Garage Door Repair Englewood, CO

highly rated garage door company englewoodLiving in Englewood, CO, or Denver, CO, where the temperatures can drop below freezing, having a functional garage door is critical. However, what do you do if your garage door suddenly stops working?

Here is some invaluable information about garage doors in Englewood, CO, including why you should always call Ben’s Garage Door if you have a problem!

garage door opener repair in englewood co
Garage door repair near me in Englewood

common garage door issues englewoodCommon Garage Door Issues

The garage door opener is not working

If the garage door opener stops working altogether, there are several potential culprits. For example, an issue with the remote or wall control panel is one of the most common reasons why your garage door opener isn’t functional. Luckily, this is also one of the most straightforward issues to repair.

Scheck batteriestart by checking the batteries in the garage door remote. The wall control panel might also malfunction because it is simply not plugged in or the batteries are dead.

If the garage door is receiving power, but the opener still doesn’t function properly, the best option is to call a professional. There are several potential causes of a complete garage door opener malfunction. From a broken torsion spring to a damaged trolley carriage or chain drive, it is best to leave the diagnosis to a professional garage door opener service technician.

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Liftmaster garage door opener in Englewood

strange sound iconStrange sounds

Your garage door and garage door opener have never been quiet. Lately, you have noticed that the garage door opener is making strange noises, such as rattling, grinding, ticking, banging, grating, or rumbling.

Unfortunately, diagnosing why your garage door opener is making an unusual noise can be tricky, so you should always leave this job to the professionals.

For example, grinding is often caused by worn garage door rollers. If the garage door is out of balance, it will commonly make an annoying squealing sound. A clicking or grating sound is often a sign of issues with the garage door coils or that a garage door spring broke.

No matter what the root causes, any unusual noise should be immediately diagnosed and fixed by a garage door repair professional.

garage door repair englewood co
Manual Garage Door Repair In Englewood

damaged door englewoodThe garage door won’t open

Nothing can ruin a morning faster than running late for work and discovering your garage door broke and won’t open. Begin by checking if there is an electrical issue, or if the remote or wall panel control is functional. If that is not the issue, there are several reasons why your garage doors won’t open at all.

For example, the garage door cables or garage door springs could be corroded or severely damaged. The garage doors may have fallen off the tracks, or you could have an issue with the pulling force of the door.

Once again, this is a tricky diagnosis that should be left to a garage door repair service.

garage door problemsThe garage door closes way too quickly

A garage door is programmed to close slowly to prevent damage to the door and the floor and ensure a child or pet does not accidentally fall under the door and become injured. If the door is closed too quickly, it is a potential safety hazard that a professional garage door repair person should address in Englewood, CO.

One common cause is loose or broken springs, snapped door cables, or a damaged wheel. A broken spring replacement or damaged wheel repair should only ever be handled by a professional.

garage door broken spring repair
Broken Spring Repair in Englewood, CO

don't ignore your garage door tracksThe garage door won’t close all the way

Ideally, your garage door should slowly close and stop when it gingerly lands on the garage floor. However, if the garage door won’t close all the way, and the door either remains half open or opens again completely, the issue is typically a damaged or dirty photo sensor.

Your garage doors feature a photo sensor that is installed a few inches above the floor at the doors’ opening. These sensors are an essential safety feature that stops the door from shutting if any impediment or obstruction is present, including your vehicle or a person.

If the photo eye sensors are knocked out of alignment, dirty, or damaged, the garage doors will not close. This type of garage door opener repair in Englewood, CO, or Denver, CO, should be left to a professional. The photo eye sensor is a sophisticated and delicate piece of equipment that should be repaired or replaced by a technician from Ben’s Garage Door!

tilted garage door An uneven garage door

The last time you tried to open or close your garage door, did the door not quite look right? If the garage door is uneven at, it will not open and close properly. There are several potential reasons why your garage door is uneven.

For example, the springs might be broken, there could be worn cables, or there might be a problem with the tracks or rollers. Whatever the cause, if the garage doors are not even, a professional should diagnose the problem. To avoid further damage to the other components, it is critical to have the uneven doors professionally repaired as quickly as possible.

tilted garage door apai
Tilted Door Repair in Englewood

damaged panels repairDamaged panels

Finally, if there is damage to any of the panels, you might erroneously believe that the entire door must be replaced. In reality, the panels can be individually replaced if there is an issue with one but the remainder are in good working condition. Additionally, any dings or dents can typically be removed from a steel or aluminum door, which can save you money.

A professional can help you determine if the panels can be repaired or if the entire door should be replaced.

