Littleton Garage Door Repair

The charming town of Littleton, CO, is located just south of the Denver metro area, and those who reside in the municipality know all of the perks it can bring to your life.

It is part of Jefferson County and sits next to neighboring towns like Lone Tree, Englewood, and Highlands Ranch.

Littleton is a highly sought-after place for families and young professionals.

The city offers close proximity to downtown without the cost of downtown while still providing all the usual amenities, good schools, great places to work, and a diverse community.

Homeowners in the region are used to all the benefits of the town. However, they are still subject to the usual responsibilities of owning property because no matter where you are located, retaining quality access to garage door repair options is essential!

littleton co garages

Littleton, Colorado’s Answer to All Your Garage Door Issues

When you stumble upon garage door issues, it can bring additional inconveniences to your already packed schedule.

Whether running off to pick your kids up from school, heading out for another workday, or trying to leave your house to spend some time hiking in the Rocky Mountains, your garage door can block you from getting out.

Just as those same garage doors are meant to protect your home and offer a level of security or barrier for those within the household, it can go both ways when you are experiencing problems or technical difficulties.

Finding a reliable Littleton garage door company to help with a door repair resolution is the first step to restoring things to normal in your house.

Ben’s Garage Door Service has been offering our support to home and business owners in Littleton, CO, sharing our experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure everyone from the community has a working garage door!

Evaluating Garage Door Companies in Your Service Areas

There are plenty of garage door services in Littleton, CO, but only one can supply a free quote alongside same-day service options designed to make your life easier.

Our team of technicians provides legitimate garage door repair solutions to residents and business owners throughout the Littleton area to keep our customers’ lives at their average speed of operation.

You can schedule an appointment online and complete your consultation over the phone or an assessment in person.

From there, our crew will help determine what is happening with your garage doors and how we can help rectify the current situation.

We empathize and understand how incredibly frustrating it can be when your main point of entry into the household is no longer available; sometimes, it is even infuriating when you need to get somewhere quickly.

Hiring Local Professional Technicians if Your Garage Door Broke Down

Learning more about your garage door services before they arrive is sometimes something you will need to do in a hurry, especially in an emergency.

If you want to know more about our garage technicians, you can be assured of the following:

  • Our team is fully licensed and insured.
  • We are available during nights and weekends.
  • Our business has an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • We provide a reliable team of customer care agents.
  • Our crew is always ready to respond to emergencies.

Our garage door repair, replacement, and installation work is guaranteed, and our customers are offered follow-up maintenance options.

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The Most Common Garage Door Repairs Coloradans Need

Residents in Littleton, CO, experience unique situations with garage doors and many others that are universal to property owners nationwide.

However, when cultivating a secure garage is one of your priorities, keeping a reputable garage door repair company on hand is a significant part of the process.

The Centennial State is a gorgeous place to live when you are perched in the Front Range, but many everyday tasks remain that come with owning properties and running a business.

When you need a garage door repair solution, it is good to have an idea of what is going on with the structure; this offers the ability to provide preventative maintenance throughout use and to remain an informed consumer when you run into an inconvenience.

And yes, nearly any kind of garage problem can pose a barrier and extreme inconvenience in your life, so be sure to watch out for the following issues and secure a licensed, local garage door expert like Ben’s Garage Door Services when you need a help hand and support to resolve things!

sun damage sunlight

Sun Damage to Your Garage Doors

The one thing irrefutable for Coloradans and residents throughout the Littleton area is the elevation.

Sitting a mile closer to the sun means being exposed to additional rays, and those rays are sure to impact more than just your person.

Sun exposure is one of the more significant matters for those concerned about their homes and garage doors in Littleton, CO!

There is no way of escaping the sun, but there is a means of protecting your garage doors and avoiding the need for another garage door repair service.

Not only can they beat down on your regular garage door materials, but they can also seep into smaller components of your garage system.

