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Contemporary Garage Doors in Colorado

Overview of Garage Door Construction

Our garage door options are in steel and insulation construction configurations, including 1, 2, or 3-layered models. The door insulation types available include polystyrene (2inch or 1-3/8inch) or Intellicore® polyurethane (2, 1-3/8, 1-5/16inch) models. These doors feature R-values (indicating insulation strength) that range from 4.4 to 18.4.

garage door diagram
Garage Door Diagram

The steel components of the door need to be protected from the elements that garage doors are constantly exposed to, such as rain, sunlight, snow, and more. To this end, a coating system involving the use of a hot-dipped galvanized layer in addition to a baked-on primer layer and a final topcoat ensures that the door is guarded against any corrosive or degrading elements.

Should your garage door be located in an area that experiences a high degree of wind load, WINDCODE® is an available product option that will provide all the reinforcement your door might require.

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Overview of Garage Door Designs

You will find garage doors with panels designed in either a grooved or flush steel panel design. The steel surfaces themselves will vary in texture depending on the paint surface and the particular model in question.

Factory finish options run up to 13 in number, including the popular Ultra-Grain® wood-look finish. The window or glass sizes are also an option for client selection, as you will be able to choose from frosted, slim, long, short, and insulated designs.

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To make any required cleaning processes more manageable, the optional window grilles on some designs are detachable. Doors come with bottom weather seals made out of replaceable vinyl set in stainless (rust-free) aluminum retainers to provide additional protection against the elements.

Safe T-Bracket® is an innovative feature of contemporary garage doors that minimizes the risk of injury if a door’s bottom retainer is removed while the door is in the closed position and under tension.

An effective rust-prevention system is also incorporated into the design of these doors that involves using a robust layering system that consists of a hot-dipped galvanized layer; a metal-oxide pre-treatment procedure; and a primer and topcoat that are applied by baking processes.

best garage doors in denver
Different garage designs


Available Door Designs

Grooved Panel: These steel doors are grooved for increased aesthetic appeal

Flush Panel: These doors are designed so that the panels lie flush with the surrounding walls.


Flush with Windows: The addition of windows lets you view the driveway area while in the garage.

Grooved with Windows: These are grooved panel options that feature windows.


Flush with Long-Panel Full-View Windows: These combine the flush panel design with window fittings.

Flush with Short Windows: These contemporary garage doors feature a flush panel design with short windows that allow you to look outside without offering too much visibility to those on the sidewalk or curb.


Grooved with Long-Panel Windows: Long-panel widows offer increased visibility and allow natural light to illuminate the garage during the daytime.


Grooved with Short-Panel Full-View Windows: These grooved doors come equipped with short panel windows running along the upper part of the door, affording you a broad view of the garage’s outer area.

Flush Contemporary Slim Windows: These doors come fitted with slender windows and make for a sleek modern look.


Cedar Plank Contemporary Left-Stacked Windows: This custom home garage door designs offer clients the look of wood without the high maintenance that comes with the real thing.

Glass Garage Doors: To make a statement with your choice of garage door, installing the modern glass door design will show the world that you are comfortable living in the 21st century. These garage doors will closely mirror the contours of a contemporary home with all its elegant glass expanses and clean-cut lines. The result will be a garage that seems to invite the outdoors in, providing an airy, inviting and utterly modern inclusion to your home’s overall contemporary design vision.

new garage doors in denver colorado
Available Garage Door Designs in Denver, CO

Garage Door Material Pricing by Layout

A Garage Door Opener for the Modern Home

After picking out the garage door that best fits in with your vision of the perfect contemporary home, it will only make sense to get your hands on a garage door opener that does it justice. The Liftmaster 8500 is just the system to complete your garage door installation.

This is a DC battery-powered backup door opener that mounts on your garage wall and operates via a Wi-Fi connection. The wall-mounted design makes it a great addition to your garage for several reasons, including its silent operation and minimal vibrations as it works to open and close your garage doors. It will also mean that valuable garage space will be left free for other uses.

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Owners will conveniently and reliably operate the opening and closing action using their smartphones via the myQ® application. This feature comes with a myQ® Remote light (LED) with a brightness of 1,500 lumens.

Upon closing the doors, the automatic door lock feature will engage that makes use of deadbolts to ensure your garage is securely sealed up with no further input required on your part. You have the option of enabling the Amazon Key feature, which is a nifty innovation that makes it possible for in-garage delivery services to take place securely and conveniently.

best modern day garage doors
Modern-day garage doors in Denver, CO!

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