If you decide to purchase a replacement garage door, there are several considerations you should keep in mind. For example, because you live in Colorado, where the temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter, it is best to purchase a well-insulated garage door.

trustworthy affordable garage door services englewoodAverage Cost to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

The average cost to repair or replace your garage door is dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of repair, the manufacturer, and the size of the garage doors. Here are a few costs associated with common garage door repairs:

  • Garage door cable repair: $130 to $270
  • Garage door panel repair, including dent repair: $75 to $500
  • Garage door opener repair: $100 to $400
  • Garage door spring replacement: $300 to $450

The cost of new garage doors can vary but will typically cost anywhere from $14,00 to $4,000. If a technician determines you need a new opener, you can expect to pay between $250 to $920 for the parts and installation in the Englewood area.

damaged panels repair
Damage Garage Door Panels Replacement

garage repair faqsShould I Repair or Replace My Englewood, CO, Garage Door?

If your garage door is getting older or has suffered damage and needs repairs, you would naturally ask yourself: Is it time to replace my old garage door, or would a repair be more feasible?

Here are a few factors you should definitely consider when determining if it is better to replace or repair your garage doors:

old garage door repair englewoodThe age of your garage doors

A garage door’s average lifespan depends on the materials and manufacturer. For example, a good quality composite, steel, or aluminum door will last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. A wood door is meant to remain functional for 15 to 30 years.

If the door is getting older and has several dings and dents, a door replacement is typically better than an Englewood garage door repair. When it comes to the garage door opener, if the current unit is 10 to 15 years old or older, give Ben’s Garage Door in Englewood, CO, a call to determine if a garage opener repair or replacement is the better choice.

old door replacement
New Garage Door Installation

garage door cost iconThe overall cost of repairs

If your broken garage door requires a wide variety of repairs, from new rollers to broken springs, and the garage door is older, the better option is to opt for a garage door replacement. However, if the cost of repairs is relatively small and the door is newer, contact Ben’s Garage Door for a free estimate.

garage door warningIs the garage door unsafe?

Older garage doors often need to be fitted with critical safety features present on most modern garage doors. If your current door is several years older, consider adding these safety features or simply upgrading your contemporary doors. For example, choose a door that is fitted with photo eye sensors.

Motion detectors are another great option, especially if you have kids and pets. Much like the photo eye sensors, the doors will not close if the sensor detects motion. Motion-detecting lights are also great, especially during cold Colorado nights. These lights are not only useful to homeowners, but they also deter potential burglars.

sell your house checklistAre you selling your house?

Finally, if you are considering putting your house on the market, garage door installations make excellent financial sense. A new garage door’s ROI, or return on investment, is very high. Additionally, a new garage door is one of those unique selling features that will surely impress potential buyers.

common garage door mistakesCommon Garage Door Mistakes to Avoid

You depend on your garage door to be functional, especially on a cold Englewood, CO, or Denver, CO, mornings. If you own a garage or are concerned about a garage door repair or replacement, here are a few simple mistakes you need to avoid:

overhead garage door repair in englewood
FAQ for garage door repair companies in Englewood

door installation englewoodChoosing the wrong door

Living in Colorado, where winter weather is often harsh, it is critical to choose the right garage door that can withstand the elements. For example, a wood garage door is a timeless option that can withstand the cold, snow, and ice of a Colorado winter. Aluminum is another excellent option, as well.

No matter what type of garage door material you choose, make sure the new doors are well-insulated and installed by an Englewood area business.

garage door components repair replacementRepairing components that should be replaced

There are several parts on your garage door that, if they fail, should always be replaced rather than repaired. For example, you should never try to fix the springs on your garage doors. These components naturally wear over time, which is a serious safety concern once they are damaged.

Additionally, you should also replace the rollers and tracks rather than having them professionally repaired.

stop ignoring issuesIgnoring the signs of a problem

Often, the signs of an issue with your Englewood, CO, garage doors are evident and should never be ignored. For example, if the garage doors are making a strange grinding noise or do not close smoothly, it is often a sign you should have the springs replaced. Putting off a necessary repair can not only lead to further damage but is also potentially dangerous.

garage door problem
Garage Door Repair Near Me in Englewood, CO

diy garage door englewoodTrying to install the Garage door on your own

As a responsible house owner, there are several reasons why you should always leave the installation of new garage doors to knowledgeable technicians. One of the biggest is that a professional business will ensure the doors are hung correctly and that there are no issues.

