Broomfield Garage Door Repair

highly rated garage door company broomfieldA garage door that is not in working order can present lots of challenges for garage owners. Unfortunately, accidents and problems occur when you least expect them. It just may be a broken garage door spring, damaged garage door openers, or a door that has fallen off its tracks. You may be in the middle of new construction and require installation or using an old garage door that needs complete replacement – no matter what is required, Ben’s Garage Doors will make it an easy fix!

We provide solutions for our customers and a more customized garage door experience in Broomfield, CO, and surrounding areas. We can assist with door repair, routine maintenance, installation, and garage door replacement! We are experts in what we do, and as a family-owned business, we operate according to family values.

Ben’s Garage Doors has been providing professional garage door system service to residents of Broomfield and the greater Colorado area for over a decade with thousands of satisfied clients. We supply a wide range of services and a competitive but good price for all your garage door needs!

family owned business broomfieldAs a family-owned business in Colorado, we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job for the families and people we serve. We want to ensure every door opens and that those doors remain secure to provide our customers safety.

Our garage door repair experts guarantee fast and comprehensive services – no matter the problem, we can offer simple solutions at reasonable prices. We represent ourselves as the top company in Broomfield garage door repair, and we are sure the quality of our work with validate that sentiment!

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premium garage door services broomfieldA Premium Garage Door Company in Broomfield, CO

When something goes wrong, and repairs are required for anything – it is an incredibly stressful event as it is typically unexpected and can become costly. The majority of people in Colorado are unprepared for these kinds of accidents to occur. This is something we certainly understand at Ben’s Garage Door. Garage door springs, garage door openers, and garage door repair, in general, should be readily available and priced fairly.

New garage doors and Broomfield garage door installation can also be unexpected – we are not always able to budget for these needs and necessities. Your garage door is the entrance to your home and acts as a barrier to the outside world, providing safety in your safe haven. Maintaining a working door opener is vital whether you are dealing with a single or multiple doors.

The door is your security and peace of mind so you and your family can sleep peacefully. Your garage door needs are important, and we prioritize customers and our customer’s safety. We provide premium garage door services to ensure the protection and well-being of our clients in Broomfield, CO.

garage door installation broomfieldGarage Door Installation and Sales

Have you been searching for a new garage door in Broomfield, CO? Look no further than Ben’s Garage Door, your local garage door services with a service technician able to service any area in Colorado! We have an experienced network of pleased clients as we go above and beyond expectations. We aim to provide quality garage doors and garage door openers at a reasonable cost.

At Ben’s, we provide custom door installation and superior solutions for anyone looking to ramp up their door options or personalize their curb appeal. As an authorized dealer of garage doors and parts from a series of reputable brands in the industry (LiftMasterDiamond Springs, etc.) We are your go-to garage door company in Broomfield!

garage door panel installation

garage door near meOur representatives can review your options and supply extensive knowledge on garage doors and the door opener too! The installation process is quick and easy! We install and service high-end garage doors from top American manufacturers, including;

  • CHI Overhead Doors
  • DoorLink Garage Doors
  • Martin Garage Doors
  • Northwest Doors.
  • We service all different brands of garage doors, whether popular or not. Our experts are trained and equipped to install and service all types of garage door parts.
  • We replace damaged openers with brand-new Liftmaster garage openers.
  • Liftmaster garage door openers come in various selections depending on performance, features, and durability. All Liftmaster door opener models offer the best in terms of safety and security!
  • All options are available in various horsepower levels and different drive systems for all types of homes and applications.
  • Door spring with high-quality springs from Diamond Springs.

Ben’s Garage Doors promises a fast and professional garage door installation process. A new door or door opener includes our support throughout the process, and if anything is to go wrong – we have your back in the door repair!

garage door repair broomfieldGarage Door Repair and Maintenance

There are so many moving pieces to a garage door as it opens and closes – and even when it sits stationary! With so many moving parts, there are also a lot of things that can go awry! There is a multitude of reasons a garage door may need repair. It could simply be stuck, not allowing the door to open. It could be making obnoxious sounds, being very loud and rumbling – which is cause for concern and can become an unsafe situation. It could simply be a broken spring that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Whether you need a new opener because your garage door opener is faulty or requires door repair due to a broken spring – Ben’s can get the job done! A broken garage door is our expertise. We have licensed professionals in door repair, and our technicians will diagnose, review and commit to the garage door repairs, all in the same visit.

broken cables

Broomfield residents have long utilized our garage door repair services to fix their problems and satisfy their garage door needs. Our techs are available all hours of the day (and into the evening) to provide solutions and return your home back to its normal state of safety.

lubricate garage door partsMaintenance is needed for all kinds of things – cars, motorcycles, electronics, etc. Maintaining the working order of a vehicle or electronic ensures your ability to secure transportation while also taking care of the car itself. Garage door maintenance is also an essential form of routine for homeowners. Maintenance helps to avoid breakdowns and accidents. Regularly maintaining your doors keeps everything working and provides protection from the outside world – or those you do not want to have entry into your home.

