs can freeze and snap!

And without proper garage door maintenance year-round, they are susceptible to the same fate.

When a garage door spring is broken or worn, there is no way to repair it.

Ben’s garage door spring replacement is meant to simplify things when Aurora residents are dealing with a broken spring!

Garage Door Repair for Tracks

Tracks are another supportive feature for garage doors; they help guide them up and down while providing the rollers a simple spot to land.

The tracks manage these operations every day, multiple times a day, so it is easy for the garage doors to wear them down, causing accidents and things to come out of alignment.

When this happens, the garage doors can fall off the track, which is a very unsafe situation for anyone utilizing the garage door.

Instead of panicking, contact our off-track repair service in Aurora and allow our professional garage door services to help repair the tracks, returning everything to its normal state!

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Rusty Rollers

Garage door rollers are there to keep the opening and closure of the garage doors smooth and straightforward.

The rollers are often overlooked, but they remain another integral feature of every garage door system because nothing will move correctly without them.

That is why our local garage door service provides regular maintenance options to keep the rollers adequately lubricated.

We also supply garage door replacement services when the rollers wear out.

When the rollers begin to rust or are not lubricated, they can wear out quickly, causing a rough operation on the garage door.

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Garage Door Installation or Replacement Options

Garage doors are and will remain one of the most used elements of modern households in Aurora, throughout Colorado, and the rest of the country.

Without a fully functioning garage door, residents can park their cars outside without adequate security and coverage, have to walk around the property to gain entry into the home, and a significant safety feature is lost.

All garage doors deserve the proper attention and maintenance.

Still, there comes a point where homeowners have to consider the possibility of something new, such as a change with garage door installation or replacement, and the same goes for garage door openers.

Transform Your Aurora Home with Garage Door Installations

It is amazing what a new garage door can do to transform the look and feel of a home, but the same goes for the safety of a family.

Garage door installation and replacement options are seen as a larger project, but with exemplary garage door service, residents can look past all the details that go into the process and allow the team of technicians to do the work for them.

Whether your garage doors show signs of wear, require continuous repairs, or simply are not a good fit for the household anymore, making that replacement and opting for garage door installation is simplified with Ben’s local crew of specialists.

Our garage door service provides clients with a vast selection of different garage doors, materials, and manufacturers so you can upgrade to the perfect one!

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Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Choosing garage door installation or even committing to repairs for garage doors still requires essential continued maintenance through a professional and licensed garage door service.

Without a tune-up at least once or twice annually, every part of the garage doors will wear out much quicker than they should.

Our expert technicians provide accessible garage door maintenance to keep everything moving properly, allowing customers to foresee the possibility of broken springs or a potential fix before it turns into something more significant!

Installing a New Garage Door Opener

If you plan on making upgrades to garage doors, then it is also time to consider a new garage door opener!

Garage door opener repair isn’t always enough in the grand scheme of things, and when changes take place with garage doors, they will require an opener capable of supporting their structures.

With our crew of technicians, we will provide a thorough quote and consultation process, providing clients with a multitude of options and modern garage door openers that will be and remain supportive of their garage doors.

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Things People Also Ask Our Garage Door Repair Company in Aurora, CO

Why isn’t my garage door responding to my remote?

There is more than one reason garage door remotes may not work correctly.

Still, it is pertinent for Aurora, CO, homeowners to understand that it must be transmitted between the device and the garage door opener transmitter.

Sometimes, the frequency can be disrupted, causing the garage door remote to malfunction.

When this occurs, it could be any of the following problems:

  • Dying remote or dead batteries in the device or garage door opener.
  • Internal or external damages.
  • A broken antenna discontinues the transmission signal.
  • Internal wiring may require garage door repair.
  • A total reset of the remote will be necessary.

This can be incredibly frustrating for Aurora residents, but considering new smart garage door opener options can help as remotes are dismantled from the system, and everything is handled with smart devices.

Is it safe for me to repair garage doors by myself?

While it is typical for residents to be motivated to investigate and solve issues around garage door repair themselves, it is rather important to contact a legitimate Aurora garage door service for help.

Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to fix things.

Garage doors are extremely heavy; garage door springs can create instability for the system when they break, and a garage door off-track will do the same thing.

In all of these situations, people in Aurora, CO, are left very vulnerable to the risk of serious injury or further damage to the garage doors, which may result in additional, expensive repair service needs.

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Why is my garage door opening on its own?

If your garage doors are opening by themselves, it may feel a little strange and mysterious, but there is likely a legitimate reason behind it.

However, it can be a bit unnerving to see this occurring because if you were to drive away without noticing, it leaves the entire home vulnerable to the public.

To understand why this is happening, homeowners must know how the garage door works!

  • In winter weather in Aurora, CO, clashing with the mechanical mechanisms of the garage door can cause the doors to reverse.
  • Sensor problems may be sending mixed signals to the garage doors.
  • Power urges following a storm with lightning can also affect the door working, which may cause reversal.
  • Old garage doors, especially those created in the 90s, were coded with switches, and a nearby neighbor may be operating on the same frequency, prompting the garage door to open and close.

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How can I confirm my garage door services are legitimate?

Hiring Aurora garage door repair professionals may feel overwhelming, but there is no reason to get stressed out when you have exceptional service.

The trick is finding those expert technicians to help when you need a new garage door installed, your garage door spring broke, or your family hopes to discover contemporary garage doors to upgrade curb appeal.

It all begins by reviewing basic licensure information for garage door professionals to ensure they are certified to complete the work.

You may also want to review previous customer testimonials, look for great reviews, ask friends and neighbors for potential referrals, and request estimates from various companies to see who can address the problem immediately and how much it will cost.

Call Our Garage Door Services in Aurora, CO, Anytime

Learn more about our garage door company and discover the wonders of working with a local company in Aurora, CO!

With Ben’s Garage Door Services, our team of licensed experts make themselves available to help with spring repair, garage door damage, or any kind of repair needed whenever they are required.

Contact our garage door technicians to get started on your free quote, and let us get those garage doors running properly!

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Customers Review Their Recent Garage Door Repairs in Aurora, CO

personaThis team helps bring my existing garage door back to life!

“Our garage doors had been causing us issues for a while, and we needed a few different repairs and replacement parts.

I was pleased to receive help from this garage door repair company as their team did an outstanding job with their services!”

Allie & Evan L. Aurora, CO

personaExcellent garage door professionals & repair service in Aurora, CO!

“Our crew showed up within 30 minutes of our initial phone call to the business.

They were able to diagnose the issue and provide an estimate immediately, and they replaced our broken spring quickly!”

Grant & McKenzie M. Aurora, CO

personaThis company will take care of all your garage door problems!

“We had no idea why our garage door was broken, but it wouldn’t open more than halfway up the tracks.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Services in Aurora, CO, figured out it was an issue with the opening system and fixed everything on site!”

The Meinecke Family Aurora, CO

personaHassle-free garage door replacement solutions!

“Our family was ready to install a new garage door, so we began by reaching out to Spark Garage Doors and other businesses in the area until we found Ben’s.

They supported our vision and helped us find the perfect new door for the house!”

Alex & Jack F. Aurora, CO

personaOur technicians had the garage door repaired quickly!

“When our garage door fell off track, we needed emergency services quickly, and luckily, our old neighbors in Highlands Ranch suggested this business for same-day repair options.

I was so impressed with how quickly they were able to respond.

They provided an excellent service, and we will be calling them for anything we need in the future.”

Amelia & Eric S. Aurora, CO