How to Choose a Garage Door Installer in Denver: What to Look For

Garage doors are the most common entrance for residential homeowners in Denver, CO, and nationwide. It provides easy access to your house for your family and approved visitors while protecting against strangers and those you do not want inside your home. When things with your garage door goes awry, you are then plagued with the decision to get the component repaired or opt for a total replacement and installation services. Customers often have difficulty with this process, and while making that choice is not always an immediate ask, the only way to resolve any problem is by addressing it head-on.

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Locating the Perfect Garage Door Company for Garage Door Installation

When you are considering getting a garage door installed, it can be a challenging decision, but once you have decided a new door is required, you are likely on the hunt for an excellent service at a fair price. A few factors will influence your decision, but in the end – most people just want a garage door running smoothly due to high-quality work completed in a timely manner. That is not too much to ask because when you are paying for a garage door installation service, working with the right garage door company for the job is essential to the success of the process and your personal experience throughout those procedures. Garage door professionals in Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, Centennial, Arvada, Lone Tree, and the Denver area – but the top garage door companies will share a few things.

garage door repair thornton coLocally Owned and Operated Garage Door Companies in Denver, CO

Deciding on new doors is one thing; choosing the best garage door for your house is another, but hiring the perfect garage door company in Denver, CO, is probably the most crucial step in securing a positive experience. Garage doors provide defense and protection for your home and family, and a broken garage door opener, damaged garage door, or any related issues can be increasingly frustrating. The easiest and most efficient way of securing new garage doors is by reviewing locally owned and operated garage door installation companies within your community. Knowing how to and which business is the best for your garage door service takes a little more work. You cannot simply click on the first place that comes up on Google, offering a good deal – because you cannot necessarily expect great service if you cannot verify their experience level, licensing, insurance, and competence for the job. Many companies in Denver, CO, Centennial, Lone Tree, and the surrounding areas advertise significant promises; however, not everything you see online is real. It is a clear choice: garage doors are not always something residential homeowners have knowledge or experience dealing with.

garage door installation services thornton coGarage Doors & Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Garage door repair can often be completed on the same day requested, and depending on the fix required, it may only take a couple of hours to finish. It is always a sound decision to work closely with your garage door professionals, no matter what fixing you need, but sometimes a replacement is necessary to get the job done right. It is not always a clear choice; residential homeowners do not typically have detailed knowledge or experience dealing with garage doors. You will better understand the project’s scope once professionals evaluate the problem. Every garage door installation service is generally compared with the possibility of repairs and attempts to salvage the garage door or garage door opener before immediately resorting to a new door.

decidingDeciding on New Garage Doors?

If you still can’t decide, requesting a free estimate from a reliable, affordable, and dependable company is in your best interest. Locating a garage door installer or multiple professionals to gain multiple estimates allows customers to evaluate their budget, the job at hand, and all possible conclusions. Having a great experience hinges on the competence and expertise of your garage door services, and when you opt-in for new garage door installation in Denver, CO, you will likely want to secure the best garage door for your house.

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Garage Door Service in Denver, CO

Often, before replacement, there are several situations homeowners find themselves in. Every garage door project is different, just as every household and their needs will differ according to the end goal. Every garage door service requires a realistic estimate and evaluation of the garage door repair, replacement, installation, or suggested service required. It should also include a complete consultation from the garage door company and an itemized list of everything included in the service. Your technicians should be able to answer any questions and provide great communication regarding scheduling and the entire timeline for those services. Every job is different, but there are specific standards garage door companies in Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Lakewood, and all across Colorado should adhere to as they conduct business and provide those services.