The sunlight can negatively impact your safety sensors, which exist solely to maintain the general security of the area and anyone accessing the garage space or doors.

This can trick the sensors into detecting an object that is not there or damage them to the point of requiring professional repairs.

Beyond that, the sun can make your garage an uncomfortable space to be in; if you are storing items, it can reduce the ability for those items to remain within a climate-controlled space, etc.

Believe it or not, garage insulation options aren’t only available to help with cool temperatures, but they can also assist in climate control in the sun’s heat!

wind damage

Wind Damages Without Proper Garage Door Insulation

Being higher than other states also leaves the region vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and high winds, which are prominently known to cause damage to homes, vehicles, and garage doors all over Littleton, CO, every year.

The higher you climb, the more you are exposed to the winds in Colorado, and the possibility of damages depends on your property placement.

However, all homes and businesses remain at risk of wind damage. While some places will experience different impacts, it is wise to be prepared when living in Littleton, Colorado

This can cause physical damage to parts of your garage and panels or physically blow the garage door off its tracks.

This is why materials and quality garage door insulation matters!

With steel garage doors and well-insulated options, you can remain proactive against the possibility of wind damage and avoid garage door repair services entirely.

Ben’s technicians offer same-day garage door emergency services if you experience damage to your garage doors during a wind storm, hail storm, or other harsh weather conditions in the Front Range!

snow damage garage door

Extreme Cold Can Negatively Affect Your Garage Doors

Another unique factor that isn’t seen in all regions of the country is harsh, cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice.

While this is everything nice when you are on the slopes for the weekend or hoping to enjoy a snow day in the middle of Winter, these weather conditions can persist through May in Littleton, CO!

  • The moisture and build-up of snow and ice can wear down your garage door materials, causing the need for garage door repair or replacement before your door’s average lifespan.
  • When snow melts down, it can seep beneath your weather stripping, causing a breakdown of those materials and leaks within your garage, requiring homeowners to replace the stripping materials.
  • It can trip an aging garage door opener, causing issues with electricity and the general opening and closing of your garage door every day.
  • It may also impact your keypad or remotes, forcing users to revert to manual controls.
  • The cold will seep into your garage space unless you have reliable insulation installed by garage door specialists.

When cold weather causes your garage door issues, contact our professional team of garage door repair experts to find solutions suitable for your home or business!

broken garage door spring repair

Broken Garage Door Spring Problems

If you notice that your garage door isn’t opening and closing correctly, a broken spring is yet another common garage door repair request in Littleton, CO. 

However, this is not unique to the city; it is seen in households and businesses nationwide.

You will never meet a property owner who wants to experience their own broken garage door spring problems. 

Still, these things happen, and when or if they do, having access to a high-quality garage door technician providing help within your service areas is the answer to that problem!

broken garage door spring may result from a lack of maintenance, regular wear to the structure, incompatibility with your garage doors, or many other things. 

Still, you may be dealing with a snapped spring if you notice any of the following:

  • A broken garage door spring can only lift the door about 5 to 8 inches from the ground.
  • Your garage door may look crooked or uneven because your springs can no longer balance the structure or bear the weight.
  • You may also notice that when you go to shut your garage door, it falls quickly to the ground or perhaps even crashes down.
  • A broken spring may also cause your cables to become loose or even snap.
  • You visibly see a gap in your springs or hear a loud band when attempting to utilize your garage doors.
  • If your garage door ceases to work entirely and you cannot lift the door even with the emergency manual release, you are likely dealing with broken springs and need to contact a professional door repair company for spring replacement options!

off track garage door

Garage Doors Falling Off-Track

Are you grappling with what to do because your garage doors have managed to find themselves off the tracks?

Your garage door tracks provide a straight line and mode of support during operations.

They are one of the many critical components of your garage door’s inner structure. Without the tracks, your garage will experience severe discomforts, causing incredible inconveniences.

