My Garage Door is Irritatingly Loud-What Should I Do?

A few days ago, a local contacted us about her garage door making loud irritating sounds. We sent our experts, who arrived shortly in her home within the Puma Park surroundings. It turned out that the garage door was properly imbalanced from the previous installation. Our experts got to work by readjusting and rebalancing the garage door properly. They also lubricated all the dry parts that would have led to unexpected breakdowns. Our experts also shared some valuable advice to maintain the garage doors to ensure constant proper functioning.

Highlands Ranch Garage Door Repair

Ben’s Garage Doors is a leading garage door repair company providing excellent garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services. Having served the residents of Highland Ranch for over a decade, we believe we are the best at what we do. Ben’s Garage Doors hires well-trained experts in installing, servicing, and repairing garage doors in Highland Ranch and the surrounding communities.

In addition, we partner with top-of-the-line brands to bring quality garage door installations to your Highland Ranch home. Our services are comprehensive and can be customized to meet your demand. Are you looking for the best garage door installation company in Highland Ranch? Do not hesitate to call Ben’s Garage Doors with your custom garage installation needs today.

New Garage Door Sales and Installation Highland Ranch

A new garage door is suitable for curb appeal, security, privacy, and functionality. If your old garage door is damaged beyond repair, consider a complete garage door replacement from Ben’s Garage Doors.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied clients to show for it, we believe our installation services will get you hooked on us.

At Ben’s, we install all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. However, we also supply and install industry-grade garage doors from reputable brands in the market. We recommend, supply, and install high-quality garage doors from Northwest, DoorLink, CHI Overhead Doors, and Martin Doors.

We install different types of garage doors to match different personalities and curb appeal, whether you are looking for glass, metal, wood, faux-wood, insulated, or non-insulated garage doors. We provide you with an unlimited range of options for your choosing. In addition, we only use the highest quality hardware for installation and service, ensuring your garage doors will function smoothly for years to come.

Contact Ben’s Garage Doors for the best garage door installation services in Highland Ranch and the surrounding communities.

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Is your garage door refusing to open? Have you checked the garage door opener? A broken garage door opener is often associated with a garage door refusing to open. Ben’s garage door openers have experts in repairing garage doors and garage door parts.

We can send in an expert to inspect your garage door opener system for signs of damage. If the damage is beyond repair, our expert technicians may recommend replacing the garage door opener system.

garage door repair services
Garage Door Services in Highland Ranch

Ben’s Garage Doors is a Liftmaster authorized dealer. This means that we recommend, supply, and install quality Liftmaster products, including Liftmaster garage door openers in Highland Ranch and the surrounding cities. The Liftmaster garage door openers provide a wide selection in features, performance, and durability compared to other brands in the market. Our Liftmaster garage door opener models offer reliable safety and security features. They also come in various horsepower levels and drive systems for all home and application types.

Diamond Springs Authorized Dealer

We recommend, supply, and install high-quality garage door springs from Diamond Springs. If you have a broken garage door spring, the chances of repair are minimal. As such, we will replace your spring with new and durable springs we source from Diamond Springs.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Highland Ranch

Do you have a broken garage door spring in your Highland Ranch home? Perhaps it is a garage door off-track situation? Or maybe you need your garage door maintained?

Ben’s provides exclusive solutions for such challenges. We are a leading garage door repair company serving residents in Highland Ranch and the surrounding communities.

We provide emergency garage door repair services in urgent situations. A typical garage door breakdown, such as a broken garage door spring, happens during the most unexpected times. We take pride in understanding such situations and providing the necessary solutions to keep your garage door functioning again.

Proper garage maintenance keeps the garage door functional throughout. Based on the findings from our garage door inspections, we will recommend and perform the appropriate course of action.

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Highland Ranch’s Garage Door Technician

Some of the typical garage door problems that Highland Ranch residents face include;

  • Garage door refusing to open
  • Garage door reversing before hitting the ground
  • Loud, unnecessary noises from the garage door parts
  • The garage door is stuck
  • Rusty garage doors.

We provide solutions for such challenges and much more. Call us to find out about all our garage door repair services in Highland Ranch and its environs.

Hire Ben’s Garage Doors

Ben’s Garage Doors is a locally owned and operated garage door company serving residential clients in Highland Ranch. We are also a licensed and insured company with a solid reputation as the experts in installing, servicing, and repairing garage doors. We provide free estimates and affordable prices for our products and services. If you are looking for a new garage door system, do not hesitate to call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions in Highland Ranch

What does it mean when a garage door won’t close?

There are several reasons why your garage door might be refusing to close. Firstly, something could be blocking the door, which is an obvious problem that you should not overlook. A garage door refusing to close could also mean you have faulty safety sensors. Other possible diagnoses include safety sensor misalignment, broken springs, damaged cables, damaged tracks, and door travel limits. Perhaps your door opener is malfunctioning and needs replacement.

What causes a garage door to come off-track?

There are several reasons why your garage door comes off-track, including;

  • The rollers wear out or break
  • One or more lift cables is broken
  • Bent garage door tracks
  • The garage door has suffered a collision.

Daily or weekly routine checks will reduce the chances of your garage doors popping off their tracks at the most unexpected times.