New garage door repairGeneral Garage Door Repair

There are many different companies offering garage door repairs and services, like Don’s Garage Doors or International Door Association – so on and so forth; there are often several companies in Denver, CO, eager to fix your issues and provide repairs for your business or residential property – but scoping out the top garage door companies are just as crucial for repairs. You may go into something thinking it feels affordable and exit the situation with more repairs than what you started with. Residential & commercial garage door repairs both require a very different skill set. If you are not working with licensed, insured technicians, you cannot expect the job to be completed properly. Before your garage door reaches the point of needing replacement, you may experience issues such as:

  • Broken Cables or Broken Springs
  • Worn-out Garage Door Hardware
  • Damaged Garage Door Rollers
  • Garage Door Misaligned or Off-track
  • Garage Door Not Opening or Closing
  • Garage Door Opener Malfunction

For an average garage door repair service in Denver, CO, you may spend anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00. If you have a more extensive repair or multiple repairs, your estimate should be itemized by the garage door service and repair required.

garage door openerBroken Garage Door Opener

All my questions and all of your questions about garage door openers and how they work may be very different from each other. This is where a reputable, locally owned garage door service can put their experience to work. Garage door opener repair and other garage services in Denver, CO, are required when experiencing difficulty with your opener system – it may even require garage door opener installation. A professional garage door company must examine what is happening with your opener mechanism to determine if repairs or replacement is necessary. The most common problems with garage door openers are as follows:

  • The garage door remote and/or keypad are not working correctly.
  • Issues with garage door rollers may require replacement.
  • The garage door openers motor malfunctions.
  • The garage door opener motor requires total replacement.
  • Garage door springs need replacement due to damage or snapping.

The overage garage door opener repair service can cost about $150.00 to $400.00, but if you require garage door opener installation, that is priced according to the type of opener.

authorized by diamond springsDamaged Garage Door Springs

The spring on garage door is more important than you may think. Customers do not often consider all the interworking components that make their garage doors open and shut safely. When an element is out of order or malfunctioning, garage door installation companies in Denver, CO, are there to offer a complete investigation, estimate, and solutions, whether that be garage door repair or comprehensive replacement services. Garage door springs play a prominent role in the operation and consistent functioning of your garage doors; they are there to help raise and lower them every time the function is requested. They are the ones ensuring everything is working efficiently and safely. There are two primary types of springs – extension and torsion. Extension springs are usually mounted on the garage doors track, and they work as a cable and pulley system torsion are located on the header wall area and use a three-pronged system to operate. If your garage doors springs break, then it is typically something you will want to add to the list of garage door needs immediately. Common problems customers see are as follows:

  • General aging and typical wear and tear can cause the springs to become brittle and even snap.
  • Springs can also rust easily, which you can keep an eye out for before things move past the post of no return.
  • Ignoring your garage door maintenance can cause issues with your springs, as they bear a lot of weight and require a lot of power.

Garage door spring replacement cost will average from $350 to $450 – this is not typically a pricey garage door repair service. Still, it is vital to the continued function of your garage doors.

maintenanceGarage Door Maintenance

Garage door repair services can cost you, and when you are dealing with aging systems that are not adequately maintained, you may end up with more repairs than you can handle. Sometimes, installing a new garage door is the only answer, but when you complete those services and have the best garage door, residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike need to adhere to continued maintenance of those garage doors. There are so many garage doors to choose from, but whether you have steel doors, composite doors, etc., your garage door needs will remain, and you must prioritize maintenance. As home and business owners in Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, and all over the Mile High, it is your job to keep the safety and security of your family and employees intact. Regardless, we maintain our business and households, so why would your garage door be any different? Our cars require continued upkeep, our relationships need maintenance, and our professional development does, too – garage doors do as well. When you pay a locally owned and operated company to provide excellent quality work and new garage door installation, you will want to maintain that investment for as long as possible. Generally speaking, most garage door installation companies will also offer maintenance services following the installation, so don’t be afraid to ask about your options moving forward!

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Call us today and schedule your garage door spring replacement!

