My Garage Door is Irritatingly Loud-What Should I Do?

A few days ago, a local contacted us about her garage door making loud irritating sounds. We sent our experts, who arrived shortly in her home within the Puma Park surroundings. It turned out that the garage door was properly imbalanced from the previous installation. Our experts got to work by readjusting and rebalancing the garage door properly. They also lubricated all the dry parts that would have led to unexpected breakdowns. Our experts also shared some valuable advice to maintain the garage doors to ensure constant proper functioning.

Highlands Ranch Garage Door Repair

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a stunning suburb of the Denver area and has become a thriving space for families, singles, professionals, and all walks of life.

It is a fabulous place for living, working, and playing!

The city has made a name for itself as an ideal suburban space with extraordinary schools for those with children, fabulous dining, exciting event spaces, and a million-and-one things to do.

Homeowners in the area are still subject to the sometimes erratic weather and climate conditions that come with living in Colorado.

Highlands Ranch residents are also grouped in with the rest of the country, with regular breakdowns, the need for garage door spring repair, and the usual culprits.

However, the town has a better solution for garage door repair needs: Ben’s Garage Door Services!

frustrated garage door problems

Are Garage Door Breakdowns Causing Havoc in Your Life?

If you are dealing with a garage door repair situation, it can cause ripple effects throughout your life, household, businesses, ability to commute, safety, etc.

These events can cause so many problems, which can carry additional stress and anxiety to your life and negatively impact your mental and emotional state.

Our Highlands Ranch garage door company is here to provide a hand when the garage door isn’t operating correctly.

As a crew of licensed and experienced garage door techs in the region, our team makes ourselves available 24/7 to ensure the safety of homes, businesses, residents, and their employees.

We pride ourselves on the work and craftmanship we can provide our fellow friends and neighbors in Highlands Ranch and will never leave any stones unturned when it comes to a garage door!

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Our Garage Door Repair Professionals Will be Your Life Saver

Our local garage door repair professionals are committed to providing highly accessible and seamless solutions to residents and business owners in the area.

We understand the significant inconvenience that general garage repairs, a broken garage door spring, or other typical garage door problems can feel like.

Our team is dedicated to supplying the public with excellent service in a timely manner for everything from emergency garage door repair to garage door opener installation projects!

broken garage door spring repair

Snapped Garage Door Springs

Licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals should always complete garage door spring repair.

These garage door service options are risky when working with a business without experience.

Ben’s Garage Door Pros know how to handle garage door springs, assess the damages, and provide a total replacement to get your garage doors back up and running!

The thing is, garage spring repair is what you will see typically advertised by garage door services in Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Denver, Colorado Springs, and neighboring areas.

However, you are not always looking for a door repair service with a broken garage door spring because, once the spring has snapped, Highlands Ranch garage companies will need to complete a total replacement of the device.

garage door opener maintenance-2

Broken Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are a highly critical part of your garage structure, allowing a garage door to find its legs when moving up and down the tracks.

With Ben’s garage door opener repair, you never need to worry again about a broken down opener motor or wiring issues within your unit!

If you notice any of the following problems with your opener, contact our local specialists in Highlands Ranch for assistance:

  • It may not be a broken opener, but your safety sensors are out of alignment or blocked by dirt and debris.
  • You are hearing strange noises coming from the opener.
  • You cannot access the opener through the remote or keypad.
  • The opening mechanism is not responding at all.

garage door roller track

Off-Track Garage Doors in Highlands Ranch, CO

If your garage door falls off track, you are likely going to see the doors shifted to one side or the other, notice shaking during regular operations of the component, and even realize that the garage door springs are working harder than they usually do, causing severe strain on the entire system.

This can be rather dangerous for Highlands Ranch homeowners and business operators.

A garage door can be pushed off its tracks, and with the typical door weighing hundreds of pounds, this is a significant obstacle and hazardous place for home and business owners.

So, instead of figuring out how it broke down, default to the go-to garage door repair experts!

With our team of garage door specialists, you are assured of a safe and reliable track repair man and even replacement options when necessary.

rusted garage door springs

Are Rusted Rollers Causing the Garage Door Problem?

Roller issues are another problem plaguing garage door repair businesses and companies nationwide.

