Nothing is more disheartening than waking up on a cold Denver, CO, morning only to discover that you need immediate garage door repair. This is a common issue, and luckily, the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door repair service several areas throughout northern Colorado, from the rural areas outside Front Range or Commerce City to the Denver metro area.

Garage Door Repairman Denver, CO

Nothing is more disheartening than waking up on a cold Denver, CO, morning only to discover that you need immediate garage door repair. This is a common issue, and luckily, the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door repair service several areas throughout northern Colorado, from the rural areas outside the Front Range or Commerce City to the Denver metro area.

common garage door issues denverCommon Reasons for Garage Door Repair

We service residential and commercial customers in the Denver, CO, area, no matter the problem, from a new garage door installation or door repair to a garage door service or a new garage door opener. Here are a couple of the most common reasons the doors on your residential and commercial garage might require our quality repair services:

broken garage spring denverBroken garage door spring repair

Each garage door spring is huge, noticeable, and attached to the cables that lift the garage doors. The manufacturer of your garage door intended for those springs to expertly raise the garage over 10,000 times! However, if you notice your Denver garage doors are out of balance, there is a loud, distinct squeaking sound when the doors open or close, or the springs are clearly broken, give us a call.

panel replacement iconGarage panel replacement

Whether you need single or multiple panels replaced, we provide comprehensive garage doors services for both residential and commercial garage doors. When a panel becomes damaged, it is often much more cost-effective to have the panel replaced rather than replace the entire garage door in Denver, CO.

Broken or bent garage doors track

Suppose the garage doors won’t open or close fully when you activate the garage door openers. In that case, you hear a high-pitched noise when the garage door is moving, or the garage door has totally fallen off the rails; the issue is typically a bent or broken door track. Luckily, Ben’s Garage door is the ideal garage doors company to diagnose the problem and replace the damaged tracks.

Broken Garage Door Repair In Denver, CO
Broken Garage Door Repair In Denver, CO

broken garage door sensor denverDirty, broken, or obstructed garage door sensors

The garage door sensor is located a few inches off the ground and is a critical safety feature, especially if you have kids. If a pet or child is playing or standing under the garage door as it is closing, the photo eye sensor will trigger the garage doors to retract.

Often, if your garage door won’t completely close, the photo sensor is dirty, obstructed, or knocked out of alignment. Luckily, this is an easy fix that most garage door companies can repair in a matter of minutes.

garage repair faqsShould I Replace or Repair My Garage Door?

The average cost of new overhead doors installation is around $2,600. The price is dependent upon several factors. For example, a new door for a commercial property will typically cost more to install a single, smaller door. A custom garage door is more expensive than a new stock garage doors.

Before you start saving for a new garage door for residential and commercial properties, here are a few factors to consider while deciding whether the door can be repaired or replaced.

old garage doorThe age of your garage doors

A residential garage door’s average lifespan is between 15 to 30 years. If the cost of seeking repair services is more than the older garage door is worth, it is time to consider hiring a garage door repair service to install a new, top-of-the-line model.

24/7 Garage Door Services
24/7 Garage Door Services

Are you upgrading your home’s exterior?

Your house and garage are getting a much-needed makeover, complete with new siding, windows, and upgraded landscaping. The last thing you want is to sully your home’s unique exterior with dated, dirty garage doors. Installing new garage doors will not only complement your home’s updated exterior, but it is also a great return on investment!

garage door maintenance denverHow Can I Maintain My Garage Doors?

Any great company will tell you that proper maintenance is the key to extending your garage door life. Here are some simple ways you can easily maintain your residential or commercial garage door:

lubricate garage door partsLubricate any moving parts

Moving parts are prone to friction, and the best way to prevent unnecessary wear and tear is with a bit of general maintenance. Lubricate any moving parts, including garage door cables on your existing garage door, every few months with a product recommended by the garage door’s manufacturer or installer

garage door inspection denver coInspect the moving parts for signs of severe wear and tear

Speaking of those pesky moving parts, keep an eye on them for any initial signs of wear, tear, and corrosion. Contact the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door services at the first signs of extreme wear or deterioration. A simple repair or parts replacement now can prevent a potential disaster in the future.

Schedule a yearly inspection with us!

Another stress-free maintenance tip is to schedule a yearly inspection with any of the many fine garage door repair companies in Denver. This service is inexpensive and a great way to prevent minor issues before they become tremendous disasters.

Off-track door repair

Why Should You Choose Ben’s Garage Doors?

With all the spectacular garage door services throughout the Denver area, you might wonder: Why should I entrust my garage door installation, maintenance, and repairs to Ben’s Garage Doors?

quality services denverQuality customer service

We have offered unparalleled service to our customers for several years. Whether you need new doors installed on your home or require the service of a commercial garage door company, we have you covered!

We are a fully licensed business

In addition to being fully licensed and completely insured, we are affiliated with the International Door Association, or IDA. This organization provides continuing education and advocacy to a company in the access system and door industry.

locally owned garage door companyWe only work with the top garage doors manufacturers

From Liftmaster and Chamberlin to Northwest Doors, Ankmar Garage Doors, and DoorLink Garage Doors, we work with and provide maintenance and service to the top component manufacturers in the business.

We can handle all your Denver garage doors installation and repairs

Our Denver company is ready to help our customers with all their needs, from simple repairs to a complicated installation. We are the best garage door installers to handle any garage door installation, and we provide you with a new garage door opener.

repairman nearbyLooking for a Garage Door Repairman Near You? Give Us a Call!

If you have a problem with your commercial or residential garage door, our professionals are ready to serve all our amazing customers in the Denver metro area with all their garage door needs!

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Reviews For Ben’s Garage Door

mark z.I needed immediate service for my Greenwood village garage doors

“My garage door had fallen entirely off the track, and I needed it fixed before my daughter’s birthday. I had worked with Don’s garage doors in the past and needed new springs installed on the doors. The install only took a few minutes, and the team was highly knowledgeable. ”

debby k.My lone tree Door opener was broken

“My garage door opener was completely broken, and because I am not an expert in garage door openers, I needed some serious help. I called Don’s Garage Doors and Northwest door, and the quote for a replacement opener was too high. Don’s quoted by far more than Ben’s Garage Door. Ben’s Garage Door provided the most comprehensive garage door services and was a clear choice.

leo y. wheatbridgeI needed a free estimate in Wheat Ridge

I wanted a free estimate for the installation and repair of doors for residential homes in my area. The doors installed on my home were in bad shape, and I wasn’t sure what I needed, so I wanted the general price of a repair and installation.

I worked with Don’s Garage Doors to have an opener installed, but I wanted to explore other businesses in my surrounding area. I am pleased to say I found the highly trained staff able to handle my high-efficiency garage door service and garage door installs”

Juanita F. denverMy Denver garage doors needed a new opener, repair, and installation

“The doors on my Denver garage were in serious trouble, and I feared I needed a new garage door installation. From broken springs on my attached garage doors to the damaged tracks on my secondary detached doors, I needed a company that could fix almost anything.

I have worked with Don’s Garage Doors in the past, but like other customers, I wanted to find a new Denver installation and repair service. Don’s is great, but their prices are not competitive, especially for repairing garage door springs.

If you are in Denver and need a garage door repair or want a whole new garage door system installed, Don’s Garage Doors is great, but Ben’s is extremely knowledgeable and the best garage door company!”