Ben’s Garage Doors offers garage door maintenance plans in Broomfield, CO, and we highly advise it for all our clients. This is a proactive way to avoid a broken spring, garage door opener, and garage door! Our maintenance plans prioritize the customer and include a substantial inspection to ascertain the door’s condition and recommend an appropriate course of action if required.

garage door installation servicesBen’s Garage Door Services

At Ben’s, we offer a wide variety of garage door service and are committed to excellence. Over the years, we have seen almost everything there is to see regarding garage doors at residential and commercial facilities. We have worked in the rain, snow, and extreme heat, and we provide extended hours, working until 9 PM to ensure we can service everyone that is in need of assistance.

emergency garage door repairEmergency Garage Door Repair

You are out of town on vacation, and your young adult children are at home. The garage door opener suddenly stops working, which is the only functional entrance they have into the house. If your door opener isn’t operating properly, then you are in quite a pickle. This is one of the many emergencies our technicians have serviced successfully. A new opener can be made and programmed successfully without you flying home.

Any kind of garage door breakdown can result in panic and stress. We understand such situations and employ emergency measures for any garage door needs. Door repair and door opener catastrophes are urgent matters, and Ben’s can tend to anything with our emergency garage door services!

best garage door broomfieldOur technicians stay prepared. They can be dispatched to a client’s home to repair, replace or install garage door/garage door opener whenever problems appear. Our service trucks come packed and ready with replacement parts and all the tools needed to provide assistance.

New Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is the key to your garage door. Without a functioning door opener, you cannot access your garage. When a garage door opener gets old, it can require replacement. A new door opener is an easy solution to a complex problem because things can get pretty complicated when it comes to the systems inside.

licensed garage door repair broomfieldGranted, garage door opener repair is possible. We can undoubtedly commit to rehabilitation rather than replacement if that is an option. Still, suppose you are in need of an advanced, more up-to-date door opener. In that case, we offer a ton of valuable solutions and reliable brands to secure access to your residential or commercial garage:

  • LiftMaster
  • Diamond Pro
  • Linear Pro Access
  • Overhead
  • Genie
  • Sommer
  • Custom Garage Doors and so much more!

Our reps can review the brand options and accessible opener systems with you before making the installation. There are three primary types of garage door openers:

  1. Chain Drive – classic design utilizing a chain to raise and lower the door. They are inexpensive and easy to repair but can cause a lot of noise.
  2. Screw Drive – trolley and steel rod is used to raise and lower the door. These are low maintenance but can malfunction in severe or cold weather. (Nothing, the crew at Ben’s, can’t handle!)
  3. Belt Drive – uses a belt to close and open the door. It is quiet, durable, and doesn’t need much maintenance.

residential and commercial garage doorsWe can review the pros and cons of every option with you prior to deciding on the finest garage door opener for you and your home or business. Some options are more suitable than others depending on the type of location and what the door is used for – residential options differ significantly from commercial ones.

Whether you are replacing your garage door opener or just looking to upgrade, our technicians can walk you through the entire process and install a premium garage door opener suited to your needs!

broken garage spring broomfieldGarage Door Springs

Spring repair and spring replacement can be necessary when the spring wears down or breaks. The spring operates as a mechanism that supports the garage door opener once it is triggered to open or shut. A garage door spring is included in door repair services and can be dangerous.

garage door spring replacement-3

top garage door springs broomfieldBen’s is familiar with every type of garage door spring on the market. There are a few main types of springs used:

  • Torsion – coils around the bars on the door.
  • Extension – looks like a slinky and acts as a pulley system for the door.
  • Torquemaster is a torsion that will sit above the door rather than on the door itself.
  • Old Carriage – large, heavy springs and a break can be hazardous.
  • Non-Spring – there are some garage doors that do not utilize springs at all and can be opened by hand; typically, these are seen in custom garages.

broken spring is cause for concern, no matter which type of spring your garage door operates with. When a spring breaks, the door is subject to falling. Accidents can occur if you do not know or understand your way around a broken spring, and that is something you will want to avoid at any cost.