Your rollers are a minor component within a more extensive system, but they must actively work for the rest of your door to function correctly.

And the older things get, the more issues they can cause.

When you first begin noticing any problems caused by door rollers, you can attempt to lubricate the products, but if things persist, then contacting a local garage door repair technician is your only option!

With our garage door company in Highlands Ranch, we have cultivated expertise in every component, mechanism, and structure that goes into garage door systems.

Our team can quickly assist with roller garage door repair or full replacements when your rollers are worn out, rusted, or stripped down to their bones.

garage doors highland springs

Are You Ready for a Set of New Garage Doors in Highlands Ranch, CO?

Having a reputable garage door repair crew is critical for property owners in the city. 

Still, when a simple garage door repair cannot fix the issue, you will need a team of technicians who can support you through the garage door installation or replacement process!

Whether you are considering upgrading to modern garage doors or are tired of preparing yourself for the possibility of another broken garage door with a further need for repairs, our superior garage door installations and replacement options can change your home security, safety, and everyday convenience!

We want to be the only garage door company you choose for garage door repair and installation options in Highlands Ranch.

That is why our team provides free consultations, thorough estimates, and unwavering support as you select garage doors and move through the installation project.

Your new garage door installation cost and fee factors are essential to compare next to what you have set aside and budgeted for the garage door service, but shopping for the perfect set of garage doors is the more enticing part of the process!

Plus, our garage door company will continue to offer premium garage door maintenance options for Highlands Ranch residential and commercial customers!

Do You Need Garage Door Opener Installation?

Garage door openers are the other half of the door; this is true for residential and commercial structures. The door must be lifted manually without a fully functioning opener.

Deciding on a brand-new opener can be challenging without the help of garage door repair and replacement experts in Highlands Ranch.

Ben’s technicians supply comprehensive opener installation tailored to customers’ needs.

Our crew can provide access to modern, smart garage door opening systems and access to all the major brands so you can make additional enhancements to your garage space.

It is not all about the garage door; after all, installing a new LiftMaster is a fantastic way to upgrade the security of your home, oversee who is coming and going even while you are away, set and reset codes, and bring new ways of interacting and prompting your doors operations.

garage door faq-8

FAQS About Your Highlands Ranch Garage Door System

Why isn’t my garage door closing when prompted with the remote or keypad?

The whole point of having an automatic opener system is for things to open and close automatically when prompted by your remote, smart device, or keypad.

When you click the button and nothing happens, you may want to investigate what could happen with your opener and garage doors.

However, if the doors are not responding to your prompts, then one of the following things could be occurring:

  • A garage door may be out of balance or require alignment services in Highlands Ranch, CO.
  • The switch limits may be set wrong, limiting the garage doors’ ability to travel down and close completely.
  • Safety sensors could catch some sun rays, be covered in dirt debris, or be obstructed by something, preventing the garage door from closing and prompting the device to stop before it hits the ground or reverses back to an open position.
  • It may be as simple as loose or faulty wiring systems that need to be repaired or replaced by a garage door repair expert!
  • The power source may have issues going on or need to be reset.
  • The garage door springs may have snapped or broken.

garage door opener remote

Is there a reset button on my garage door opener device?

If you are planning a move, have recently moved in, lost your remote, or are experiencing technical issues with your door opener, most residents in Highlands Ranch, CO, will want to reset the device.

Resetting the mechanism offers additional peace of mind, securing your garage space and, therefore, the rest of the property.

There is a reset button on older and modern openers; they just don’t all look exactly the same.

If you are looking around and don’t see it immediately, try to keep an eye out for a button labeled “Home” or “Learn.”

These settings can vary depending on the manufacturer, so if you aren’t sure about where to look or if the button you have found will reset things, refer to your owner’s manual or contact Ben’s garage door repair technicians for support in resetting your device.

Is new garage door installation services a complicated process?

There are many moving pieces to every garage door installation process, and everyone’s project is individualized for their property.

For customers across Highlands Ranch, installation services should always appear straightforward on paper, but it is rather complex for the technicians completing the labor.

New garage door installation is not just about the garage doors; you must account for all the other moving pieces, from the garage door springs to the rollers, cables, and perhaps even your opener component!

