Why is My Garage Door Not Closing All the Way?

Last month, one of our clients living around the Cherry Hills Country Club areas called our offices in distress, claiming her garage door was not closing as expected. Being an emergency, we sent in our team in less than 15 minutes. True to fact, her garage door kept reversing before hitting the floor.

We inspected the doors and diagnosed damaged and rusted garage door rollers. The damaged garage door rollers were causing extra friction, fooling the door opener into stopping prematurely. Our experts replaced her rollers with new ones in good shape and well lubricated. In no time, we completed the repair and left the client calm and even more satisfied.

Greenwood Village Garage Door Repair

Looking for professional garage door services in Greenwood Village? We are the leading garage door company providing professionally unrivaled services in Greenwood Village and the surrounding communities. Call Ben’s Garage Doors if your garage door won’t open, requires service, or you need a new garage door installed.

Ben’s Garage Doors has been serving Greenwood Village residents with garage door sales, installation, repair, and maintenance for over a decade. With such experience and a network of satisfied customers, you can be sure we are the ideal choice when looking for a garage door company.

Ben’s Garage Doors hires well-trained and skilled experts in the art of repairing garage doors. If you have any garage door concerns, do not hesitate to call Ben’s Garage Doors for quick, efficient, and affordable garage door services.

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New Garage Doors Sales and Installation

Are you looking for a new garage door installed in your Greenwood Village home? At Ben’s, we pride ourselves on high-quality garage door installations. We install new garage doors and garage door parts from reputable garage door companies in America.

Ben’s Garage Doors recommends, supplies, and installs high-end garage doors from CHI Overhead Doors, DoorLink, Martin, and Northwest Doors. We can help you choose the perfect garage door for your needs, whether you are looking for glass, metal, glass, non-insulated, insulated, or faux-wood garage doors.

Our garage doors are made with the highest quality materials that guarantee strength and durability. Most importantly, our staff can advise you on taking care of and prolonging your garage door lifespan.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in Greenwood Village, we are confident that our installation services will fulfill your needs and preferences. Call us today if you need a new garage door installed in your Greenwood Village home.

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

A garage door requires several parts working together to ensure normal functioning. The garage door opener is one of the most vital parts of a garage door. If it stops working, chances are you won’t be able to operate your garage door easily. At Ben’s Doors, we provide extensive garage door opener services, including replacement and installation.

If your garage door opener fails, we can install a new opener from Liftmaster. Liftmaster garage door openers are some of the best in the market, leading in durability, performance, and features, unlike other opener brands. All Liftmaster door opener models provide exclusivity when it comes to security and safety features. They also feature various horsepower levels and drive systems for all home and application types.

Diamond Springs

Do you have a broken garage door spring? A garage door spring is a vital component of a garage door that helps the door to stay closed or open. If the door does not open or close, chances are you have a broken garage door spring that needs immediate replacement. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we install high-quality garage door springs from Diamond Springs.

We are a true Liftmaster and Diamond Springs, authorized dealer.

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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

Is your garage door refusing to open? A garage door refusing to open is often a sign of a broken garage door spring. Do you have a damaged roller of garage door off-track situation? Perhaps your garage door has not been maintained since installation.

Ben’s Garage Doors has the best experts in repairing garage doors in Greenwood Village. If your door has gone off-track, our experts will readjust and realign the door expertly. We will attempt quick and efficient repairs on your doors.

However, in some instances, when a broken garage door spring, roller, or any other part is beyond repair, we recommend and conduct replacement services. Our trucks are always packed with ready high-quality garage door replacement parts. Rest assured, we come armed for anything to make the process fast and efficient.

In addition, Ben’s Garage Doors is an expert in maintaining garage doors in Greenwood Village and surrounding communities. If your garage door has never been serviced since installation, it is time to consider having it serviced. Regular garage door maintenance ensures the garage door remains functional and in a good state for years to come.

Call us to schedule professional garage door maintenance in Greenwood Village today.

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Our specialists at Bens Garage Door will bring your garage door into 2024 in style! Call us today!

Hire Ben’s Garage Doors

If you need the best garage door company in Greenwood Village, look no further than Ben’s. We provide quality garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services. Most importantly, we hire experts qualified in installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors to ensure customer satisfaction.

Call us today for professional garage door services in Greenwood Village and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Question in Greenwood Village

How much does it cost to replace a two-car garage door?

On average, garage door installation costs $1,134, with a typical range between $750-$1,560. However, a 2-car garage door costs between $800 to $1,500 to install on average. The price of a new garage door is between $300 to $1,100. Labor costs vary between $200-$300 per unit. However, these prices may vary across different companies offering replacement services.

How long do garage doors last?

Garage door warranties tend to differ and vary from one manufacturer to another. However, most manufacturers typically cover their products for roughly three years. Most experts believe that the average garage door should you between 15 to 30 years. This estimation will depend on several factors such as construction quality, local climate conditions, and maintenance. However, the estimate of longevity is based on the usage of the doors. The better you maintain your garage door, the higher the chances it will outlive its lifespan.