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We offer a full range of garage doors in various styles, garage door openers, and accessories. Ben’s Garage Doors is committed to providing residential and commercial clients in Denver with top-notch customer service and garage door repair. We repair all garage door brands and garage door openers. 

Our main aim is to provide the best service to our customers. As such, we install and service garage door products from top reputable brands in the industry. 

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Garage Door Openers

Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener?

Homeowners want new garage door openers for different reasons. Unfortunately, not every homeowner pays attention to the garage door openers when inspecting the door system.

Check out these reasons why you install a new garage door opener and how Ben’s Garage Doors can help;

repair garage openers
Liftmaster – The world’s most famous brand.
  • You Want More Advanced Features

If you are upgrading other aspects of your home or garage to include smart tech, don’t neglect your garage door opener. A smart garage door opener features in-built WiFi, allowing you to control them with your smart home hub. In addition, you can also manage your smart garage door opener from your phone. As such, you can control the garage door from your office or on vacation without stressing. Ben’s Garage Doors installs the latest garage door openers that incorporate the smart tech features.

  • The Current Garage Door Opener is Lagging

If the current garage door opener is slower than normal, it might be time to consider getting a new garage door opener. A lagging garage door opener is a clear indication that it could permanently malfunction soon. Talk to us to install a new garage door opener ahead of time to avoid major damages and repairs.

  • Improving Security

Unlike the newer garage door opener models, the older models lack enhanced security features. Modern garage door openers have a rolling code feature, making it harder for any possible intrusion.

Moreover, upgrading to a new garage door opener gives you peace of mind. An old and damaged garage door tends to be loud and cumbersome. However, a newer model is guaranteed to run quieter and more efficiently.

Garage Door Opener Installation Denver

Whether you want an option that is quiet with smart capabilities or something more advanced than your current opener, we can provide you with the best garage door opener for your door.

We provide fast, efficient, and high-quality garage door opener installation services at Ben’s Garage Door. If you are searching for something brand new or replacing your existing garage door openers, we have the skilled manpower for comprehensive garage door opener installation. Our garage door specialists ensure your garage door sensor is working correctly.

Moreover, we install high-end garage door openers from different reputable brands on the market. Whether you are looking for garage door openers from Chamberlain, Genie, or other brands, we can install door openers from all brands. We install garage door parts from Liftmaster, a leading American manufacturer in garage doors and garage door parts.

3 Types of Garage Door Openers.

Choosing a garage door opener can be overwhelming. Luckily, at Ben’s Garage Doors, our technicians have the necessary expertise to help you distinguish between the different models of garage door openers and help you choose.

The three models of garage door openers include;

  • Chain Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Screw Drive
chain drive garage opener
Chain drive garage opener Services

Chain Drive Opener

It is the most common garage door opener available and comes in different models to suit different needs. The opener uses a chain to pull/ push the trolley that moves your garage door up and down.

The chain drive system provides power, value, and reliable performance. It is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a low-cost yet reliable option.

However, the chain drive system tends to be quite noisy, making it ideal for a detached garage. One of the top brands manufacturing high-quality garage door openers is Liftmaster. We can install high-quality models of the chain drive garage door openers for you.

Belt Drive Opener

The belt drive opener uses a belt to function, unlike other openers. In addition, belt drive openers are much quieter than the chain drive opener, making it is an ideal installment for an attached garage.

However, the belt drive openers are a bit more expensive than the alternatives. Generally, it features a smooth operation and whisper-quiet performance. Besides its discreet mechanism, the belt drive opener typically outlasts all other operators found on the market.

Screw Drive Opener

screw drive garage opener
Screw Drive Garage Openers

The screw drive opener uses a steel drive screw directly engaged with the motor. Generally, there are fewer parts in the screw drive opener than the chain and belt drive openers. As such, it requires a bit to no maintenance. It also needs no lubrication and provides the utmost speed and power.

Ben’s Garage Doors experts can help you pick the best garage door opener for your needs. We install door openers based on our customer’s needs and preferences. However, we are more than delighted to offer professional advice when choosing a garage door opener.

The Best Garage Door Opener

Are you looking for the best door opener for your garage door opener installation needs? We recommend and install the best choices from top reputable brands in the industry.

Some of the reputable brands we partner with for quality installation include;

  • Genie. Genie garage door openers are among the well-known and trusted alternatives among homeowners. In addition, the Genie Company is one of the leading pioneers in introducing smart home tech to the garage. The smart garage door opener has changed how homeowners now use their garage doors
  • Chamberlain. Chamberlain garage door openers are designed with smart technology to help you manage garage door operations.
  • Craftsman garage door openers offer the security and convenience of keyless entry into your garage
  • Liftmaster garage door openers are also among our top choices when installing the best garage door openers. Ben’s Garage Doors is a Liftmaster authorized dealer, supplying and installing garage doors and garage door parts from Liftmaster.

Hire Ben’s For the Best Garage Door Opener

We provide detailed services when it comes to garage door opener installation. Moreover, we sell, install, repair, and service all brands of garage door openers.

Call Ben’s Garage Door to schedule a professional consultation for your garage door opener queries and needs in Denver.