Denver, Colorado, is a gorgeous place to live, raise a family, enjoy outdoor recreation, work, and cultivate a home.

By the same token, Denver has become a city that knows all too well what it means to experience property crime, theft, break-ins, and a complete violation of our cars, homes, and personal spaces.

Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener: The Future of Residential Homes in Denver

The Rise in Burglary within Downtown Denver and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Since 2019, there has been a swift rise in burglary and other forms of property crime, and while the rate of violent crime is meager, burglars will check out any form of entrance into your home.

Many unwanted visitors will resort to garage break-in to enter the rest of the home, using your garage door windows, a garage door left open, and even the opening system.

garage break in
Garages can be an alluring entry point for potential burglars in Denver CO

What is Going on Within the Mile High City?

To keep your home secure, you must eliminate the thieves’ ability to access your garage door because not all home invasions are completed by picking your front door lock.

Being equipped with knowledge of your location, the connection between how a thief operates, and how your current garage doors and garage door opener may shed light on how to prevent burglars and regain the city’s feeling of security.

Denver garage door companies are no strangers to how your garage door, garage door opener, and all other significant components play a role in the possibility of break-ins.

And it is with the help of their personal experience that you can develop a security system outside the norm.

car burglary
Your home is not the only thing at risk during a burglary. Access to your garage can mean access to your car too!

Residential House and Garage Break-Ins 2023

Garage break-ins happen to about 30 out of 1000 Denver residents each year, and monthly crime rates will rise in January than in other months throughout the year.

There has been an average of 60 burglaries per Denver neighborhood throughout 2023, which has increased for the past five years.

While this is something that has been seen across the country, you don’t have to leave the garage door open to be vulnerable to a break-in.

Your garage doors and opener are components that need to be in their best condition to avoid becoming an entry point for burglars.

While having and maintaining a well-equipped security system remains a solid means of prevention, garage break-ins remain one of the main ways thieves can get to your car, belongings, and the rest of your household.

breaking in
The age and material of your garage door will determine how easy it takes for burglars to breach

Your Detached and Attached Garage are Targets for Thieves

There are detached and attached garage options throughout Denver, but when there is a security threat to either, there is to both – and the cars and anything stored inside.

Sometimes, a neighborhood thief may wander around looking for petty items to steal and things to fill their time.

This could be as little as the food and drinks in your garage fridge to large power tools or your car itself.

Both garage door styles remain options for burglars, and in some cases, they serve as a place for them to hide for a while.

No matter the case, making sure the structure provides adamant security throughout the night, day, and change of seasons, avoiding a property crime emergency is totally possible with the right garage door business and garage door options.

You may be considering a new garage door, something more secure and sturdy, to protect your house, car, and family – and whether you are downtown or on the outskirts of the city, choosing to install a garage door opener or set of garage doors is a good service to invest in.

open garage doors
Never leave your garage doors open any longer than you need. If your doors cannot fully close, it’s time for a replacement.

The Garage Door is A Part of Your House Security System in Denver, Colorado

All burglars are on their own personal mission; they will get into your house no matter the cost, using any tool they can.

They are going to get into your house no matter the cost.

They are looking for a garage door that doesn’t automatically close, a back door you never lock, or windows that may not be secure.

In any of these instances, your house is open for business to Denver thieves, and they will take what they came for, even if those intentions aren’t so pure.

Don’t allow a misplaced remote or an overdue garage door install to be the reason that thieves find their way into your house or can make it away with your car, for that matter.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is a Denver garage door company offering an elite garage service that will provide total security, help to prevent burglars, and keep thieves away from your family and kids.

garage door windows
If your garage door windows are not securely fastened, a burglar will take no time at all to pop one open

Don’t Neglect Your Garage Door Windows

To better prevent garage break-ins, you can’t forget any details because thieves will find access anywhere possible.

Your garage door windows don’t allow the best security system for your house.

There is a wide array of garage door windows to choose from to elevate your curb appeal, but prying eyes may use those as a legitimate point of entry.

Looking for ways to maintain your garage door windows?

Ben’s garage door specialists in Denver offer superior detached and attached garage options.

garage door windowWindows is a Point of Entry for Burglars in Colorado

This doesn’t mean you can’t have any windows on your garage door, but it is usually wise to ensure thieves don’t have the opportunity to look inside.

Most Denver homeowners will have their car parked in their garage space, among other valuables, so if your windows provide a clear view for prying eyes – they have more incentive to break inside.

With an attached garage door, this can be very dangerous because all they need is an interior door with subpar locks, and they also have entry into your house.

Instead of providing those prying eyes exclusive access to your belongings inside the garage, it keeps things under wraps and more secure.

Consider installing tinted security options to conceal better what is being stored in your garage.