Choosing from the Top Garage Door Companies in Denver, CO

Garage doors and garage door installation is a significant project that is meant to improve the quality of your life, household, or business in Denver, CO. When you embark on a journey to have a new garage door installed; you will want the very best garage door installation companies in your community to guide you through the process. To find a business that suits all your garage door needs, there are a few factors to consider before agreeing to the installation services.

online researchDo Your Research & Evaluate Your Garage Door Needs

It is your job to review every business before you invite them to your home, around your family, or workplace. Garage doors are usually meant to keep strangers out, but in this instance, customers are typically looking for a company that they can trust and depend on. You must put in a little work to ensure great service, reliable technicians, and a newly working garage door. Garage door installation companies in Denver, CO, are everywhere; choosing the right one will make all the difference. Start by doing some research of your own on garage door installation, the process, timeline, how it works, and what goes into it. This is not a simple garage door repair service in Denver; it is a complete installation project. The sooner you evaluate your needs and the possibilities, the easier it is to find a local company that will work for you. Look into the credibility, licensing, insurance, and previous customer reviews – do people report an excellent job? Are there formal complaints? Were these companies able to fix the issue at hand? Compile a list of questions according to your priorities to narrow down a few Denver companies you can request estimates.

referralsAsk Around for Garage Door Installation Companies and Referrals

Ensuring a background-checked business provides peace of mind for customers in Denver, but there is nothing like a first-hand background-checked referral from a close friend or family member! Every garage door installation service is different, but that doesn’t mean that the recent garage door repair your next-door neighbor did cannot accurately detail the excellent service they received. Asking around to people you know allows you to get a first-person description of the garage door repair or installation service, how the process felt, pricing, professionalism, etc. This is the most convenient way to vet a garage door installation company in Denver, and there is no better way to book a business. Referrals spread through word of mouth, but this is how many garage door companies have built their business, and when something is good enough for customers to talk about and pass along, it will likely suit you, and all your garage door needs just the same!

estimatesRequest Multiple Estimates to Compare Companies in Denver, CO

You never have to put all of your biscuits into one basket; if you are interested in something you have seen about Don’s Garage doors online but a close friend of yours recently did a garage door installation service in Denver they are recommending, you can reach out to both and even more local companies for your free garage door installation estimate! By retrieving multiple estimates, you will also receive various points of view and possible solutions for your garage doors. You will also gain a complete perspective of the company’s level of communication, customer service, general licensing and insurance information, and pricing for the garage door installation service. Denver locals should always give themselves the gift of options, especially before you install anything new for your household or business. You then can sit down and evaluate each quote, provide the pros and cons, and make an informed decision about the right company for you!

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Checking each businesses credentials is important before making your choice!

business licenseEnsure The Business is Background Checked Before the Job

Googling ‘garage door servicing near me‘ doesn’t give you all the information you will instantly need; it only provides a list of company options in Denver, Lakewood, or whatever set metro area you are in. Looking into the proper licensing, insurance, and certifications of your garage door installation company is the most critical step in choosing the right one. Licensing is in place for garage door installation businesses to keep a standard of what is required from everyone in the Denver area.

It protects the company and the customers – as a business will not hire a qualified technician to fix and provide garage doors service, just as a homeowner would not want to pay for a service that a technician cannot provide. You can verify all licensing information using the Denver, Colorado’s state website and further review things with the Better Business Bureau. Committing to garage door installation is a significant investment, and you want to invest in an insured company. Insurance is there again to protect consumers and businesses if anything goes wrong or an accident occurs. You are not covered in either instance without legitimate and state-regulated liability insurance. Ask your garage door installation representative to provide you with a copy of their official insurance before you agree to any service.

top garage door servicesEvaluate for Excellent Customer Service from Technicians

Great customer service should always be expected with any of your garage door needs and any kind of home improvement project! You should expect excellent customer service, and you can typically get to know a company through the consultation process, discussing garage door repair or garage door service. When it isn’t a clear choice, garage doors companies should assist you from point A to Z and provide a full explanation for every service they suggest. All your garage door questions should be answered by a legitimate customer service team and the technicians present to provide the installation services. When you have people you are working with who bring a sense of pride, expertise, and professionalism to their craft – garage door installation or repair services will get done right. Companies that provide contact information for a customer service team generally have a better line of communication because you can always reach out to their garage door experts to resolve any issues or questions.