Our technicians are familiar with every type of spring and spring break possible. Our extensive knowledge has been developed through years of experience, and that experience serves our customers well. Broken springs are something we often see in Broomfield and the surrounding areas of Colorado, but a spring is no challenge for our skills. We are committed to garage door repair for all our customers and providing reliable, long-term solutions to our friends and neighbors in the centennial state!

track replacement iconTrack Replacement and Repair

When a garage door goes off track, or the tracks are damaged in some way – that is a job for Ben’s Garage Doors! Every component of your garage door system has to function harmoniously to avoid any issues, but a track problem is a problem you cannot ignore!

Garage door tracks serve as a pathway for your garage doors to travel. They have to be examined, maintained, and lubricated on a yearly basis. While keeping up with the maintenance can help, it cannot rule out your garage doors going off track. Your garage door can go off track for a few reasons:

garage door track repair

  • Faulty Rollers
  • Faulty Bearings
  • Broken Door Springs
  • Damaged Door

garage door diagnose broomfieldBen’s Garage Doors specialists can easily diagnose and fix your track problems or other overhead door services. We never recommend using YouTube tutorials and attempting this on your own because there are sometimes underlying issues you cannot diagnose unless you are trained to understand these kinds of details.

Just as we sometimes fall off track in life, our garage doors can fall off, too, and when you are in the midst of track issues and require garage door repair – you know who to call!

quality services broomfieldCommercial Doors

Ben’s does not focus our work solely on residential needs; we offer garage door services for commercial needs too! Commercial doors require heavy-duty solutions; luckily, we have abundant knowledge of all kinds of garage doors. Commercial garage door services are a bit different than residential ones.

A commercial door is developed differently as the needs are entirely different than that of a home. It looks different and is made with other materials. Commercial options are generally constructed in steel or aluminum for durability and strength. Commercial doors are usually more oversized and are used more often than a home garage, so they have a different opening capacity.

Garage door repair is approached and treated differently. Industrial strength requires industry knowledge, which is precisely what our techs possess. We can assist with various services for commercial doors:

  • Installation
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Situations
  • Specialty Circumstances

Our technicians approach everything they do with care and precision. Ben’s Garage Door can assist with any commercial garage door needs!

commercial garage doors

customized garage door servicesCustom Garage Door Needs

As time continues, so does technology. With the advancement of technology has come new additions to garage door security. We execute all garage door repairs and services with the option for complete customization. Custom garage doors mean custom problems, while for the most part, general repair for a garage door opener may seem simple; no two issues are exactly alike. We individual all visits according to the problems, necessary repairs or installation, etc.

Specialty services are required, and Ben’s Garage Doors is here to answer that call. We can supply support with the following:

  • Custom Garage Doors
  • Smart Garage Doors
  • Parking Assists
  • Garage Door Monitors
  • Keypads & Accessories

common garage door issues broomfieldHire Ben’s Garage Doors for Your Garage Door Needs

Ben’s Garage Doors is a Broomfield licensed and insured company servicing Colorado residents. We provide professional garage door services, repair, installation, and maintenance. We have worked tirelessly to develop a relationship with the community we serve, and we are our own clients; we understand the frustration of a broken garage and the need for a new opener.

Our staff supply high-quality service, exercising their knowledge to provide solutions for any and every garage. We are focused on the well-being of our clients. We prioritize the safety of their homes and businesses, and we hope to maintain growing bonds within our community.

We can provide professional assistance if you need any garage door service, repairs, installation, or maintenance services in Broomfield, CO, or the surrounding areas. We are a trustworthy, family-operated company, and we hope to hear from you soon!

garage door services areasService Areas

While we often service Broomfield, Colorado, we also provide garage door repair in the greater metro area – Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Aurora, Centennial, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thorton, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, Westminster, Colorado Springs, etc.

garage door repair faq


garage repair faqsGarage Door System FAQS

What is the estimated cost of replacing a garage door spring?

Replacing a broken garage door spring can cost roughly $200- $500 for extension springs and $200- $700 for torsion springs. However, these figures tend to vary depending on the company and where you are located. The prices have continued to rise over the year due to both materials and labor being culprits for the increase.

Call a professional to understand your spring issues and if they need to be repaired or replaced. Once that has been concluded, you will receive estimates for the service and can compare quotes between companies in your area.

garage repair faqsWhat does it take to repair a garage door rust?

Neglecting maintenance on a garage door can cause build-up and rust. The longer you let it sit around, the worse the rust will get. If you notice any rusty parts on the door, take action and be proactive to prevent further issues.

There are a couple of days you can repair door rust:

  • Repainting the entire door
  • Removing the rust parts and repainting the individual pieces

If the rust has spread, you will want to reach out to a garage door repair service for advice on what to do next. Don’t procrastinate, and let your garage door wear itself down!

garage repair faqsWhat are the garage door sizes?