With reliable garage door service in Denver, you have options and can defend your home in a breaking and entry emergency.

opening garage door
Are you in control of who has access to your garage door opener?

Be Weary of Handing Out Garage Door Remote and Keypad Information

Maintaining your home security is just the same as office settings or any form of protection used throughout cities in America.

Burglars are often after money and valuables but aren’t always strangers.

It could possibly be someone that you have a history with waiting for you to head out for a date night or go on that vacation at the end of Summer.

In either situation, stranger or not, to whom you provide your personal information should be well guarded.

It is never a good idea to half-hazardously provide your keypad information or offer your garage door remote to anyone you don’t trust, as it could end up in the wrong hands.

Are you living in a Denver neighborhood that is plagued by garage break-ins?

Contact Ben’s emergency garage door services to set yourself up for safe surroundings and a comfortable home environment.

keep garage door remote secure
Keep your garage door remote secure and in an unsuspecting location like your kitchen drawers

Always Conceal Your Garage Door Remote

There are many ways to control how a garage door open in modern day, but the traditional garage door remote remains highly prevalent.

To prevent burglars from obtaining access to your Denver home, don’t forget about the little things.

It may seem like a no-brainer to keep your garage door remote concealed, but it remains one of the most simple ways for thieves to access your house.

Don’t be too obvious about where you hide your garage door remote; when someone wants to find a primary point of access to your place, they aren’t afraid to look around.

If you can, just bring it inside with you every evening instead of leaving it in your car, as it will always remain in your possession and never in someone else’s hands.

If you are looking to upgrade your current garage door mechanisms, consider upgrading to innovative smart technology with a licensed professional garage door company!

garage door remoteCan You Get into a Locked Garage Door Without a Remote?

Burglars do not need your remote to get into your space because your garage door opener is as good as gold.

Over time, all the parts that make up your garage will begin to age; some things will require garage repair, break down, or even require new installation or replacement.

A manual cable option on every garage door opener system allows the user to pull down for emergency access, and don’t underestimate a thief’s desire to crack the code.

They will search until they find a way to gain access, and when your garage door opener is the first option – a burglar is going to take it.

Sometimes, the most apparent mechanisms are the easiest way for garage break-ins to occur.

well lit garage night
Lights are the bane of every burglar! A well-lit home and garage will bring unwanted attention to any intruder lurking around.

Installing Lights Can Deter Breaking and Entering

The large majority of Coloradans will guess that a high-tech security system will make them better equipped to handle the possibility of a property crime emergency.

But this is only half true, as most burglars are deterred from entering homes when they see the family is present, people are home, the lights are on, and the presence of the security system is stated in plain sight.

Turning on the light or strategically placing a light with motion sensors programmed to go off when a car is entering the driveway or an unwanted visitor is making a break-in attempt is an added layer of security.

Studies have been completed to see how well a security sign will fend off possible predators, and it seems that you may be able to save yourself a call to a Denver garage door repair service and law enforcement by doing so.

garage door left open
A garage door that’s left open, even by a single inch, will delight any potential intruder.

But Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open

Don’t be naive and assume that just because your doors are locked up doesn’t mean that your house is secure in the city of Denver.

Your front door locks may be one of the main entry points for your average thief, but your garage needs the same treatment.

There is nothing like the feeling when you forget to close your garage door properly or can’t quite remember if you did in the first place.

This is a prime opportunity for a thief to walk right in without any hesitation.

They don’t even need to do any breaking to enter, but if you had a more innovative remote system, you wouldn’t ever have to worry again – even if you did forget to shut it on your way out.

Technology is an additional barrier for burglars, creating better garage systems for homeowners nationwide and throughout Colorado.

Local garage door contractors are urging Denverites to consider upgrading their garage door opener to something that sticks with what the times have to offer.

Smart garage door opener options are the newest and most secure ways to ensure your door will automatically close at the click of a button because everything can be controlled from your smart phone or home device!

home securityWill Installing a Sign or Security System Help Prevent Burglars?

Artificial intelligence is enhancing the world around us, and this option is truly a no-brainer when you are searching for any effort to engage in more intelligent home security.

That is not the only way to lock out your average unwanted visitor.

Placing a sign out in your yard or even a community watch statement on the corner of your street signals to intruders that your house is not one to be messed with.

It has been shown repeatedly that these efforts do not go unnoticed by a thief, and they will likely head to the next house available.

Ben’s garage service in Centennial is working to help their friends and neighbors throughout Denver by supplying every option available to defend their homes and businesses.

Our garage door technicians are committed to making Denver homes a place that can feel safe again, to rid all the fears associated with your garage door entry, and reignite how it feels to live in a city that provides residents total security.

garage door opener
Give your garage door opener a routine once over every couple of months to ensure nothing seems amiss

Inspect and Maintain Your Garage Door Opener

A burglar can pick up any traditional lock just as quickly as they can utilize a wire coat hanger to crack open your garage door.

