Broomfield Garage Door Repair

A properly functioning garage door presents less of a challenge for garage owners. Unfortunately, garage doors tend to malfunction at the most unexpected hours. It could be a broken garage door spring, damaged garage door openers, or an off-track situation. You might also be facing the need for a complete garage door replacement.

Ben’s Garage Doors provides you with such solutions and more customized garage door services in Broomfield. Is your garage door stuck up or down? Do you have a broken garage door spring?

At Ben’s, we are experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors. Ben’s Garage Doors has been providing professional garage door services to residents in Broomfield for over a decade, with thousands of satisfied clients.

We provide a wide range of experts services, ranging from customized garage door installation, supply and sale of new garage doors and parts.

Our garage door repair experts guarantee fast and effective services. If you have any garage door installation, maintenance, and repair needs in Broomfield, contact Ben’s Garage Doors for professional help.

New Garage Door Installation and Sales

Are you looking for a new garage door in Broomfield? Look no further than Ben’s. With over a decade of experience and a network of pleased clients, we are confident that we will reach and surpass your expectations. We provide custom doors installation solutions for those looking to personalize their curb appeal.

Ben’s Garage Doors is an authorized dealer of garage doors and garage door parts from reputable brands in the industry, such as Liftmaster and Diamond Springs. We sell and supply the best garage doors in Broomfield.

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Garage door repair near me in Broomfield, CO

We install and service high-end garage doors from top American manufacturers, including;

  • CHI Overhead Doors
  • DoorLink Garage Doors
  • Martin Garage Doors
  • Northwest Doors.
  • In addition, we service all brands of garage doors, whether popular or not. Our experts are trained and equipped to install and service all types of garage door parts.
  • We replace damaged openers with brand new Liftmaster garage openers.
  • Liftmaster garage door openers come in various selections depending on performance, features, and durability. All Liftmaster door opener models offer the best in terms of
  • safety and security. In addition, they are available in various horsepower levels and drive systems for all types of homes and applications. We also replaced a broken garage
  • door spring with high-quality springs from Diamond Springs.
  • Call us today for your new garage door needs. We promise a quick and professional garage door installation process.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

There are multiple reasons a garage door may need repair. It could be stuck (and refuses to open), or it could be making loud, unnecessary noises. Therefore, if your garage

the door is broken in any way, our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing garage doors.

A broken garage door spring is a common garage door problem among Broomfield residents. If the spring is beyond redemption, our experts will recommend a spring replacement to allow the door to open and close normally.

Garage door maintenance is vital to ensure it constantly functions well. Maintenance also helps to avoid some unexpected garage door breakdowns. With any of our garage door maintenance plans in Broomfield, we will make you our priority customer. Our maintenance plans include extensive garage door inspection to ascertain the door’s condition and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Contact Ben’s Garage Doors for your maintenance need in Broomfield, CO.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Garage doors tend to break down at the most unexpected times. We understand such situations and employ emergency measures whenever needed. Our technicians are

always prepared to roll out to client homes to repair or replace garage doors. In addition, our service trucks come packed with ready replacement parts and repair tools. Call us at any time of day, week, month, or year for any garage door services.

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Garage door opener repair near me in Broomfield, CO

Hire Ben’s Garage Doors

Ben’s Garage Doors is a Broomfield licensed and insured company serving residential clients. We provide local professional garage door services for residents in

Broomfield and the surrounding areas. If you need any garage door repair, installation, or maintenance services in Broomfield, CO, call us today for swift, professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions in Broomfield

How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring?

Replacing a broken garage door spring can cost roughly $120- $200 for extension springs and $140- $350 for torsion springs. However, these figures tend to vary from

company to company. Call a professional door spring replacement company near you for exact estimates.

What does it take to repair a garage door rust?

Garage door rust worsens if neglected for long. Therefore, if you notice any rusty part on the door, your first instinct should be to take immediate action. There are a few ways you can repair a garage door rust. The most obvious way is by repainting the whole door. Another option is removing the rusty bits and repainting them. Alternatively, if the rust has spread entirely, call a garage door repair company to advise on garage door replacement options.

What are the garage door sizes?

The standard single-car garage door is 8-9 ft wide and 7-8 ft high for most residential properties. On the other hand, the standard size for double garage doors is 16 ft wide and 7-8 ft high. Custom garage doors offer higher heights of 10ft and above to accommodate special vehicles, such as large trucks.

What Do We Do About Our Rusted Garage Door Panels?

When one of our clients living around the South Midway Park called our offices about her rusted garage door, we had to step up immediately.

Initially, the client called to consult and seek advice on how to go about the rusted garage door situation. The obvious way out would have been repainting the entire door.

However, upon requesting a virtual inspection, we noticed an extremely rusty situation that required more than painting. The rust has formed major holes on the garage door, which ordinarily would impact her home energy efficiency.

Luckily, we were quick to recommend a complete garage door replacement since the door was beyond repair. Our experts arrived at the scene with ready tools and replacement parts. Upon a closer physical inspection, we discovered the door was unnecessarily loud. We replaced the entire door, leaving the property with an improved curb appeal.