The standard single-car garage door is 8-9 ft wide and 7-8 ft high for most residential properties. On the other hand, the standard size for double garage doors is 16 ft wide and 7-8 ft highCustom garage doors offer higher heights of 10ft and above to accommodate special vehicles, such as large trucks.

Commercial door sizes can vary depending on the service it is used for, but typically you will see 33 feet in width and 25 feet in height. If your commercial door requires clearance for trucks, that will depend on the size of the vehicles passing through!

garage repair faqsWhat Do We Do About Our Rusted Garage Door Panels?

When one of our clients living in Broomfield called our offices about her rusted garage door, we had to step up immediately.

Initially, the client called to consult and seek advice on how to go about the rusted garage door situation. The obvious way out would have been repainting the entire door.

However, upon requesting a virtual inspection, we noticed a highly rusty situation that required more than painting. The rust has formed significant holes in the garage door, which ordinarily would impact her home energy efficiency.

Luckily, we quickly recommended a complete garage door replacement since the door was beyond repair. Our experts arrived at the scene with ready tools and replacement parts. Upon a closer physical inspection, we discovered the door was unnecessarily loud. We replaced the entire door, leaving the property with an improved curb appeal and the customer happy!

noisy garage door

garage repair faqsMy garage door is making a lot of noise – What should I do?

Garage doors can make noise for a lot of different reasons. Some systems are noisier than others, but if you are alerted because you hear more noise than usual, something could be wrong.

The answer is simple, call Ben’s Garage Doors at (720) 712-1360. We can assess, diagnose and fix the issue – satisfying your garage door needs and supplying solutions

Our Garage Door Service Reviews

Sherlyn B.The service technician did a fantastic job

“Technician was great to work with. He was no pressure, super knowledgeable, and very friendly. They provided great service and value. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a new garage door or for garage door repair.” – Sherlyn B.

Alfredo J.Best garage door repairs in Broomfield, co

“The excellent technician thoroughly explained our options. He has a huge color palette at his disposal that he reviewed with us alongside our sales rep. The installers were excellent; they installed the garage door perfectly, clearly explained how it worked, and made no mess.” – Alfredo J.

Mamadou S.Exceptional service

“Ben’s Garage Door offered outstanding service. This is the second time I have utilized their services, and they have been prompt, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Their service maintenance specialists, in both instances, were fast and professional. I highly recommend this company.” – Mamadou S.

Julius W.Fair price & excellent job

“The tech was a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely educated, unobtrusive, and kind. I appreciated how informative he was about the diagnosis and repairs. They delivered excellent service at a fair price. Anyone needing a garage door or door repair should contact them.” – Julius W.

Jonathan M.Repeat customer guaranteed

“Ben’s Garage Door provided excellent service; the guy on the phone was really nice and helpful. They arrived within the time given, and the technician was very polite and efficient. This is the company for all your garage door needs.” – Jonathan M.

Andrew A.Friday night garage door emergency

“Amazing service. I called for a same-day callout at 8 PM on a Friday, and the engineer arrived less than an hour later and fixed it quickly. And fixed the garage door to a high standard. Recommended their service.” – Andrew A.

Christina W.One of the greatest garage door companies in Broomfield, co

“I called Garage Door & Gates Repair because a friend had recommended them. They came the next after I called day and fixed my garage door quickly. The door now works smoother than it did before the needed repair. Definitely recommend this company!” – Christina W.

Rojas J.Door repair in castle rock

“Ben’s Garage Doors’ service technicians arrived promptly. As usual, he provided extensive detail. The finished door and motor trim are beautiful, so his efforts were well worth it. Workers praised the installation crew for a well-done job.” – Rojas J.

Thoreau U.A same-day service call in boulder, co

“They came to install & repair the doors on the same day I called! The quality of his service was outstanding. He made sure everything was perfect before concluding. The doors look great. I would recommend Ben’s Garage Doors; they are fantastic!.” – Thoreau U.

Nolan A.Very reasonable prices

“I have never written a review for any company, but I had to take time to write one for Bens Garage Doors. He answered my call, arrived to give me a reasonable quote, and finished the work within two hours. I couldn’t be happier with my garage door repair!” – Nolan A.

Gary G.Broomfield garage door repair that works for you

“Our old Lift master motor packed in, and we found buying and fixing a new one v. costly, so we bought a new one, then looked around for someone to do the fitting. Ben’s Garage Door Service was the best price, and they were fast and efficient with the fitting, saving us several hundred!”

– Gary G.

