Denver, Colorado, is a gorgeous place to live, raise a family, enjoy outdoor recreation, work, and cultivate a home.

By the same token, Denver has become a city that knows all too well what it means to experience property crime, theft, break-ins, and a complete violation of our cars, homes, and personal spaces.

The Best Garage Doors for Cold Weather in the Denver Area

Choosing the Right Garage Door to Keep Up With Cold Air in Colorado

Colorado is known for being home to the Rocky Mountains, an old gold rush state with plenty of hills, gorgeous landscapes to explore, and cold winters.

When snow hits the front range, it immediately blankets the foothills, higher altitudes, and the suburbs of Denver.

While the white sparkles of frozen water are beautiful, they can cause chaotic driving conditions and wreak havoc on your house and garage doors.

Most Coloradans prepare by taking all the usual maintenance steps with a trusted Denver garage door company.

Still, more than just the typical options are available while living in the Mile High!

garage doors winter
How do your garage doors hold up in the dead of winter?

Residential Garage Doors in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Surrounding Neighborhoods

The cold weather in the Centennial State can lead to the need for untimely repairs for your garage, cause damage to your roof or other aspects of your property, cramp your home style, and do more work for you and your family throughout the season.

It is your job as homeowners in Denver to ensure that anything damaged gets fixed, replace any broken parts, and thoroughly assess the need for possible new garage door installation.

The same is true for businesses in the area, as there are plenty of excellent residential and commercial contractors to choose from!

Whether you have recently settled into a new home and are unfamiliar with the territory, have previously spent time with your family discussing the matter, or once had your own great experience with a nearby contact for garage doors – determining the right solutions to fit your needs is the most essential element to molding your house into a home.

insulation garage door
A cross section of insulated garage doors before they are assembled.

Customized Solutions for Homeowners Depend on Your Garage Door Installation Services

When you begin your quest to decide whether or not to simply fix the garage door or invest in something new – you need to consider every avenue available.

You can do your best to commit to continued garage door maintenance, but nothing will beat out brand-new insulated garage doors.

This is especially true when you opt to work with Ben’s Garage Door Service in Denver, offering same-day service whether you are grappling with a frozen or broken spring, general garage door repair needs, or a highly trained garage door company to help with your next project.

garage door consultant
Before the weather turns cold, have a consultation with your garage door expert to see what options best suit you come winter!

garage doorPicking out Your New Garage Door

Garage door installation doesn’t need to be complicated when hiring the right contractors to assist in elevating your home or business.

Keeping things low maintenance and easygoing is simple once you find an estimate that fits your budget and a company that offers many styles, walls, windows, and opportunities for your place!

Keeping the course and the intense cold weather, sleet, rain, and snow in mind as you work with your garage door technicians will only set your installation project up for success.

garage door materials
Garage doors come in a variety of styles and materials! Which do you prefer?

Denver Garage Door Materials Matter

While the aesthetics of your garage doors matter greatly when thinking about curb appeal, your local Broomfield garage door technicians are likely focused on providing great work and reliable materials to customers.

From residential to commercial garage doors – how you choose to engage with it matters as much as what you pick out for the final material.

Remember – garage door insulation DIY is not your best bet when attempting to spiffy things up for the snow.

Booking your garage door services with a crew that knows the ins and outs of residential and commercial doors supplies a nice foundation for stability and security.

wooden garage doors
Wood garage doors

Wood Garage Doors

If you are thinking about choosing wood for your new garage door, you are likely heading in the right direction but may not be there yet.

Wood garage doors offer plenty of benefits to homeowners in the Denver area:

  • A wood garage door is a popular option that provides legitimate aesthetics and functionality for your household.
  • Wood is resistant to temperature changes and offers a nice additional layer of protection from the cold weather.
  • When you choose a wood garage door installation process, you don’t have to worry about constant shrinking and expanding, resulting in costly garage door repair needs.
  • Wood garage doors offer durability, but stay tuned because they require a lot of maintenance and aren’t the greatest choice if you are looking for long-lasting commercial garage doors.
Steel garage doors
Steel garage doors

Steel Garage Door Options

Instead of investing all your money into continuous garage door repair and insulating your garage door panels, putting your energy into steel garage doors offers amazing resistance in the cold.

  • A steel garage door is the go-to choice for people with frequent cold weather, sleet, and snow.
  • Steel garage door options are affordable, and when you have a highly trained crew of garage door repair and installation services to assist with your new doors, you will have a low-maintenance garage door for many years to come.
  • While people prefer wood for its looks, steel garage doors are the ultimate form of defense for your family, offering premium protection from the outside world and insulation from the cold.
  • Steel options provide lower energy bills, one of the most common materials Denver homeowners choose for the winter, especially in mountainous areas.

Fiberglass and Glass Garage Doors

Fiberglass and Glass Garage Doors

Unlike a steel garage door, fiberglass is a more evolved form of insulation for the household when looking for something new, and your local garage door repair and installation company can quickly provide you with an array of styles for your Denver home.

Fiberglass and glass are two very different options for your installation and insulation services.

It offers plenty of goodness to both residential homes and the average warehouse or local companies as it can be made to look like wood or something it is not; it is a very modern option that technicians are used to installing for property, offers prime durability, and remains low maintenance.

Glass tells a different story as it may look beautiful and contemporary, but it can cause the need for tons of garage door repair; it doesn’t offer great insulation for your home or business and allows for noisy neighbors and unwanted visitors to take a peek inside.

insulated garage doors
Proper insulation will keep your garage door protected from the harsh Colorado winters
Garage Door Insulation Also Makes a Difference

Adding an additional layer of defense against the cold winds in Denver means considering forms of insulation.

Ben’s Lakewood garage insulation contractors are highly trained and experienced technicians who provide legitimate brand options, upgrades, and elite insulation for your garage doors.