This can all be remedied with certified garage door track repair because, with the specialists at Ben’s, our pros know how to get things back on track for our customers in Littleton, CO!

With our experts, you can call on a representative at any time of the day for complete support in your off-track garage door problems.

We will diagnose the damage and provide the proper repairs or track replacements accordingly!

garage door roller

Worn Out Garage Door Rollers

Garage door repair is about more than just your door’s prominent and visible components; much smaller devices are at work to keep the system going.

Your garage door rollers are a crucial part of the structure, and they help to maintain the continuous functions of the doors carrying up and down the tracks.

The rollers can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, but that can’t happen without garage door repair when it requires continual maintenance.

With annual maintenance, your rollers should remain in good condition throughout their lifespan, but this doesn’t protect them from general wear and tear from their usage.

The level and amount of use will impact this as well, but it may be time to contact your local garage door repair company if you notice any of the following:

  • When your garage door rollers are not turning, leaving your door stuck in its current position.
  • A sagging garage door unit.
  • Dented or damaged garage door tracks.
  • A garage door that operates slower than expected.
  • Vibrations or shaking while your garage doors are attempting to operate.
  • Strange noises when you trigger the garage door to open or close.

garage door opener-29

Failing Garage Door Openers

When most people think of a garage door, they immediately picture the whole structure, which cannot be complete with a garage door opener!

A garage door opener is the duality of your garage doors; it is often referred to as the brains behind the operation as it triggers the doors to open and shut.

There are several options for garage door openers, but all of them require knowledgeable service technicians to repair and maintain them throughout their lifespan.

When your garage door opener creates issues within the unit, you may notice similar issues experienced with broken springs, tracks, and rollers.

Therefore, it is essential to contact garage door repair in Littleton for a complete investigation of what is happening within the component and how things can be resolved.

Ben’s garage door specialists have tremendous experience with all different brands and manufacturers of garage door openers, and it is our privilege to serve residents across Littleton, CO, with our knowledge and expertise!

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Superior Installation Options with Highly Skilled Professionals in Littleton, CO

A simple garage door repair is not always going to do the trick.

When it isn’t going to provide the proper resolution for your home, family, business, or employees, you must look into how garage door installation can benefit the property.

Your current garage door doesn’t last forever, and most garage doors only last up to 30 years, depending on their materials.

People enjoy changing their space, upgrading, and exploring the possibilities.

When experiencing multiple garage door repair services throughout the year, it may be time to move past installation as a point of consideration.

The same factors are valid for your garage door opener; a general garage door service and door repair options aren’t always sufficient to meet your needs or expectations as a home or business owner in Littleton, CO.

Making replacements to your garage doors or any of its components is a rather significant decision that should not be taken lightly but chosen through your experience in evaluating your wants and needs alongside a great service option in your area.

Our technicians strive to offer simple, accessible, and reasonable garage door and garage door opener replacement options when you are ready to install something new!

garage door iconChoosing Garage Doors that Will Enhance Your Security & Curb Appeal

The garage doors are one of any home or property’s most focal points. It is a part of the home and is seen by your neighbors and those driving by.

Your garage doors are also one of the primary points of entry for those living within the household and visitors as well.

While referring to garage door repair services are sometimes a legitimate option available for residents, other times, garage door installation is the best bet.

Your go-to contact for professional garage door installation is right around the corner; our team of techs can help when you are constructing a new home, replacing old garage doors, or simply upgrading your commercial property.

Everyone wants a garage door that can appeal to function, practicality, and aesthetics, as they are all equally important; long-lasting solutions are likely the most crucial aspect of choosing new garage doors.

We provide a large stock of different materials and manufacturers to choose from when committing to new garage door installation. 

We will work to ensure that the entire process is stress-free!

garage door opener iconModern Garage Door Opener Selection for a Convenient Lifestyle

Similar to garage door installation, new garage door openers are tied to the structure’s inner workings.