Rodney M.Fast & friendly service

“They answered right away and saw me within 15 minutes. The Ban’s Garage Door was courteous and polite and quickly fixed the lock on my lockbox; his experience was obvious.”

– Rodney M.

linda sGarage door broke in castle rock on Christmas Eve

“Amazing garage door repair job! I couldn’t believe they could come out to us on Christmas Eve – we couldn’t find anyone else open on Christmas Eve! They installed our new garage door opener promptly and ensured that we understood everything and that our keyless entry was set up properly. If there were any changes from the original quote, he made sure we knew about it before proceeding!” – Linda S.

Melanie R.Excellent quality service

“Very pleased with the fast and efficient service. Glad my neighbor was using him so I could find out about his services. We had issues with our garage door opener that was diagnosed and solved quickly! I recommend this installation and repair garage door company!”

– Melanie R.

Franz S.Great price in Denver

“They answered my call and were able to diagnose the issue right away. He booked an appointment and fixed our issue. They quoted me a very good price; I couldn’t believe it. Would highly recommend using his repair services for any garage door-related issues.” – Franz S.

David J.Arrived in a timely manner – great company to work with

“Ben’s Garage handled everything in the best way possible. Great communication, timely scheduling, upfront, and fair pricing estimate. Wow!” – David J.

Henry R.Completely satisfied customer

“They fixed my garage door problem and did a great job with the garage door repair. Our service technician came to our home today. He called to inform us he was on the way and even arrived early. I would highly recommend Ben’s Garage Doors!” – Henry R.

Joe B.Great job replacing our double door

“Super helpful and professional! They have come out to replace our double doors but have helped us with issues over the phone. Great company, definitely our go-to for all things garage door and garage door repair!” – Joe B.

Garage Door Opener issues

“One of the finest garage door companies in Broomfield, CO! We needed a new door opener, and they provided options, reviewed use, and answered all of our questions. Professional staff, friendly customer service, and the door quality are superb! We are delighted with our garage door opener!”

– Silvia H.

mike rGarage door spring broke in Broomfield, CO

“Ben’s Garage Door technicians came out when our spring broke. They provided amazing service and were very polite people. Very knowledgeable about the job %100 recommend for any garage door repair job!”

– Mike W.

michaelCommercial doors

“I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Door. They helped me to get a great business plan for my self-storage business. They offered excellent customer service and were really patient with me. Highly recommend!” – Michael B.

Dylan B.Call Ben’s when you need new doors

“Ben’s was able to get out to us on the same day of our initial contact. They had so many quality door options to choose from. They did a great job, and the new electric double door looks fantastic!” – Dylan B.

jamieFabulous for routine maintenance

“Excellent experience doing business with Ben’s Garage Door. Customer service, office staff, and technicians are great assets to the business. We utilize their service for general maintenance!” – Jaime M.

donnaOld house and old garage door in Denver, CO

“We live in an old place, where everything has its own issues – including our garage door. We have a single door, and after the bid and initial consultation, they followed up and arrived on time with no hassle. Satisfactory completion of the work!”

– Donna F.

david wSuperior service from the initial call

“From the moment I called, Ben’s was on the move. The technician was professional and explained everything clearly to us. His assistance was prompt in practice, and my problem was solved before I could really stress about it. I am thrilled with the service!” – David W.

sarah New construction needs in Broomfield, CO

“My family was moving into a brand new place out in Broomfield, and we need installation services. Excellent, friendly service, and at the right price. I would 100% recommend them to anyone!” – Sarah E.

Eugene T.Replacement services needed on a Friday afternoon

“It was very late in the afternoon, and I came across a very large issue with our garage door after returning from work. Ben’s Garage Doors did a quick and great job replacing our broken garage door! The price they charge is very reasonable. Their services are highly recommended to everyone I know!”

– Eugene T.

meacyGreat service and a job well done

“Great service, fast and reliable. Ben’s is very friendly and was fairly priced. They provided quotes over the phone and reviewed their diagnostic in detail. The techs arrived quickly and explained the service options so I could be involved in the decision-making process. I would highly recommend him to everyone!” – Macey H.

Jennifer A.Broken spring repaired with ease

“Our door’s spring broke, and I didn’t know what to do at first but WOW! They got to my location quickly, and the technician was a nice guy and incredibly knowledgeable. The whole service was a breeze, and I have them saved on my phone if I ever need them again. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family! ”

– Jennifer A.

raymonGreat customer service

“Customer service was so friendly; the techs were on time and provided a thorough review and fair quote. They have now fixed two doors for our family, and I will use Ben’s for all my garage door needs!” – Raymon W.