Garage Door Repair in Centennial Colorado

Ben’s Garage Doors is are expert garage door service provider for a residential garage door in Centennial, CO. We have been providing excellent service for over a decade, with lots of experience and thousands of satisfied customers to show for it. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction in every service we offer.

From garage door installation, maintenance services to garage door repairs, we want you to be a part of a fruitful experience. Our Centennial garage door clients rely on us to install and maintain their garage door systems. They also trust us with repairing garage doors in times of need.

Unfortunately, garage doors tend to malfunction or break down without notice. We understand if this is the situation for you. Our technicians are always ready to provide garage door services in your hour of need. Call us with your emergency garage door repair needs today.


Garage Door Repair Free Estimate in Centennial, CO

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we know you must be very careful when it comes to choosing a Centennial garage door repair company. Unlike most other local service providers, we never excite our services and set false expectations for future work.

We do not pressure or influence our clients into making quick decisions that they might regret later on. We believe in trust and transparency. We know that the best way to make a connection with potential customers is through honesty.

We also believe that long-lasting relationships are built on trust, which is why we always want you to feel comfortable when working with our garage door experts. We provide free garage door estimates in Centennial, CO! Call us now at (720) 712-1360 for a free estimate or same-day service.

You can also get a free estimate by submitting your contact information here, and one of our great customer service agents will contact you in a timely manner.

Broken Garage Door Repair In Denver, CO

New Garage Door Installation in Centennial, CO

Are you in the market for a new garage door? Ben’s Garage Doors provides clients with a wide range of garage door options to choose from. Our custom garage installation options range from style, size to materials of the garage doors.


In addition, our garage door experts can help you choose the perfect garage door for any application, whether you are looking for wood, metal, insulated, non-insulated, or faux-wood garage doors. Our wide variety of garage doors includes raised panel doors, carriage style, sliding, traditional, and much more.

Moreover, Ben’s Garage Doors supplies and installs garage doors from reputable American manufacturers such as:

  • CHI Overhead Doors
  • DoorLink Garage Doors
  • Wayne Dalton Garage Doors
  • Martin Garage Doors
  • Northwest Doors
  • Carriage House Door


Ben’s Garage Doors has got you covered for your new garage door installation needs in the Denver metro area.

Belt Drive Opener with WiFi

The Best Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster has been a trusted name in garage door openers for over 50 years. The company manufactures the most refined residential garage door opener, garage control panels, keyless entry systems, and security accessories for your garages.


In addition, they manufacture motorization products to power up and manage your garage doors:

  • belt drive opener systems
  • chain drive opener systems
  • screw drive opener systems

You can be assured that Ben’s Garage Doors will help you choose the perfect garage door opener for your needs at the best price possible in Centennial, CO.

As a Liftmaster authorized dealer, we provide garage door opener installation services. Unlike other garage door opener manufacturers, Liftmaster’s new opener offers a wide selection of features, performance, and durability.


Garage Door Opener Repair in Centennial, CO

All Liftmaster door opener models offer the best when it comes to security and safety features. Moreover, they are available in various horsepower levels and drive systems for all home and application types. If your garage door openers malfunction while operating your garage door, we come fully prepped with replacement parts to repair it.

constant repairs garage door opener

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. When this happens, you might experience severe injuries if your garage doors’ spring system fails without warning. Don’t risk your safety! Contact us anytime at (720) 712-1360 to schedule emergency service.


Replacing a Broken Spring on a Garage Door

Broken springs are dangerous since they are under extreme tension. As a result, if you attempt to replace them on your own, there is a chance that you might end up seriously injured or dead.

If the torsion springs break when the door opens up while rolled up, it can fall with great speed and might collapse on someone below.

To prevent injuries and accidents from happening, we recommend that you hire only professional technicians with years of experience to replace a broken garage door spring.


We are experts in all kinds of spring repair and replacement, whether they are torsion or extension springs. We will gladly come out to your home and provide you with a free estimate and the best replacement if your garage door spring broke.


Diamond Springs Authorized Dealer

Diamond springs are specially designed to last longer. They are great for people who want their garage door systems to be free of maintenance services.

