Ben’s Garage Doors is a locally owned and operated Denver residential and commercial garage door service provider. In addition, we proudly service the greater Denver, CO area with garage door installation, garage door repair, and maintenance services.

We offer a full range of garage doors in various styles, garage door openers, and accessories. Ben’s Garage Doors is committed to providing residential and commercial clients in Denver with top-notch customer service and garage door repair. We repair all garage door brands and garage door openers. 

Our main aim is to provide the best service to our customers. As such, we install and service garage door products from top reputable brands in the industry. 

With our 24/7 emergency garage door repair service, you can rely on us to help with your garage door needs. Call us today to schedule a garage door inspection and a quote for your garage door installation and repair needs.

Littleton Garage Door Repair

Which is the best garage door repair company near me?

Ben’s Garage Doors is a leading garage door repair company serving residents in Littleton and its environs. We provide professional garage door services that are fast, reliable, and affordable.

Ben’s Garage Doors has years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors in all parts of Littleton.

Our experience, expertise, and brilliant customer service have accorded us a solid reputation as the best garage door repair company in Littleton. With over a decade of experience and a massive network of loyal clients in Littleton, we are confident that you will love our services.

Are you looking for a professional garage door repair, maintenance, and installation company in Littleton? Choose Ben’s Garage Doors for all your garage door service needs today.

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Garage Door Repair and Installation in Littleton, CO

New Garage Sale and Installation in Littleton

Ben’s is an industry leader when it comes to professional installations. Our experts have installed thousands of garage doors across different homes. As such, we know and strive to understand what our clients love.

We recommend, supply, and install industry-grade garage doors from top-of-the-market brands and manufacturers. Whether you want a garage door, garage door openers, or a new garage door spring, we can provide the ideal product for you.

Ben’s Garage Doors sells and installs high-end garage doors from reputable garage door brands such as CHI Overhead Doors, Northwest, DoorLink, and Martin Doors. Our skilled technicians can help you pick and install your ideal garage door for any application. We provide a wide range of garage door options, from insulated, non-insulated, wood, metal, faux wood to glass garage doors.

All our garage doors are designed from solid and durable materials, making the installations worth your money. Talk to us about a custom garage door installation for your Littleton garage.

Moreover, we also install garage door parts, such as rollers, garage door springs, and garage door openers, among others.

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Liftmaster Garage Door Openers in Littleton, CO

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Ben’s Garage Doors is an authorized Liftmaster dealer. We recommend, supply, and install high-quality fixtures from Liftmaster. A garage door plays a huge role in the opening and closing of a garage door. Therefore, if your garage door opener breaks, do not hesitate to call us for repair and possible replacements.

We install the best Liftmaster garage door openers in place of your existing damaged or old garage door openers. Our Liftmaster door openers come in varieties, each portraying differences in durability, features, and performance.

Diamond Spring Authorized Dealer

Ben’s Garage Doors is also an authorized dealer for Diamond Spring. We recommend, supply, and install high-quality garage door springs from Diamond Spring. A broken garage door spring hinders the opening and closing of a garage door. If you have a broken garage door spring, do not hesitate to call us immediately for emergency replacements.

Garage Door Repair and Installation

Is your garage door refusing to open? Do you have a broken garage door spring? Perhaps your garage door has gone off-track.

One of the significant mistakes that Littleton residents make is assuming these issues are minor. Unfortunately, neglecting garage door issues tends to lead to major damages with time.

Some of the major signs that you need garage door repair services to include;

  • The door is getting old and rusty
  • The door does not close or open properly (due to a broken garage door spring)
  • The door is making weird noises
  • The door is shaking when operated
  • The door operates gradually
  • The door is off-track
  • The door starts to malfunction often
  • An increase in energy bills
garage door services in littleton
Littleton’s Best Garage Door Services

If you notice any signs of damage, call us promptly to have the garage door fixed immediately. Garage door maintenance plays a huge role in ensuring durability. Lack of regular garage door maintenance exposes your garage door to possible long-term damages that end up being costly. Our maintenance services involve deep analysis and inspection of your garage doors. The inspection helps us find potential signs of damage and fix them ahead of time.

We service and repair all brands of garage doors and garage door openers in Littleton. In addition, our technicians are here to help you with any garage door problems that you may have.

Most importantly, we provide emergency garage door services 24/7. Garage Door breakdowns happen when ones least expect them to. Our skilled technicians are always ready to come to you when you need us the most.

Hire Ben’s Garage Doors

We are a fully licensed and insured company operating in Littleton and the surrounding cities. Ben’s Garage Doors hires only the best specialist in installing and repairing garage doors. Rest assured, we will provide excellent, professional, quick, and reliable garage door services.

If you have any garage door queries and concerns, contact Ben’s Garage Doors today.

Frequently Asked Questions in Littleton

How much does it cost to replace the bottom panel of a garage door?

Replacing a garage door panel can significantly add to the cost of garage door repair. It is vital to compare the cost of repairing a single panel to the cost of replacing the entire garage door.

Replacing one or more panels requires a pro with replacement parts and the proper tools for the job. With replacement parts and labor, expect to pay more than $500 for a single panel. The costs may vary across companies. Consult with a garage door expert to advise you on the best alternative.

Can garage door panels be repaired?

Yes. There are several ways to fix damaged garage door panels, including repairs. Fortunately, panel replacement tends to be easier and less expensive. However, depending on the company you hire for the job, repairing a garage door panel is possible, provided you are dealing with a professional company.