When you opt for garage door insulation, you can expect all the following advancements:

  • An insulated garage door will save energy and save you money in the long run. This is especially nice when you receive your Denver Xcel bill at the end of the month!
  • Your garage door is more durable and long-lasting throughout all seasons, including summer.
  • You can expect residential or commercial doors to operate more quietly than they used to, and you won’t be interrupted as you try to rest or relax.
  • Insulation also helps keep your car and everything on the inside of your garage doors safe and secure.
garage doors
Garage doors can be bought from a range of providers right here in the Denver area

garage door windowAvoid Unnecessary Garage Door Repair with These New Garage Doors in Denver, CO

Instead of honing in on whether or not your garage door bottom seal is sufficient to ensure there are no leaks in the space, focus on how your neighborhood garage door company can assist in distinguishing the right insulated garage door option for the household.

You can leave the days of picking up the phone for emergency garage door opener and garage door repair behind you and look ahead to a future where your garage door complements your home aesthetics and improves your quality of life – even through the winter.

The next step to securing the perfect residential garage doors or commercial doors is by taking a closer look at the brands on the market.

commercial garage doors
Commercial garage doors are standard business for Martin Garage Doors

Martin Garage Doors

The Martin garage door offers an R-value of 8.0 to 14.0, and Ben’s Garage is a business that has developed its services around improving insulation options for Denver residents.

The Martin offers loads of benefits:

  • A beautiful range of garage door options – commercial doors for your business or residential options for Denver homes.
  • An infamous steel backing to reduce noise and make more durable garage door solutions.
  • Martin garage doors require minimal maintenance, and with Ben’s garage door company, you can have your next insulated door option installed by the end of the day!
cottage style home garage door
Hormann fit garage doors even to cottage style homes

Northwest Door – Now Hormann Garage Door Options

When discussing your Denver residential garage door opportunities, the Northwest Door brand, now known as Hormann garage doors, is another fabulous option!

  • Garage doors have an R-value of 9.0 to 16.0.
  • Hormann options fit contemporary, classic, and even cottage-style homes. They have an alternative range of fits in their appearance.
  • This garage door brand allows you to choose your final type of insulation and its level of thickness.
  • And the insulation is made of recycled parts, so you are contributing to a greener environment!
galvanized steel
Galvanized steel doors from Wayne Dalton Garage Doors will keep your garage secure for many years

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

The Wayne Dalton garage door has been a classic option and something loved by Denver residents.

Local Aurora garage repair and installation companies offer Wayne Dalton options that will provide the following:

  • R-values of over 16!
  • Premium insulation options and even better weather seals keep those pesky cold drafts out of your garage.
  • Use galvanized steel to ensure your garage doors remain strong, sturdy, and secure for many years.
garage door opening
Clopay offer garage door opening solutions which act more silently than conventional doors

Clopay Garage Door Solutions

Clopay is another reputable option offered by your local garage door company, and it has quickly become one of the most popular options.

  • The Clopay garage door offers an R-value of 16.0 to 20.4.
  • There are aluminum, steel, and composite options available.
  • Clopay uses IntelliCorp technologies to provide extra strength with your insulation, quiet opening and closing when you click the remote for your garage door opener, and fantastic durability.
  • These are often amazing options for commercial garage doors!
overhead garage doors
Overhead garage doors never go out of style

CHI Overhead Doors

You have likely heard of an overhead door option because they are used for residential and commercial doors, but CHI overhead door options are one of the best garage door solutions on the market.

  • Offers past a 17 R-value.
  • Allows for both beautiful design and functionality.
  • It provides added value to the home, excellent durability, and adamant protection from the cold.
insulated garage door
Garage door insulation will allow homeowners to spend more time in their garage without freezing!

garage door specialistsThe Importance of a Reliable Garage Door Company and Experienced Technicians

As you install CHI overhead doors, Clopay, or whatever brand you decide on, your licensed garage door companies in Denver and service are a significant part of your next project.

Your garage door company and technicians are integral to your installation process and should be chosen carefully.

Ben’s Garage Door Services in Denver, CO, is a company you can rely on – offering certified technicians, friendly customer service agents, and the experience necessary for a successful installation.

call bens garage door repair
Our specialists at Bens Garage Door will bring your garage door into 2024 in style! Call us today!

Access to Premium Garage Door Services for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

Without premium door specialists to provide support with your new garage door, garage door opener, or repair services – you are left to your own devices.

And there is only so much information the internet can provide you.

Homes and businesses throughout Colorado require professional assistance to gain a reliable installation of insulted garage door products.

Continued Garage Door Maintenance in Denver

Customers will need continued help with garage door maintenance because even with the most cutting-edge garage doors for your household or warehouse, customers need to commit to upkeep.

Maintenance and necessary garage door repair services will help you keep up with a strong defense against the fall and winter months – and if you choose to sell, you are investing in the future!

garage door installation
Bens Garage Door are the recognised symbol of excellence in garage door repairs and installations!

garage door installationUpgrade Your Curb Appeal with Garage Door Installation Service in the Denver Area

Don’t become inconvenienced by an emergency garage door repair; choose the right insulted garage doors to keep your home and business warm, comfortable, and safe.

With all the high-quality brands, styles, and material options – you don’t need to sacrifice the beauty of your home either!

garage doors for all seasons
With Bens Garage Door, you’ll have doors made for all seasons

Find Garage Doors to Last Through the Seasons on the Front Range

Ben’s garage door service in Denver, Colorado, offers free estimates on all garage door solutions!

So whether you are just interested in chatting or digging into the best garage door option for the winter months, Ben’s technicians will offer their expert opinion and work tirelessly to ensure your home is a place you can always enjoy.