When your garage door opener is out of order, the safety and security of the entire space and the rest of your property may be at risk.

That is why it is wise to call on the experts when considering garage door installation or opener replacement options.

Ben’s technicians are here to complete all the hard work for you, so you can worry about getting on with the rest of your day as you usually would!

We can quickly help you locate the perfect garage door opener that will be suitable to lift and lower your garage doors and fit your property, whether that is a residential or commercial space.

Several modern options can be implemented to help increase efficiency within your household or business and create a more comfortable space.

Our experts are here to help guide you through the process so that you can make an educated choice about what you need for your garage door replacement or installation.

With our crew of professionals, you have access to all of the best:

  • Clopay garage openers.
  • LiftMaster openers.
  • Wayne Dalton.
  • CHI door openers.
  • Amarr, and many more!

wrench maintenance iconRegular Maintenance to Expand the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

With garage door repair, replacement, and installation of your garage doors, a broken spring, opening systems, or any aspect of your garage comes the need for general upkeep.

We put maintenance into nearly every aspect of our lives; we will need to place that time and energy into our relationships to maintain them and create stronger bonds; we have to do the same for our vehicles, properties, and garage doors.

There is a lot that home and business owners can do themselves to ensure that their garage space is well-kept, clean, and remains in good condition.

But there is only so much you can do when you need to ensure that all of its parts work the same way.

Committing to annual garage maintenance with local professionals can help assist with the following:

  • It can help to prevent the need for continual and costly repairs. When you are working with experts, they can spot a mechanical issue before it turns into something much bigger and more problematic.
  • Maintenance can help to extend your garage door’s life span further, and it helps to ensure the quality of life is intact during use.
  • Keeping a watchful eye on things with garage door experts can also enhance the safety of your garage door operations.
  • It will help to increase the general security of your property, which will keep your family, family, and employees safe from the possibility of intruders or those with harmful intentions.
  • Routine maintenance will help keep up with your garage’s appearance, keeping your curb appeal exactly where you want it.
  • Investing in these garage door service options can help you take advantage of your warranty, as many manufacturers will not cover damages or garage door repair needs without general upkeep of the structure throughout its lifetime.

customer garage door faq

Things People Also Ask Our Littleton Garage Door Services

too loud noisy garage door

How can I repair a noisy garage door unit in Littleton, CO?

Repairing a noisy garage door isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, no pun intended!

You first will need to determine why the noise is occurring and where it originates from, and this typically means scheduling an appointment with a local garage door repair company.

The noise could be coming from your garage doors or other components of the garage system:

  • It may be as easy as tightening up a few nuts and bolts on your tracks and around the garage structure, as loose hardware can cause creaking and squeaking.
  • Your rollers are another obvious culprit within the inner workings of your garage space. They may have outstayed their welcome and require replacement or lubrication.
  • Lubricating your garage door parts is needed beyond your rollers; your hinges may require the same treatment.
  • Your garage door opener motor may be dying or failing, and it is always best to contact a licensed garage door repair specialist for complete diagnostic, repairs, and maintenance assessments.

DIY garage door repair

Can I fix my own garage doors?

Attempting your garage door repair solutions is never a bright idea, especially when dealing with a broken garage door spring, doors that have run off track, etc.

You can even put yourself in a worse situation than you were previously in.

The average garage door weighs around 400 lbs, hanging in the balance as you attempt to investigate and work on the problems you are experiencing.

This can seriously hurt or injure yourself or someone in your house, and if you are attempting garage door repairs for a commercial business, specialty knowledge and care must be taken.

People want their garage door fixed as soon as possible; Ben’s Garage Door Services in Littleton, CO, has the fastest response time in the Mile High City and is dedicated to helping customers with comprehensive repairs!

garage door installation-21


How much does new garage door installation generally cost in Littleton, CO?

Before installing new garage doors, residents and business owners will typically want to shop around for the best pricing options and deals based on their vision.

