Ben’s Garage Doors is a locally owned and operated Denver residential and commercial garage door service provider. In addition, we proudly service the greater Denver, CO area with garage door installation, garage door repair, and maintenance services.

We offer a full range of garage doors in various styles, garage door openers, and accessories. Ben’s Garage Doors is committed to providing residential and commercial clients in Denver with top-notch customer service and garage door repair. We repair all garage door brands and garage door openers. 

Our main aim is to provide the best service to our customers. As such, we install and service garage door products from top reputable brands in the industry. 

With our 24/7 emergency garage door repair service, you can rely on us to help with your garage door needs. Call us today to schedule a garage door inspection and a quote for your garage door installation and repair needs.

Garage Door Maintenance

Our Services

When it comes to garage door maintenance, we are thorough in our dealings. Since maintenance is a vital part of avoiding unexpected garage door problems, we send out the best of our team for the maintenance job. We inspect, repair, and service garage doors and openers for residential clients.

Garage Door Inspection

A typical garage door service and maintenance in Denver starts with expert analysis. We will inspect the entire garage door for any damaged panels and components. In addition, we assess the level of damage to determine our approach for the maintenance job.

garage door inspectors
Garage door inspections in Denver

When you hire Ben’s Garage Doors, you can be sure that we will conduct a thorough garage door inspection and recommend/ perform the necessary garage door tune-up services. Our garage door experts have the knowledge, skills, and tools to conduct a complete and unbiased garage door inspection before conducting any tune-up services.

We conduct a step-by-step approach when carrying out inspections. Our door inspection points include;

Spring tension

  • Garage door cable condition
  • Lock functioning
  • Roller condition
  • Hinge conditions
  • Mounting hardware
  • Lubricating garage doors
  • Weatherstrip/ seals
  • Garage door panel condition
  • Drums condition
  • Bearing condition
  • Shaft condition
  • Track condition
  • Safety/ service labels
  • Back hangs.

We also inspect and service the garage door operator. Our operator inspection points include;

  • Transmitter check
  • Safety reverse
  • Wall button function
  • Check back hangs
  • Tension chain/ belt
  • Lube moving parts
  • Photo-eye alignment
  • Light bulb function
  • Mounting hardware
  • Limit switch settings
  • Carriage/ release
  • Inspect bearings/ bushings
  • Door attachment point
  • Operator safety sticker
maintenance garage doors
A commercial garage door maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is one of the largest and heaviest moving components of your home. As such, it should be treated and serviced in that respect. Most homeowners tend to forget or intentionally neglect garage door service and maintenance until something major happens.

Unfortunately, garage door problems typically start small. These minor garage door problems quickly escalate to damaged panels, door off track, or door binding if ignored or go unnoticed.

Fortunately, with regular garage door service and maintenance, you can add a few more years to your overhead garage door and garage door opener. Garage door maintenance helps you save money on repair costs and gives you peace of mind.

Planned Maintenance

Ben’s Garage Doors provides garage door planned maintenance for the safe and proper functioning of your garage door. Whether you want an annual or bi-annual maintenance schedule, our experts can help with the process.

What to Expect From Our Garage Door Service and Maintenance

A 15-point thorough inspection and maintenance on your garage doors and openers

Comprehensive garage door system, including tightening/ replacing defective nuts and bolts. Adjustment of springs. Maintenance and lubricating garage doors, including its rollers, pulleys, and cables

Garage door opener services, including adjustment of electric door openers. Chain tightening. Setting limit switches and lubrication of the whole drive mechanism

Checking and replacing keypad and transmitter batteries

A final detailed inspection to ensure everything is as expected

We will recommend any replacement of garage door repairs during the maintenance process. Luckily, we are also a professional garage door repair company with ready tools to switch up our services.

With our scheduled maintenance plans, you automatically become our priority customer with access to other premium garage door services in Denver, CO. Call to help you develop a garage door maintenance plan for your residential garage in Denver.

garage door repair and installation
Commercial garage doors in Colorado

Garage Door Service and Repair

Most garage door servicing often ends up in repairs, especially since an inspection will most likely discover hidden garage problems. Luckily, our garage door maintenance services are intended to prevent these problems from escalating further.

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we are always ready for any garage door repairs, even when it is a simple tune-up project. We perform emergency garage door repair in the event of pending major damage that could cause injury or further damage.

We also conduct garage door opener repair during the service process if your garage door refuses to open or close. We inspect and repair rollers for the garage roll-up doors that are prone to malfunctioning.

Signs That You Need Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

It is vital to get your garage door checked and serviced regularly. Regular garage door service prevents unnecessary damage and repair costs. It also keeps your garage door durable for longer. Here are the signs you should in your garage door you should look out for if you are considering maintenance.

  • Your garage door is making a lot of noises
  • You cannot lift your garage door manually
  • Your garage door is slow to respond to your remote
  • Your garage door sags or is uneven
  • Your electricity bill suddenly increases, meaning there is a problem with your garage door weather seals
  • The garage door is dented or otherwise damaged.

Our Denver garage door experts can help you avoid major garage door problems by servicing and repairing the minor issues. Whether it is lubricating garage doors, replacing parts, or changing damaged panels, we guarantee you a smooth and effective process.

Garage Door Tune-Up Services

A regular garage door tune-up and inspection plays a huge part in your security, privacy, and comfort. It is important for the proper working condition of your garage doors and your loved one’s safety. Call our professional tune-up service experts to inspect and maintain your garage doors. Our experts are trained to notice even the most minor concerns.

Are you looking for garage door companies near me in Denver? Ben’s is a locally owned and operated garage door company servicing Denver and the surrounding towns. We provide emergency garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services at affordable costs.

If you have any garage door service, repair, or installation needs, call Ben’s Garage Doors today for quick and professional services.