However, what you might need to realize is that if you install a new door yourself, it can void the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty of a replacement door is only valid if a professional handles the garage door installation.

garage door cable maintenanceNot properly maintaining your garage doors

Just like your car, roof, and siding, it is critical to maintain your garage doors. One of the simplest ways to maintain the doors and extend the garage doors’ life is to periodically lubricate any metal moving parts, including the rollers and springs. It is also vitally important to have your garage door inspected every few years.

A technician can look over the garage door and fix any minor problems before they become significant issues.

garage door nearbyWorking with the wrong garage door installation company in Englewood, CO

With all of the garage door installation providers in the Englewood, CO, and Denver, CO, areas, how can you find a reputable business that can provide you with a competitive quote and quality service?

There are several simple ways you can ensure you work with reputable garage door companies to handle your Englewood garage door repair. For example, check the online reviews to see how past customers have rated the companies. The Better Business Bureau, BBB, website is a great source of information about garage door service companies in your area.

At Ben’s Garage Door, you can rest assured that we can handle all of your Englewood, CO, garage door repair and garage door replacement needs. From replacing your old opener to a simple spring replacement or installing a completely different garage door system, the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door will always offer a fair price and do an excellent job.

modern garage door installation
Modern Garage Doors in Englewood, CO

family owned company englewoodGive Ben’s Garage Door A Call Right Away for All Your Englewood, CO Garage Door Needs

You are ready to work with the best Englewood garage door repair company around that can handle all of your needs and offer you fair pricing. Look no further than Ben’s Garage Door. With decades of experience proudly serving the Englewood, CO, and Denver, CO, service areas, our team will always do a fantastic job.

lubricate garage door partsServices We Offer

We offer a very wide variety of services to our amazing customers. Rest assured that no matter what the issue, the professional garage door repair technicians at Ben’s Garage Door will have you covered!

services listGarage Door Repair

No matter the garage door problem, our outstanding service technicians will offer you great service and fair pricing. Some of our garage door repair services include:

  • Garage door springs repair and replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Garage door track replacements and repairs
  • Weather Seal replacement
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Garage door panel repair or replacement
  • Garage door off track repair
garage door services englewood
Englewood’s Best Garage Door Pros

customized garage door englewoodGarage Door Installations

Your garage door looks dated, dinged, and dirty, and you are ready for a replacement. Maybe you are even considering putting your house on the market? Whatever the case, the team at Ben’s Garage Door has you covered with good advice and outstanding service.

Our team can install any variety or type of garage door, including:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Steel

chain drive opener denverAdditionally, at Ben’s Garage Door, we partner with the biggest and best names in the garage door industry, such as:

  • LiftMaster
  • Chamberlin
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Genie
  • Raynor
  • Stanley
  • Overhead Doors
new garage door installation englewood
Emergency Garage Door Installation Service

garage door openers in englewoodGarage Door Openers

Your garage door opener is an integral part of the entire garage door system. As a homeowner, you want a garage door opener that you can count on. Ben’s Garage Door in Englewood, CO, can repair or replace any variety of garage door openers.

We work with a wide variety of reputable names in garage door openers and opener components, including LiftMaster, Chamberlin, Craftsman, and Genie.

broken garage spring in englewoodGarage Door Maintenance

Whether your garage door is six months or 15 years old, the best way to protect your investment is with proper maintenance. When you call a service technician from Ben’s Garage Door, we will perform a 15-point check on your garage doors to ensure that every component is working correctly.

emergency garage door englewoodEmergency Garage Door Services

Unfortunately, there will be several inconvenient times when your garage doors stop working altogether and you require emergency garage door service in Englewood, CO. The professional crew at Ben’s Garage Door specializes in emergency garage door service and repairs.

If your vehicle ever gets trapped in your garage or you need to have your garage door springs, rollers, panels, or tracks repaired immediately, give the emergency garage door service technicians at Ben’s Garage Door a call!

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Find Me A Garage Door Technician Near Me

call garage door nearbyCall Ben’s Garage Door for All Your Garage Door Needs!

Having a garage door that works properly when you need it the most is so important. At Ben’s Garage Door, we understand the needs of our customers and want to provide them with top-notch service.

garage door professionalsWe have highly trained technicians

Our technicians are highly trained and very skilled. They have undergone hours of training in installing and repairing various garage doors on the market. Whether you have a state-of-the-art composite door or an older model that needs a lot of work, our team is there to help!

emergency garage door repairA team with fantastic reviews

Do a quick search of Ben’s Garage Door,” and you will quickly find the amazing reviews left by our very satisfied customers. our customers have used the words “dependable,” “fair,” and “knowledgeable” when describing our services and technicians.

If you want to work with a highly-rated team that has been serving the Denver area for decades, look no further than Ben’s Garage Door!

track replacement iconNo job is too small for Ben’s Garage Door!