Nowadays, they have become even more savvy in how they are gaining entry into the average home.

Once they are in, they have access to your car, and all of your most prized possessions, so working with licensed garage door servicing representatives for customized solutions is in your best interest for 2024 and the years ahead.

To avoid the invasion of your personal space and garage break-ins, you can work with your garage door technicians to help increase your security.

burglar garage
Don’t make life easy for criminals! Keep your garage door secure and burglars outside!

Prevent Burglars from an Easy Way In

If your doors or garage door opener has been causing you difficulties or there is any question in your mind about the safety of your mechanisms – it is possibly time to call in the experts.

Having the best garage doors, repair options, and continued maintenance options can help to avoid an emergency before it occurs and cause a thief to think twice before attempting to gain entry into your home.

cyber criminalCan Burglars Hack My Garage Door Opener?

Breaking and entry events are all too prevalent in the city, but the suburbs are also at risk of a burglar attack.

Garage door openers are some of the most vulnerable parts of your system that can fall victim to an intruder.

Most residents assume it is interior locks or a lost garage door remote, but a burglar can efficiently utilize a coat hanger or zip tie to crack into your garage and steal what they want.

With 24-hour garage door repairs and install solutions, your house can be upgraded with state-of-the-art opening systems that are not vulnerable to code scanners, the average coat hanger, zip tie, or any invasion tool.

garage door reinforcement
If replacing your garage door is not an option, consider garage door reinforcement on your existing model

Consider Reinforcing Your Garage Door

If you have previously lived in a coastal city or been on vacation to one, you likely know their garage doors are often reinforced to withstand high winds, rain, and extreme elements.

Garage break-ins can be treated in the same regard, and reinforcing your door with a protective shield can withstand even the most eager thief.

Your garage door is built to be solid and last up to 30 years, but this doesn’t mean your house can hide behind it.

When someone is trying hard enough or coming with a crew of people behind them, they can physically pry open the door just like they can pop off a lock.

Instead of providing the option, you can install an emergency protective device that blocks them from being able to reach inside the garage at all using metal plates, which are meant to shield anyone attempting to snag their five-finger discount.

garage door replacement
Your local garage door specialist will replace your garage door in a safe, secure, and swift manner

Local Services Can Assist with the Replacement or Installation

You never have to immediately resort to new garage door installation to secure your car, house, and family from a break-in.

If a protective option seems your best bet, don’t forget to reach out to Ben’s Garage Door Service in Denver.

Our garage door specialists can efficiently install the device so you can forget your worries and anxieties and sleep soundly at night!

garage door old
The tell-tale signs won’t always be so clear! We’ll help you learn when is the best time to replace your old garage doors
garage door installationWhen Should I Install a New Garage Door?

Sometimes, protective devices do not offer homeowners enough peace of mind when attempting to secure a garage door, and this is where Ben’s Aurora garage technicians come into play!

It is up to homeowners to determine when they wish to install new locks, a new garage door, or an opening system, but there are plenty of signifiers that help to signal when the time is right:

  • When your garage has passed its age limit.
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the remote or opening systems, it could be a symptom that something is wrong with your garage door.
  • If your garage door is damaged, cannot lock properly, or has already suffered a break-in, it may be time for something new.
  • If you have noticed that your energy rates and monthly bills are increasing, there may be an issue.
  • It shouldn’t if and when your garage door is making loud noises.
  • Once you spend more money on repairs than you would if you were investing in something new, it is time to sit down with your partner and family members to contemplate how you will choose to move forward.

At Ben’s Garage Door Service, our premium garage door maintenance, emergency services, repair, and replacement options are there to uplift community member’s lives!

garage door secured
Ensure that your garage door is securely locked and bolted once closed

Secure all Locks and Doors that Provide Access to Your Garage Space

To actively block potential burglars from entering your home or garage while working for the day, on vacation for three days, running errands, or perhaps even at home – you have to ensure every door entrance has sufficient locks.

Your garage door will essentially lock itself upon closing to prevent intruders from taking tours through your home.

Still, additional doors, both external and internal, are frequently located in the garage.

Both door options should be thoroughly inspected to ensure every lock mechanism is secure and robust and can withhold anyone with negative intentions.

With Ben’s same-day garage door repair, you have licensed garage experts on your side if you need assistance with your locks, doors, remote, or anything garage-related!

burglar in the bushes
It may sound paranoid, but always assume your home is being coveted by the wrong kind of people. Lock up your garage and doors!

This May Seem Like a No Brainer, But Prying Eyes Are Waiting for the One Day it Doesn’t Happen

Burglars are waiting around for you to trip up.