Garage door techs must follow specific safety procedures, adapt to unique circumstances, and use their knowledge and precision to complete the service.

Should I have an insulated door in Highlands Ranch?

Having an insulated garage door in Highlands Ranch is essentially a non-negotiable for homeowners to get through Winters in the Centennial State.

The insulation can prevent the need for repair services, protecting the opener, springs, cables, drum, etc.

Opting to insulate garage doors comes with many benefits, and it’s all a part of embracing and bracing garage doors for the Colorado cold!

  • By insulating a garage door, you will increase the home’s value and interest from potential buyers in the future. They often ask about this in Highlands Ranch and throughout the Denver metroplex.
  • You will have a warm, climate-controlled garage space all winter long, enough for Highlands Ranch residents not to pass up!
  • Insulation can also help reduce unwanted noise from outside the home. It creates quieter operations all around!
  • The garage door insulation will also help increase your unit’s overall durability and strength.
  • You can always be sure that your cars, motorcycles, and everything kept behind the garage door is in a safe space protected by your insulated garage door.
  • There are many insulation options available. Contact Ben’s technicians to discuss those options and request a free estimate for your home’s garage doors!

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Contact Our Team of Technicians to Request Your Free Estimate on Garage Door Repairs

With Ben’s garage door repair solutions, we are dedicated to assisting residents and business owners in our community with the best options available to meet all garage door needs.

In contacting our office, you can learn more about our garage door services, schedule a same-day service appointment, get a free consultation, and quote all in one simple phone call!

Ben’s Garage Door Services is the leading provider in Highlands Ranch and has continued to develop a reputation built on our work, skill, and dedication to the craft.

Whether you are sitting at home with a broken garage door spring, are pondering a complete replacement for your old wood garage doors, or need a commercial garage door system diagnostic, our professional technicians are here to serve you!

Client Reviews in Highlands Ranch, CO

personaThe team was available for all our garage door repair needs, even on a Saturday night!

“I was in my vehicle, ready to go pick up my daughter from an event she had going on, but my garage door was not operating at all.

I turned to Ben’s technicians as they provided the most prompt service, and in just a couple of minutes, they had resolved the issue, and I was on the road!”

Abraham & Alani G. Highlands Ranch, CO

personaAmazing garage door installations in Highlands Ranch!

“When I moved into our new place from Commerce City, a pair of wood garage doors were unflattering and didn’t suit the property.

I was excited to make the changes and even more pleased with the great service I received from this team.

The installation services were seamless and entirely stress-free!”

Asher R. Highlands Ranch, CO

personaThe perfect crew showed up when our garage door spring broke!

“My entire day seemed soiled by a broken spring, so I called different garage door companies in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, for help.

We initially reached out to Don’s Garage Doors but ended up booking with Ben’s because of their fast response time and friendly service options.

Sammi & Will B. Highlands Ranch, CO

personaGreat customer service and support through our garage damages!

“Following a major spring storm with high winds, we had multiple garage door panels damaged to the point I wasn’t sure the structure would continue being useful to our household.

These garage door experts were able to provide a free consultation, provide a straightforward quote, and make repairs to our garage door panels all on the same day!”

Kasten & Danielle T. Highlands Ranch, CO

personaThe only garage door company our family will ever use!

“We have been through garage door repairs before but never in the Highlands Ranch area.

I was referred to Ben’s when we required a garage door service to help replace our cables.

I was delighted by their professionalism, as they did an excellent job, and this is now the only company I will ever use!”

The Flores Family Highlands Ranch, CO

personaOur garage door’s bent track for Ben’s professional technicians!

“The garage doors were shaking and falling, and I noticed a bent track on the lefthand side of the unit.

I am so thankful to Ben’s garage door services in Highlands Ranch for offering same-day service and am completely satisfied with our track repairs!”

Erika S. Highlands Ranch, CO

personaQuick response to our emergency services for our Highlands Ranch home!

“I was heading out for the evening, and my garage door wouldn’t move.

My neighbor suggested I contact Ben’s Garage Door Repair, and I couldn’t be happier with the suggestion, as they got there in under an hour and provided awesome service!”

Vicki T. Highlands Ranch, CO