Are you looking for garage door installation or repair in Denver, CO? Perhaps you want to replace your current garage door for several reasons? Ben’s Garage Doors is a leading Denver garage door installation company providing excellent services to residential clients in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Ben’s Garage Doors has been in the business for over a decade, providing excellent installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team comprises garage door installation experts dedicated to every bit of the craft.

Garage Doors Installation

We install major reputable garage door brands for our most discerning clients. Most importantly, we install every type of garage door, from insulated garage doors to non-insulated garage doors.

Call us today for a professional quote on your garage door installation project.

Garage Door Installation Near Me?

Affordable garage door installation near me in Denver? We service residential clients in Denver, CO, and the surrounding towns at Ben’s Garage Doors. Ben’s Garage Door is a locally owned and operated company with comprehensive coverage in almost all parts of Denver.

Are looking for a local garage door installation contractor, contact our experts at Ben’s Garage Doors for professional help. We provide our best services at your convenience. Therefore, we can come to you for an on-site estimation or set up a virtual consultation.

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New Garage Door Installation Denver

Is your current garage door too old or damaged for aesthetics and functionality? Do not hesitate to call us to install a new garage door for you. We are experts at replacing garage door components and the entire system. Are you looking for a garage door opener installation or panel replacement? We provide comprehensive services.

Our garage door replacement services are intended to improve your curb appeal while offering you the desired functionality. We provide emergency garage door repairs in Denver. However, we may also recommend replacing broken doors damaged beyond repair. Here are signs that you need to install a new garage door from Ben’s Garage Doors in Denver;

Frequent and costly garage door repairs. Frequent repairs can be draining on your wallet. If you spend a lot of money repairing your garage door, you might want to consider calling us to replace the door for you.

Excessive and persistent noise when operating the garage door. If you have tried diagnosing and repairing this issue yet the noise persists, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Consider installing a new door.

Your garage door design is old/ outdated. An outdated garage door does not always match a home’s curb appeal. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we provide efficient and modern garage door installation for homeowners with varying tastes and preferences.

Your garage door lacks efficiency and some safety features. Safety is paramount when operating a garage door. We install the latest garage doors with advanced tech features for your safety and the door’s functionality.

garage door repairs
Garage Door Installation & repairs

The garage door has some major issues.

If you notice any of these or other hidden signs, it is time to get a new garage door. Ben’s Garage Doors is an expert in replacing garage door systems in residential properties.

Garage Door Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace my garage door in Denver? At Ben’s Garage Doors, we aim to satisfy our clients by providing quality services at affordable prices. Our prices are reasonably fair without compromising on the installation services, tools, and materials.

Our garage door replacement cost depends on several factors, including the types of garage doors and the project’s magnitude, among other factors. Call us to get a professional quote on your garage door installation project.

Garage Door Brand Installation

Ben’s Garage Doors has partnered with America’s top garage door and parts manufacturers to give you quality installations. Are you looking for a reputable brand door installation company in Denver? Talk to us to recommend and install high-end garage door brands guaranteed to last and improve your property value.

Some of the major garage door brands we install, repair, and service include;

CHI Garage Doors

We can install a high-quality overhead garage door in your home. CHI Overhead Doors is one of the best manufacturers of residential overhead doors.

doorLink Garage Doors

doorLink is a top manufacturer of garage door sections for residential and commercial properties. They manufacture a large variety of residential garage doors that cover most homeowners’ window, color, style, and size needs.

Northwest Doors

Northwest Doors has a longstanding reputation for value, quality, and stylish garage door designs.

Martin Garage Doors

We install high-end garage doors from Martin Garage Doors, guaranteed to last and add aesthetic value to your residential property. Martin Garage Doors also have a reputation for safety embedded in their products.

Ben’s Garage Door is a LiftMaster authorized dealer. We supply and install high-end garage doors from the leading American garage door manufacturer, Liftmaster. Our technicians can help you install new Liftmaster openers and related garage door components from Liftmaster.

In addition, we also install and service all garage door brands. Call us if you have any requests, and we will deliver as promised.

fibreglass garage doors
Choose your garage door type, and we will install it for you

Types of Garage Doors We Install

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we believe in versatility and customer satisfaction. As such, Ben’s Garage Door provides a wide range of garage door options to match different installation needs. Material and style choices are always abundant, but which one meets your needs best?

Garage doors come in different variations. They are classified based on insulation, sizes, materials, functionality, among others. Talk to us if you have any specific needs you want to be fulfilled. We have a vast network of garage door manufacturers and suppliers who can provide precisely what you want.

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel is one of the strongest garage doors that add a layer of security to any installation. We install steel doors with or without insulation. Steel garage doors can be painted to match your home’s exterior appeal.

Wood Garage Door Installation

A wood garage door is designed with layers or plies to avoid warping. We install different types of wood garage doors depending on the type of wood. In addition, your wood garage door may be factory-stained, painted, or finished on-site.

Fiberglass Garage Door Installation

We install high-quality glass garage doors that are less susceptible to cracking or denting.

Vinyl Garage Door Installation

Like fiberglass garage doors, a vinyl garage door is also difficult to dent or break. It looks similar to the fiberglass garage door but is available in fewer colors. A vinyl garage door is highly durable and requires little maintenance aside from the occasional hosing.

Custom garage door services
Custom garage door services

Custom Garage Door Installation

If your dream garage door is not among the above-listed, contact us for custom installation. Ben’s Garage Doors understands and respects individual tastes and preferences. We aim to guarantee customer satisfaction. We install custom garage doors for each homeowner with a plan.

We install different garage door materials, garage door sizes, and door styles. We guarantee there is something for every homeowner looking for custom garage doors.

Garage Door Opener Installation Denver

The garage door system comprises several parts that work together to ensure a single operating unit. Unfortunately, some parts are prone to damage, primarily due to the constant opening and closing daily. The garage door openers are an essential part of the system that may break down during operation.

If you notice any signs of malfunctioning, call a garage door opener repair expert immediately. However, if repairs don’t seem to work, contact us to have your new garage door openers installed.

Garage Door Insulation Installation Denver

Can I insulate a garage door?

Yes, you can insulate both new and existing garage doors. Most garage door companies install insulated garage doors. However, not all garage doors come insulated. If your current garage door lacks insulation, we can help you install efficient insulation to increase efficiency.

Garage door insulation is a vital feature for several reasons, including efficiency. Insulated garage doors help you reduce expenditure on your energy bills. Moreover, it increases your home value. According to, you can recoup a whopping 98% of the cost of a new garage when reselling, especially if the garage door is insulated.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in top-notch service delivery for all our Denver residential clients. Ben’s Garage Doors has gained a reputation as a leading expert in installing and replacing garage door systems. It doesn’t matter what service you need help with, whether a garage door replacement or garage door repair, Ben’s Garage Door is here to help.

Ben’s Garage Door service and install all garage door brands. WE DO IT ALL, from CHI Garage Doors, DoorLink Garage Doors, Northwest Doors, to Martin Garage Doors. We also provide custom garage doors for homeowners who have individual tastes and preferences to match curb appeal.

Ben’s Garage Doors provides comprehensive services to all residential clients in Denver. We install, service, and repair residential garage doors. We are a licensed and insured company, locally owned and operating in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Ben’s Garage Doors is the place to be if you are looking for a new garage door. Call Ben’s Garage Door today for all your garage door installation and replacement needs in Denver.