intuitionListen to Your Intuition Before Starting Your Garage Door Project

Garage door installation companies will cater to all your garage door needs, and sometimes, you will run into a Denver company that just seems to be off or too good to be true. When you have a gut feeling about something from a general garage door repair or any home improvement project, there is usually a good reason. It is far too often that people ignore those feelings, fears, and emotions and instead push into installing their garage doors and garage door repair services – this is never the correct answer. If something isn’t sitting right with you, ask questions, as that is the only way to get answers. Do your due diligence to be an informed, responsible consumer to ensure you invest in a sound garage door installation with a trustworthy garage door company in Denver that will stand behind those services.

repair or replace garage door opener

Garage Door Repair Vs. Garage Door Installation

Garage door repair services are very different from a complete garage door installation. Garage doors can often be overlooked by home and business owners. Still, when your garage doors aren’t working correctly, or you experience a total breakdown – you are forced to take a closer look at what is happening, troubleshoot the circumstances, and then contact a Denver garage door company that can help repair or install garage doors! Fixing something is one thing; having a brand new set of garage doors installed is a much larger, more significant protection, but either way, the company you work with will be integral in both or either solution. Before you contact the professionals and get some garage doors installed – it is essential to assess the current condition, problems, safety, and structure of your garage doors.

garage door technicianAllow Your Garage Door Technicians to Investigate the Garage Door Damage

Nowadays, we have the whole world at our fingertips, and it is simple to Google – garage door repair near me when you suspect your garage doors are damaged or are blatantly experiencing technical or structural difficulties. Denver garage door installation companies are the key element to quality repair, installation, and maintenance for your garage doors, springs, openers, etc. There comes a point when your garage doors are past the point of repair. Still, Denver homeowners cannot always quickly determine that, nor the difference between the finer details with door openers, springs, and other structure components.

The large majority of garage doors will last anywhere from approximately 15 to 30 years or more – the lifespan depends on its regular use, competency of all components (openers, springs, cables, etc.), maintenance, repair, and upkeep. The mechanisms that keep your garage doors rolling up and down daily do not always have a similar lifespan – garage door openers may require repair, the rollers may need maintenance, and everything needs the same care. The garage doors torsion system is a prime factor in its operations. Still, they generally only last approximately 20,000 cycles and could require repair or replacement before the garage door needs intervention.

garage door cost iconUnderstanding the Cost of Your New Garage Door & New Garage Door Openers

When something goes wrong or issues arise with your garage doors, most Denver residents immediately consider the cost and how it will affect their household and budget. With the cost of living in Denver rising to an astronomical rate – many Colorodans and business owners are amidst challenging times and must live their lives according to a strict budget to provide and survive. When any kind of unexpected inconvenience comes up, it can sometimes be catastrophic – unless you find an affordable garage door company to help with all your garage door needs! There are always options and better solutions whether you require repair or replacement. Dealing with faulty or malfunctioning openers is frustrating. When this happens, you don’t always need to replace the entire system along with it. The average cost of new door openers depends on the brand and company you work with, but it seems that most Denver homeowners report anywhere from $400.00 to $850.00, and those openers will last you a decade!

Replacing or having your garage doors installed is a larger project. While openers do not have the same lifespan as the door itself, when you choose to install new garage doors, it is a responsible idea to opt for a new opener system and all structural components. The cost of installation, again, depends on the company you choose to work with and the doors you land on. Composite doors will not be priced the same as steel doors – just as a double garage would cost more than a single. On average, for a single-family household with a two-car garage door, installation costs $1,500 to $6,000 – and the price can vary further for larger projects with higher-end materials.