No matter what your garage door repair needs, the amazing team at Ben’s Garage Door should be at the top of your list. We can handle any residential garage door repair and replacement, no matter how big or small.

Here is what our amazing customers have said about Ben’s Garage Door!

patrik jMy Englewood co garage door decided to stop working

“I woke up Monday morning and discovered my garage doors would not open. I called Don’s Garage Doors and was not impressed with their pricing. Ben’s Garage Door fixed the broken garage door spring in the time promised. The technician was on time and was a great guy!”

bella hI received same-day service in Denver, CO

“If you need a garage door repair in the Denver area, always call Ben’s Garage Door. The technician fully explained the process, and my new opener was installed on time and under budget. The service was excellent. Ben’s Garage Door is truly the best company in the Denver area.”

benji gBen’s garage door is the best in the business

“My broken garage door needed to be repaired in less than an hour because I needed to go to work. The technician from Ben’s Garage Door provided great service in a timely manner. The company also does business with Overhead Doors, which is a huge plus. If you live in Denver, CO, call Ben’s Garage Door.”

hamilton aMy hamilton pl home needed an emergency garage door repair

“I needed a garage door repair fast, and I called several companies for free estimates. Ben’s Garage Door offered to perform the repair for far less than the competition. The service crew was on time and repaired my doors fast. They did a great job!”

sarah bThe doors on my Lakewood garage were damaged by hail

“My wood garage doors suffered serious hail damage in the last storm. I wasn’t sure if I needed to install new garage doors or if the current doors could be fixed. The installation technician was on time and was able to perform a thorough inspection in about an hour. The new aluminum garage door installation didn’t take long, and I am very pleased with the service.”

lea flitzI needed all-new garage door springs for my Greenwood Village garage

“The springs on my garage doors were severely damaged. I wanted a garage door service company that could perform the garage door spring replacement without breaking the bank. Ben’s Garage Door performed the door repair fast, and I am very pleased with their great service.”

becky tIf you need garage door repair in the Englewood, co area, call Ben’s garage door

“Not every garage door repair company in the Englewood, CO, area is reputable. Some won’t even provide free estimates! If you live in the Englewood area and want a garage door repair business you can trust, call Ben’s Garage Door. Ben’s performed my Englewood garage door repair fast and was able to save me a ton of money.”

jina bBen’s garage door did an amazing job for me in Greenwood Village

“My friends always raved about Ben’s Garage Door services in Englewood. When I needed a garage door repair, I naturally called Ben’s for my door repair. The garage door repair services were amazing. Ben’s Garage Door is a great company.”

phil cI needed same-day service, and Ben’s garage door was there to help

“I needed a business to install a replacement garage door before my first open house. The existing garage doors had a lot of problems, including needing a replacement garage door spring. I decided to just swap out the garage doors instead of opting for a garage door repair. Ben’s Garage Door provided amazing service, and they replaced the doors before my open house! Thanks, Ben’s Garage Door!”

mahsa aminiThe spring broke on my Denver, CO, garage doors

“Both of the springs on my garage doors broke within a few days of each other, and I needed a business that could install replacement springs. I received several free estimates for garage door spring repairs in the Denver area. I chose Ben’s Garage Door to handle the garage door spring repair, and I am so glad that I did. Ben’s Garage Door service performed the door repair fast!”

mahsa zhina aminiMy garage doors needed a new screw drive in Lakewood, CO

“I must admit that I had never known that screw drives existed until the screw drives on my garage doors broke. I needed a fairly priced garage door repair, and I called more than one business for free estimates. Ben’s Garage Door performed the garage door repair in a timely manner. The service was amazing, and the garage doors work great.”

robert kIf you need GARAGE door services in Englewood, CO, call Ben’s garage door

“If you need any garage door services in Englewood, do yourself a favor and call Ben’s Garage door. Their service is amazing, and the repair on my trip charge took a few minutes. My garage doors work perfectly.”

mathew vBen’s garage door offered me a fair price in Englewood

“I needed a service call on a Saturday and didn’t want to pay a small fortune for a simple garage door repair. My friends used Ben’s Garage Door for their Englewood garage door repair, so I gave them a call.” The tech provided stellar garage door services, and the garage door opener repair only took about an hour!”

george the thirdThe garage door installation in Littleton was fast and efficient

“I live in Littleton and operate a small business out of my garage. I needed garage door repair services that were fast and efficient. When I lived in Englewood, I entrusted all my Englewood garage door repair needs to Ben’s Garage Door. They are a great business, and the crew was able to install replacement openers on both my garage doors.”

