The overall cost of the 2022 garage door installation will be influenced by the size of the garage itself and the configuration you select for your door or doors. Larger garages such as those designed to hold more than a single vehicle will have more options available. You can go for a double door that will be wide enough to expose the entire garage once opened or have two separate single-car doors that only open up a single car space at a time. It’s all up to you, but these decisions will come with varying prices attached to them.

How Configuration Affects Garage Door Pricing

Single Garage Door Pricing

For smaller households, a single garage door should provide ample space. A vehicle will comfortably fit inside, and there will be room enough for tools and other belongings that might not be suited for storage in the main house.

Many families will be able to make do with this setup, but larger families might be comfortably accommodated by fitting two single doors next to each other. This will effectively divide a relatively larger garage space into two zones. The ideal garage size for this type of configuration will be a garage space that is 22 feet wide at the minimum. To have this installed, you can expect to pay an average cost ranging between $660 and $1,650.

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Double Garage Door Pricing

Double garage doors are suitable installations where the garage width is at least 18 feet. It is a convenient configuration in terms of accessibility, making it an excellent choice for larger families with children who need to use car seats. The elderly will also be well-served by such a setup as they may need more space to safely maneuver when getting into and out of their vehicles. The average pricing range for double garage door configurations is between $880 and $3,850.

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Custom Garage Door Pricing

There will be quite a few more factors to consider when installing custom garage doors (those specially designed to your specifications). The foremost consideration will be how it may impact the value of your home in the long term. No matter how great a fit you believe you might have found, you should ask yourself whether it is suitable for the area you happen to live in, what your energy-efficiency requirements are, and whether it jives with the existing aesthetics of your home.

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You will then need to look at what it will cost you to install and what you would be willing to pay. Custom garage door pricing can be expected to range anywhere from $1,650 to $8,800, depending on the particular design, dimensions, and materials to be used.

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Pricing Garage Doors According to Size

The fact that each home is different will mean that garage doors will not be alike across the board. Homeowners will need to consider the size required to serve your garage space adequately. The most common dimensions and their average pricing is as follows:

garage door sizes

8′ x 7′ Garage Door Pricing

This makes for a great option where small families of couples are involved. Suitable for a single car, there will still be plenty of room for owners to store their knick-knacks and other possessions. What makes this option attractive, however, is the pricing. You can have them from about $440 to $990.

9′ x 9′ Garage Door Pricing

These dimensions allow for the storage of a single vehicle, be it a sedan or a larger type of truck or SUV. Go for this if you desire even more storage space besides making them suitable for couples and smaller families to fit in with ease. Pricing here will be slightly higher, ranging from $490 to $1,100.

10′ x 10′ Garage Door Pricing

These doors offer the significant benefit of a larger overhead space in addition to the increased width. The overhead capacity is excellent for storing bicycles, canoes, tools, and various other items you might want to be kept secure. Lifted trucks and taller vehicles will also fit in just fine. You can expect to pay anywhere from $530 to $1,200 for these doors.

12′ x 7′ Garage Door Pricing

Though somewhat shorter, these types of doors will comfortably accommodate two vehicles at once, making them a great option for 2-car households. A single-car household will have an even greater amount of space for their storage needs. You can expect to get these doors for a price of about $550 to $1,400.

12′ x 12′ Garage Door Pricing

Aside from the spacious width and storage space that these doors offer, what makes them stand out is the headroom they offer homeowners. You will be not only able to park lifted vehicles with ease but also outsize vehicles or attachments such as trailers here at a cost ranging from $660 to $1,650.

16′ x 7′ Garage Door Pricing

For maximum spaciousness when it comes to fitting multiple cars in your garage, these doors are hard to beat. You will also enjoy a much more comprehensive range of style or design options to choose from here according to your particular taste.

The higher upfront cost is made up for by the sheer variety of flexibility and advanced features made possible by the width of these doors, which can be had for prices ranging between $700 and $3,900 on average.

16′ x 8′ Garage Door Pricing

You will get even more overhead space here in addition to their spacious width. This makes these doors an excellent option for those looking to store trucks, trailers, or SUVs while still having enough room to store various other items in their garages. Pricing here is not too far beyond the cost of the 16′ x 7′ option, with these ranging anywhere between $770 and $5,500.

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