The Age of Your Garage Door Matters, Along With Many Other Elements

Garage doors are a machine, and they cannot last forever. As stated, most garage doors will live to about 20 to 30 years when the homeowner repair as needed and sticks to the necessary maintenance. When you are hoping just to find garage door opener repair near me but realize that a replacement is necessary, there are a few things you should watch for…

  • Garage doors that have damage that is beyond repair or significant damage that would require repair that is similar to the cost of a replacement.
  • Your garage door is no longer opening or closing correctly. Is your door getting stuck halfway through its processes? Is your garage door simply not opening at all? This safety hazard for yourself and your family requires immediate attention and replacement.
  • Aging garage doors can increase the cost of your household energy bills. If this is something that you have noticed, then it may be time to reassess your current garage door and consider a Denver garage door company to come in for a new installation.
  • Have you seen loud, unusual, or funny noises from your garage door? This should signal Denver homeowners that something is seriously wrong, and your garage doors could be experiencing their final days.
  • Sometimes, your garage doors just don’t fit your current aesthetic. Perhaps you are undergoing a complete home remodel and simply want the exterior to match the interior. Upgrading your garage doors will provide a cohesive look and feel to your home, increasing the value and general interest of future potential buyers.

investmentUpgrading Garage Doors in the Denver Area is an Investment

Denver residents and business owners alike will always benefit from an install as they elevate their space. Sometimes, you just want to upgrade your home’s look and general appeal! Garage door installation is an investment in your space, investing financially but also investing in additional security, safety, and comfort. Garage doors have reached the forefront of replacement value, and those who choose to undergo a full garage door installation service in Denver, CO, can see as much as a 98% return on investment for an upscale garage! Putting time, energy, and money into your home will pay off, literally and physically!

residential garage door services thontonChoosing the Best Garage Door for Your House

Deciding on the type of garage door installation is the fun part – this is when Denver home and business owners get to show their creative side. This depends on your and the current garage space layout because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for garage doors. It is always better to team up with professionals on the materials and system. If you have a room directly above your garage, you may select more modern, quiet openers, and the door materials depend on that mechanism.

garage door maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance is Vital Following Residential Installation

Once the installation has been conquered with the help of local techs in Denver – all your garage door needs is a little TLC! Maintenance must be prioritized to keep up with the complex systems at work. If you neglect maintenance, your doors won’t last as long, as there are many benefits to the upkeep of your garage system. When you complete installation services with a garage door company, they will likely offer maintenance on the door and future plans to maintain the quality of your new doors!

Professionals Are There to Fix Issues Before They Begin, Keeping Your House and Family Safe

Bringing in trusted professionals to maintain your doors is also a commitment to the safety of your system. When specific issues arise, the repair requires same-day services because of the danger it poses to the household. When you bring in a local garage door company in Denver once a year, their team will complete a full inspection, and if there is a repair needed, you can catch it before the issue worsens or creates other problems within the system.

Garage Door Maintenance Maximizes Its Life Span

We generally provide our possessions maintenance – we wash and dry clean our clothing, get oil and fluid changes for vehicles, and all of this is to expand the use of these objects because, without the upkeep, clothing will become stained and tattered – cars can physically break down, etc. Garage doors are no different, and when you put the maintenance in, you can increase the lifespan of your garage by almost a decade!

Prevents More Costly Repairs

Catching problems before they get out of hand is essential, and inviting a reputable company to inspect and repair the issues is the best solution. When you ignore or neglect the general maintenance required, you may incur costly repairs and even a problem that leaves your system inoperable. This is the last thing most homeowners want or need, which is why annual inspections and maintenance are vital to your garage doors.

Allows You to Take Advantage of Your Garage Door Installation Warranty

When you locate a garage doors company near me to assist with your garage door installation, reviewing the insurance and warranty behind the project is critical. Most companies will provide a labor warranty, and the materials may be separate depending on the chosen system. Take advantage of what is available to you; don’t allow a warranty to expire before you can benefit from it!

bens garage door truck
Ben’s Garage Door are the leading experts in garage door repairs and replacements across the Denver area!