Investing in new garage door installation is a significant change for properties, residential and commercial, and evaluating your new garage door cost allows you to compare things to your expected budget.

The pricing will vary as garage door companies in Littleton, CO, develop an invoice according to the materials required, door type, and labor.

Most people will see new installation costs at anywhere from $1,700 to $4,600, and these numbers can continue climbing if you install multiple garage doors, double doors, or sectional doors.

Schedule an appointment with our garage door company experts to discuss your options, how we can best service your family, and how to upgrade your curb appeal!

garage door problems not closing properly

Why isn’t my garage door closing?

If you are wrestling with a garage door that isn’t closing, it can become a nuisance and is often a sign that something is wrong in the system.

When your garage doors aren’t closing correctly, it leaves your home or commercial property open to the rest of the world and vulnerable to strangers getting into your space and break-ins, preventing you from getting up to get out of your space.

You couldn’t be dealing with one of several things:

  • Your garage door sensors may be blocked or covered in dirt or debris, which can keep your garage door from closing all the way. It is also one of the main safety features of your garage, and it ensures that your garage door isn’t closing on something it shouldn’t, so double-check your sensors.
  • Your tracks are the central rollway for your garage doors, keeping things rolling up and down correctly, but they could prevent your garage doors from closing if they are bent or damaged.
  • A broken garage door spring can also prevent your doors from closing and opening. When broken springs are used, it is not always safe to do so.
  • Garage door cables are yet another factor to consider. Over time, they become old and wear down, hindering your garage door from closing.

cost of garage door

How much do garage door repairs cost if my garage door is off-track?

When your garage door falls off its tracks, a garage door repair is not always the first thing in order.

However, knowing what to expect regarding payment and services is a high priority for everyone in Colorado.

These are questions for which you should always consult your garage door service provider before continuing with the hiring process.

The company you work with can provide an itemized service quote.

It can cure uneven movements and misalignments starting at around $130 to $260 if they are simply dented or bent.

However, a replacement is often the better choice when your tracks are badly damaged or have passed their general life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Sometimes, investing in replacements will save you money in the long run from a long line of costly repairs and unnecessary expenses.

Our garage door professionals in Littleton, CO, are always available to review the condition of your current garage door tracks and offer different options available.

wiping down garage door

Are there garage door maintenance services I can do myself?

Certified garage door services typically perform garage door maintenance services. 

Still, there are plenty of things that home and business owners in Littleton, CO, can do to help manage the general upkeep of their contemporary garage doors.

Residents in Littleton, CO, cannot complete professional garage door service maintenance solutions.

These services are provided by trained experts who will thoroughly assess all parts of the garage system, review any possible damages or repair needs, provide general upkeep to those pieces that need it, clean, tighten the hardware, etc.

In between your professional maintenance solutions, you can continue to tend to your garage door and its surroundings by committing to the following tasks:

  • Take a walk around to keep an eye on your hardware and hinges, just to be sure nothing is coming loose or requires replacement.
  • Try to keep the garage door tracks clean by wiping them down when you can, and do the same for your garage door opener sensors.
  • Clean down the surface of your garage doors.
  • Keep the interiors organized and clutter-free so you can enjoy your space!

diamond springs torsion spring

How long do garage door springs usually last?

Getting the details on garage door springs is critical, especially because every garage door unit needs them.

Your garage door springs help keep your garage door in balance and distribute the unit’s weight evenly to ensure it is capable of functioning properly.

With a broken spring, the entire structure is unstable, and sometimes, it is incapable of opening or closing and may not be safe to do so.

There are two different options for garage door springs: extension and torsion.

  • Extension springs are placed on either side of the tracks, extending and contracting your garage door operations. These springs can last anywhere from 7 to 12 years with the proper maintenance along the way.
  • Torsion springs are installed towards the middle over top of the garage door unit to help lift and lower the door. These options generally have the same lifespan as extension springs when the owner commits to routine professional upkeep.

bens garage door warehouse

How can I be sure I am hiring a legitimate garage door company in Littleton, CO?