Our professional technicians will measure and install the proper springs for your garage door system. Diamond springs also offer a lifetime warranty on all of their garage door springs!

off track replacement


Garage Doors Off-Track

Garage doors can get off-track for several reasons. Sometimes, dirt and dust can accumulate over time within the tracks that lead to the rollers. As a result, this will cause your garage doors to disengage from their tracks.

Moreover, when you try to open or close your garage door, it might get off-track, which will cause your system not to function correctly. You might even hear screeching noises coming from your garage door.

As a result, that is why it is vital to have your door professionally inspected and adjusted by our technicians once every six months. We will ensure that the tracks are clean with no debris or dirt left behind before they can damage the rollers on your garage doors.


Our technicians are trained to detect any signs of wear and tear on your garage doors. We can quickly let you know if everything is working correctly or if any repairs are needed to correct the issue.


Hire Ben’s Garage Door Repair Services

Searching for the best garage door repair company in Centennial, CO? We all know there are excellent garage door companies in Denver, like Don’s Garage Doors and Precision Door Service.


However, Ben’s Garage Doors is the leading garage door company serving residents in the Denver metro area. We only offer the best garage door repair product to our customers. Call us today if you have garage door issues and need a garage door repair in Centennial, Colorado!

Garage Door FAQs

What makes garage door sensors fail?

The main reason is often damaged wires. The wires are responsible for connecting the door system. However, they can undergo wear and tear due to regular usage, weather, or even pests.

In addition, the sensor lenses can fail to operate when spiderwebs or dirt block their view of the garage door opening. Moreover, if you notice red lighting on the exterior LED light, it could indicate that the sensors are not aligned. Try inspecting the bracket or tightening a screw on the red blinking sensor.

garage door manual closing


Can you manually close a garage door?

Yes, you can, especially when the power is out or when assessing the door balance. A garage door is a heavy-moving door that requires electric power for optimum performance. When the power supply is unstable, you may have to close the garage door manually once in a while.

What to do if my garage door spring breaks?

Call us immediately! A broken garage door spring often goes unnoticed until the door stops operating. Here are signs that your garage door just broke;

  • There is a gap in the spring
  • A sudden loud noise from the garage
  • A bend at the top of the door
  • The garage door falls fast
  • There are loose cables
  • The door is crooked

A garage door spring can break by accident or negligence. Other reasons your springs may break include wrong parts, rust, poor maintenance, or wear and tear.


Ben’s Garage Doors Reviews

Garage Door Spring Replacement Centennial, CO

I am so pleased with Ben’s Garage Door Repair. They are prompt, provide efficient service, are reliable, and charged me exactly what I was quoted. I had my garage door spring repair on the same day that I requested service. Thank you, guys, for the great service!

Garage Door Repair Wheat Ridge, CO

Fast prompt service with a smile! The lady on the phone was pleasant and helpful, while the technician who came out to my house did an awesome job, was knowledgeable and professional. Thank you so much for your help today!

Garage Door Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Ben’s Garage Doors is my go-to garage door company! They are always on time, provide excellent customer service, give good advice, and have quick response times. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for quality garage door services in the Denver metro area.

Garage Repair Castle Rock, CO

I like Ben’s Garage Doors. They are friendly and efficient. They called before coming out, the technician arrived right on time, communicated clearly on what they would be doing, went over everything with me, moved the door up and down a few times. He did an excellent job cleaning up after himself. I am so happy to have my garage working properly again!

Garage Door Installation Centennial, CO

I was very impressed by the level of detail these technicians provided while fixing my garage door! Ben’s Garage Door Repair provided outstanding quality, did a great job installing a new door at a reasonable cost and has great customer service. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family!

Garage Door Repair Denver, CO

I called for a spring repair, but the technician found that the cables needed replacement as well. They were very honest and didn’t charge me extra for this additional service. The technician worked diligently and was able to replace everything in just one hour! I couldn’t have asked for better technicians from Ben’s Garage Doors!

Garage Door Repair Centennial, CO

I called Precision to replace a broken garage door spring, but they had didn’t have a technician available for several days. Luckily, my neighbor recommended Ben’s garage door repair services since he hired them in the past. I submitted my contact information, and they responded quickly to my online inquiry about a garage door repair in Centennial. The technician was extremely professional and was very knowledgeable on a residential garage door. Overall, they did a very good job and at an affordable price.