Previously we’ve spoken about the wall mount and belt drive garage door openers. Today we are going to explore the chain drive and the smart garage door openers. What are they, and does it fit your garage door. Let’s dive in.

Liftmaster’s Chain Drive and the Smart Garage door openers

Liftmaster’s Chain Drive Garage Door openers

The power of a LiftMaster chain drive garage door opener is in its reliability. With the ability to open heavy doors and operate frequently used vehicles, these reliable devices will be sure to help you through your day (or night)!

wifi garage door opener
Wi-fi remotes offer more seamless linking between you and your garage door opener


8160WB Chain Drive with Wi-Fi

The 8160WB is a durable yet straightforward chain-drive garage door opener by Liftmaster. There are no fancy cameras or LED lighting, but it has the necessary functionality to run any garage door smoothly and quietly.

With a battery backup, as some states require, soft start & stop, and a smartphone control app, you still get one year of warranty for the chain, parts, and accessories. The motor itself has a 4-year warranty with no lights turning on when your vehicle enters the garage or auto-timer to close the doors or security lock.

You can add an 893LM 3-buttons garage door remote to hang on the wall. Additionally, you should order the 485LM backup battery when your battery is gone.

8587W – The power of the chain

Liftmaster chain drive opener
Liftmaster is one of the leading brands in chain-powered garage door openers


With no Battery backup or soft start/stop option, the 8587 is stronger by 50% than all standards half HP. It is also equipped with MyQ technology, which means you can open, close, or stop your garage door from any location using a smartphone app or the MyQ website. The 8587W has weather-resistant housing and comes with a lifetime motor warranty, a 5-year parts warranty, and 1-year accessories.

Liftmaster’s 8587W heavy-duty garage door openers are perfect for those who need a powerful and reliable opener. With its i-beam rail system, this product will easily lift any type or weight of doors!

The 8587W is a great product that supports Amazon Key.

8010- Simple yet powerful

liftmaster garage door opener
Sometimes the no-thrills economic option is the best

The 8010 is an extremely quiet and powerful automatic garage door opener. With a 1-year motor warranty, 1-year parts warranty, and 1-year accessories (remote control) warranty, this product will make your everyday lives easier!

It’s a straightforward garage door opener with no timer to close the door automatically or smartphone control. No light will turn on when a vehicle enters the door and no battery backup. But this is the cheapest essential garage door opener that Liftmaster offers.

In order to make your garage door controlled by a smartphone, you’ll have to purchase the myQ Smart Garage Hub, which is not included.

The lack of a backup battery is illegal in some states, such as California.

From July 1, 2019, all-new garage door openers in California will need to be equipped with battery backup. The state legislature has proposed this law. It is set for implementation on this date according to SB-969, which was passed last year after extensive debate about how safe our homes can feel without these extra precautions taken when there are power outages or other tragedies strikes!

84602 – The Smart Openers’ Leader

sophisticated Liftmaster garage door opener

And from the basic, straight to the top of all smart garage door openers – The Liftmaster’s 84602!

Name it. You got it.

  • Lights turn on automatically when a vehicle enters the door – checked.
  • A Battery backup – checked.
  • Soft open\close mechanism – checked.
  • myQ Compatibility – checked.
  • Lighting with 1500 Lumens integrated LED system – checked.
  • GDO Learn Button Color Compatibility – checked.
  • Code type compatibility of Security +2.0 – checked.

In addition, you’ll get a LIFETIME warranty on the motor. And one year for chain, parts, and accessories. Included in this package are the following:

  • 893LM – Garage door three buttons remote
  • 485LM – The battery
  • 886LMW – Wi-Fi Motion detector (Cool!)

You can find on Liftmaster’s website all the replacement parts such as Sprocket and Hub Kit, Decorative rings, Terminal block kit, 7′-10′ Chain kits, belt tensioner kit, and more.

Get your Amazon groceries & deliveries in a snap!

Amazon Key is available for Garage Doors in the US, places like Seattle, Northern Virginia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The service will launch in 37 more cities in 2019.

ATSW – Power on duty

commercial garage door opener

The ATSW is an opener designed for a commercial setting and can be used for heavy residential doors. Equipped with a MyQ Control Panel, anyone in the vicinity can operate this smart opener. With its Battery backup, you’ll never have to worry about your door not opening again!