latisha qI needed new garage door openers for my three garages in Highlands Ranch

“My garage doors were in great shape, and I just needed new openers. I am new to the Highlands Ranch area and wasn’t sure which business to use for my garage door installations. Ben’s Garage Door was able to install top-of-the-line openers for far less than the competition. They are a great business, and I will be working with Ben’s again in the future.”

spenser aIf you have a garage and need a repair in Englewood, CO, do yourself a favor and call Ben’s garage door

“If you have garage doors on your property, you need to entrust all your Englewood garage door repair needs to Ben’s Garage Door. Ben’s Garage Door provides great service; I have never had an unanswered service call. I love my new garage doors and am glad I chose to work with this business.”

olivia nMy Castle Rock garage doors fell off the track

“Both the garage doors fell off the track within a week of each other. I needed a dependable garage door service to repair both garage doors. I am so glad I found Ben’s Garage Door service. The team did a great job!”

sam oThe spring broke on my Wheat Ridge, CO, garage door

“If you have ever had a spring break on your garage doors, you know how difficult it can be to find a dependable business to perform a garage door opener repair for a fair price. Luckily, I found Ben’s Garage Door. The team was able to install replacement springs fast, and my garage doors work great.”

elizabeth fBen’s garage door finished the repairs in less than an hour

“The rollers on my garage doors were very degraded, and I needed a business that could perform the garage door services fast. I am very happy to say my Englewood garage door repair was completed within a matter of minutes. If You need garage door repair services in Colorado, call Ben’s Garage Door.”

dave bBen’s garage door is the best Repair and installation business in the Englewood, CO, area

“As a homeowner, you want to work with the best of the best. If you ever need an Englewood garage door repair, call Ben’s Garage Door. Their garage door services are top-notch, and the crew is very professional.”

chris aI will only do business with Ben’s garage door

“If I never need a repair or service on my garage door, I will only call Ben’s Garage Door. The technicians are knowledgeable, the prices are comparable, and the work is always stellar. If you are ever in need of garage door services in the Denver area, make sure to only call Ben’s Garage Door.”

samir kBen’s garage door is a company you can rely on in Castle Rock, CO

“There are several garage door service providers in the Castle Rock area. I wanted the best, and that is what I got when I called Ben’s. The garage door services the team provided were amazing. I love my new wood composite doors.”

fatma fI needed a late-night service call in Denver, CO

“My garage doors completely fell off the track and landed on my car. I needed an emergency call right away, or else my vehicle would have suffered even more damage. Ben’s Garage Door came quickly, and I was able to lift the doors off my car.”

little red riding hoodCall Ben’s if you ever need a new garage door opener in the Englewood, CO, area!

“The secret is out! If you need Englewood garage door repair and want the best, call Ben’s. I am very pleased with their service, and my new garage door opener is amazing. It even works on a very chilly Englewood morning when I need it the most!”

peter gBen’s garage door does quality work

“I was selling my home, and I needed a replacement opener that would attract potential buyers. Ben’s only works with the best providers in the business, which is why I gave them a call. They provided excellent service. If you need an Englewood garage door repair, don’t hesitate to give Ben’s Garage Door a call!”

janet jThe only Denver, CO, business I will work with

“Living in Denver, there are a lot of service providers to choose from. I have worked with other garage door companies in the past but was never pleased with the finished product. Then I found Ben’s Garage Door. They did a great job replacing the tracks on my current garage door system.”

mike kI needed a broken spring repair in Aurora, CO

“The springs on my garage doors were completely bent and damaged. Ben’s Garage Door provided a great service to me and my family. The springs were replaced, and the dings in the doors were repaired, as well. Ben’s did an excellent job, and I am so pleased.”

victoria sThe garage doors on my Castle Rock garage completely fell off the track

“The worst possible thing happened to me last Friday: The doors on my garage completely fell off their tracks. Thankfully, my car was not damaged, but my garage floor wasn’t so lucky. Ben’s Garage Door was amazing, and the team was able to replace the tracks and give me a new garage door.”

Zohar KBen’s garage door is the best garage door business in the Denver area

“I usually never write reviews on local companies, but I had to rave about the service I received from Ben’s Garage Door. The team was excellent, and I had a new Chamberlin opener installed in a few hours. Ben’s Garage Door is far and away the best option in the Denver area.”

Tom MExcellent same-day service

“Living in Englewood, Colorado, can be brutal, especially in the winter. We all need a garage door system that is working properly when we need it the most. If you want a garage door company you can trust and need same-day services, give Ben’s Garage Door a call.”