In our daily lives, we shouldn’t have to spend time ensuring all locks are securely fastened, and every window is shut tight, but that is our reality.

The home is a sacred place, and if you have to invest in garage door replacement, repair, or upgrade your interior door lock, it will always be worth your safety.

You can place a price tag on your belongings, but putting that on your family is impossible.

When they are in the mix, you must invest in high-quality garage door professionals.

burglar robberWhat is the Difference Between a Burglar and Someone Committing a Robbery?

Sometimes, an intruder will hide in plain site on your block, down the street, or at the park – lurking in the shadows waiting for the date they can get them in.

Other times, things are done at random.

But whether you are dealing with a single or double garage door – any point of entry to your home should remain secure.

With the significant rise in property crime and burglars having the ability to gain access to homes with a simple coat hanger, homeowners must understand the difference between what is considered a burglary and a robbery in Colorado.

  • A burglary implies that someone is breaking into your home with or without your knowledge but doesn’t necessarily enter the property to steal something. A burglary is entering any building without permission and may involve physically breaking in or walking into an unsecured entrance without stealing or taking anything.
  • A robbery is when a person breaks into your home and steals your belongings – this can apply to any kind of building or private property. There are different degrees of robberies in the state of Colorado. If the person or persons break in through a locked door and use tools or objects to break in, it may be considered aggravated robbery. If the person is entering a home while children are present, they could endanger those children’s lives, etc.
neighborhood watch
Many homeowners ask a trusted friend or family member to housesit while they are on vacation. This gives burglars the impression that the house remains occupied

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door or House Unattended While on Vacation or a Business Trip

Last but not least, you can’t forget to ensure everything is locked up, your garage remote is with someone you trust, and your household remains secure if you are headed off on vacation!

Sometimes, people with underlying or sinister intentions will lurk around neighborhoods until you take that vacation or go on your weekend getaway – to get in the house while no one is present.

When planning to leave your garage and home, you should never leave it unattended.

  • Consider hiring Highlands Ranch garage door solutions for garage door inspection, upgrades to your garage door or doors, and an opener to ensure there is no chance of a garage break-in.
  • Contact a close friend, family member, and neighbors to keep an eye on your home while you are gone. Choose someone who can stay there and house-sit during your vacation.
  • Make sure all your valuables are stashed away, and if there is anything you cannot imagine living without, take it with you.
  • Be very cautious of what you post on social media or any public sites that people can access easily.
  • Leave your car in your driveway to signify that someone is in the home. Be wary if you do not have someone watching over your place while you are away, though!
  • Keep your indoor and external lights on to deter unwanted visitors from wandering towards your property. Burglars are less likely to enter a home if they believe people are inside.
  • Make sure you have the most updated security system within your budget. Many smart security devices and garage door openers will alert you from your phone if anything is amiss.
If one home is a target, so is the neighborhood. Talk to your neighbours about coming together to tackle security issues and safety

Connect with Residents in Your Neighborhood for Support

The community of Denver is a lovely place.

While it is perfectly normal to be weary of people you don’t know, your neighbors are usually a force to be reckoned with in an emergency.

Reaching out to those around you for support in protecting your space is something humans have been doing for hundreds of years, and now the Mile High State has re-embodied what it means to come together.

Don’t forget that to prevent a burglar from finding their way into your property from your garage, there is an excellent garage door service in Littleton, Lakewood, and Arvada, servicing clients throughout the Denver area.

Leaning on the experts near you can provide:

  • The insight you need to elevate the security of your house.
  • The safety of those you love the most.
  • The continued comforts of the place you have chosen to call home.
garage door installation
Call Bens Garage Door today and our specialists will work with you on securing your home and garage!

Local Garage Door Technicians Can Help

No one wants to spend their entire life focused on the security of their home and garage.

Still, when these elements could possibly contribute against the probability – it is hard to focus on anything else.

Instead of spending your days and nights worrying about the safety of your block, call upon a superior garage door service to do the hard work for you!

From installing a new set of garage doors to general repairs and maintenance – Ben’s Garage Door Service can ensure you are fully equipped to defend your home against any possible intruders.

smart garageContact Ben’s Garage Door Service in Denver for a Free Estimate, Inspection, and Consultation

With garage break-ins on the rise and Denver resident safety at risk, keeping your home a place where you can feel comfortable is Ben’s technician’s top priority.

Our business is dedicated to developing communities that enjoy the convenience of modern garage doors without enduring the epidemic of burglars that has swept through the city.

Ben’s is one of the best garage door company services in the Mile High City, and to avoid breaking happening to you – your door specialists provide free estimates and complete inspections to upgrade your garage space and provide total security for your family and home.