Ben’s Garage & Gate Supply – The Denver Area Professionals for Garage Door Installation, Repair Service and Maintenance

The Mile High City and its residents deserve the best of the best – when it comes to garage door repairs, installation, or maintenance. While it can be overwhelming to choose from, Denver’s go-to garage experts are right around the corner and always available to assist with any of your garage door needs! Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply offers premium installation services for residential and commercial clients. Ben’s is locally owned, family-operated in Colorado, and proud and happy to serve their friends, neighbors, and fellow businesses with repairs, installations, and general maintenance! Having experts to rely on is essential to the success of your installation project, necessary repairs, and the continued upkeep of your garage!

call usContact the Experts for a Free Estimate & the Very Best Garage Door Installation Services in Denver, CO

When you seek out garage door installation near me in Denver, CO, remember you don’t have to look too hard. Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply offers free estimates on installation inquiries and any garage door service. Ben’s is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and supplies a personal certified technician to provide a thorough inspection of your garage door and a complete consultation of your wants, needs, and vision. Ben’s also has a full-service customer service team to answer your questions and offer care and support through your installation project. When you are ready to move forward with garage door installation, require repairs, or simple maintenance – contact Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Denver, CO, for your free quote, customizable services, and elite garage door solutions!

Liftmaster chain drive opener

Residents in Denver Also Ask

decisionsWhat is the difference between LiftMaster and Raynor?

Garage door companies in Denver are there to answer your questions and provide support. When you have entered a project for your garage doors, it’s likely sorting through all the brands available for the inter-workings can quickly become overwhelming. LiftMaster is likely one of the more common garage door opener brands. They have established their brand as one customers praised and pushed the evolution of their products with MyQ and remote and smartphone access. Raynor is a different brand but offers reliable openers and gorgeous garage doors. They are compatible with one another, so if you cannot decide between the two, then you can choose both!

trained team thornton coHow many people does it take to install a garage door?

It may be tempting to DIY an installation project by hiring a garage door company nearby. However, this is far from easy and requires technicians with legitimate knowledge, licensing, and experience. The answer to this question depends on the size and scope of the project. Replacing a standard 14″ requires at least two people to provide quality and precision throughout the process, but having a third technician wouldn’t hurt. The larger the installation, the more techs you need for the job! Professional companies like Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply will always ensure they send a complete crew and a foreman on site, equipped to provide superior installation services!

garage door cable
Installing the door itself is relatively easy compared to ensuring all the inner workings, such as cables, are in place!

faqWhat is the toughest part of installing a garage door?

Garage doors are very different from regular ones; they are large, heavy, and complex. Generally, the most challenging part of the installation process is the more minor details involved, as they require more technical skill and knowledge. The springs are one of the most difficult components as they are quite dangerous if not installed correctly and can cause issues for the user. Others may say the rollers and tracks can also be tricky as the rollers require focus and attention to every last bolt, and the tracks have to be pieced together flawlessly. Of course, any garage door specialist can complete this quickly and efficiently!

don't diyCan I install a new garage door myself?

The DIY craze has died since the nationwide public health emergency and lockdown orders have been released. However, when you are looking for garage repair near me or hoping to install a door yourself, you should think again before any attempts. If you want a fully functional and gorgeous garage door, you will need a team of experts to complete the installation process. It is physically impossible for one person to install garage doors, let alone someone without prior knowledge, skills, or proper tools. It is also highly dangerous to enter a project like that as you could physically hurt yourself or further damage your garage. Before trying to do it yourself, reach out to Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply for a crew of professionals – they can swiftly provide a reasonable quote, work through the details, and complete the installation!

betterIs LiftMaster and Chamberlain better?

This debate has been going on for quite a while, and in the end, it likely comes down to personal needs and preferences, but when looking into the finer details of both brands – there may be one that reigns superior. Chamberlain offers both opener and door systems that are modern and operate for lighter doors, which is fabulous for homeowners with basic garage door needs. However, it is not a go-to option for larger projects and commercial use. LiftMaster has established a name for itself and offers both residential and commercial options with legitimate power, technology, and long-lasting solutions – it is likely LiftMaster is the better option, but that certainly depends on your wants and needs.

Regardless of which brand you land on, garage door installation services are something Denver residents and business owners will always need. When you are inquiring about repair or install – reach out to Colorado’s best, Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply, because we are a company that is one mile high above the rest!