It is important to find the right business to handle your garage door and its parts because this crew will visit your home or business in Littleton, CO.

Both spheres are places people want to prioritize as safe, functional, and comfortable spaces, so working with the right garage door repair experts is the most pivotal aspect of your journey.

  • Confirm the company’s credentials, licensing, insurance, etc. Your garage door repair provider should always be licensed within their state of operations.
  • Review prior client testimonials to get a first-hand account of their personal experience with the company.
  • Ask about their range of services in Littleton, CO, the manufacturers they can provide, and their experience level.
  • Use your best judgment; when something doesn’t feel right or far too good to be true, it likely is.

With Ben’s garage door services, our technicians are all licensed, insured, and fully dedicated to customer satisfaction throughout Littleton and the great Centennial State!

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Contact Our Mile High Door Repair Service for Your Free Consultation

Ben’s Garage Door Services in Littleton, CO, always takes things a step further with our garage door services.

Our team of specialists can help you with your garage door repair, replacement, or installation needs 24/7, day or night.

We are committed to offering same-day service options, free estimates, and a thorough consultation so that you can find a long-term resolution with your repairs and long-lasting options for installation services!

Contact our office today and allow our technicians to handle your garage door problems so you can return to your life and business as usual.

Recent Reviews from Customers in Littleton, CO

personaA fast, easy, and friendly service for broken springs!

“When I heard a loud snap, I knew something was seriously wrong with our garage door springs. 

Luckily, these garage door repair pros were able to provide a quick and efficient replacement for our broken garage door spring!”

Javon & Daria S. Littleton, CO

personaOne of the best garage door repair services in Littleton, CO!

“We recently moved from Highlands Ranch, and less than a month into living in our new place, the garage door opener was making loud noises, disrupting our entire household, especially when my partner got home late in the evenings.

Our technician with Ben’s Garage Door Services was so friendly and helped to install a new motor, so now everything is working like new!”

Emily N. Littleton, CO

personaWorking with garage door technicians who care made all the difference!

“When our garage door wouldn’t open, we first called Deer Creek Door Service, but we felt Ben’s Garage Door Services in Littleton, CO, was the better option.

We went with the right garage door company; they provided excellent service and speedy garage door repairs!”

Tal R. Littleton, CO

personaComprehensive new garage door installation solutions!

“We could schedule an appointment online for consultation with a technician.

He was excellent in communicating our options and working with our budget, and we ended up with the perfect garage door for our home in Littleton, CO!”

The Roth Family Littleton, CO

personaThis team offers an affordable garage door service in Littleton, CO!

“Our garage door opener broke down at the worst time possible, but that seems to be how all household problems work.

Ben’s technicians offered a same-day service, reviewed many modern options with us, and installed our new Lift Master garage opener quickly!”

Rick & Cara T. Littleton, CO

personaQuality service and the highest quality garage door replacement products!

“We needed to replace our rollers and cables but had been putting things off for as long as possible, but we had reached a point of no return.

Until our friends in Castle Rock had previously used their services, we were amazed at the response time, sense of professionalism, and assistance we received!

Kathy & David M. Littleton, CO

personaThe crew did an outstanding job installing our new garage door opener!

“We have been experiencing garage door issues because of our garage door opener, and it was time for something new as we were hoping to find a modern option that was more suitable for our property and current needs. 

We turned to the experts at Ben’s, who offered a fair price, fast service, and a friendly crew!”

Craig O. Littleton, CO

personaWe are so glad we had this great company to lean on when our doors fell off-track!

“When my garage door was leaning off its tracks, I was initially panicked and highly concerned I would need all new doors.

However, this team of garage door repair specialists was able to get out the same day and replace the damaged tracks and rollers. I highly recommend this crew if you want great service in Littleton, CO.”

Ace E. Littleton, CO