Lone Tree, CO, is typically associated with neighboring towns like Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, and Centennial, but it has always carved out a niche of its own, developing its own personality through the colorful community that has sprouted throughout the region.

You will find places like Park Meadows Mall, Bluff Regional Park, and plenty of essential retail shops with outdoor spaces and quiet neighborhoods to balance things out.

Garage Door Repair Lone Tree

For those living or operating businesses in Lone Tree, having a sleek, functioning garage door is another necessary part of life.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services in Lone Tree, CO

Garage doors are a fundamental aspect of owning property.

They are utilized daily because they provide all the conveniences of a home, allowing residents to pull into the garage area with their vehicles and enter the house directly.

Businesses also tend to use them for production purposes, storage, loading, unloading, etc.

Whatever you are using your garage space for, chances are that you couldn’t do it without a fully functioning garage door and garage door opener.

So when your garage door is suddenly hanging to one side when opening or closing, you hear a loud snap when you prompt the keypad to lift your door open, or you are just noticing that things aren’t running or looking quite like they used to, having access to comprehensive garage door services can make all the difference in those stressful moments.

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Ben’s Garage Door Company Offers Elite Garage Door Repairs

If something has gone awry with your garage doors, you are probably online searching for garage repair near me, but you don’t have to look beyond Ben’s Garage Door Service in Lone Tree, CO!

Our locally owned and family-operated business has become the go-to garage door company that Lone Tree residential and commercial clients rely on when they need their garage door fixed, parts replaced, or a new one installed.

With Ben’s Garage Door Service technicians, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured garage door techs.
  • Free quotes on all garage door services.
  • Same-day or next-day service options.
  • Customer care team.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Total customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Your Garage Door Relies on Many Other Mechanisms for Seamless Operations

Experiencing garage door issues could result from a number of parts that go together to create the garage structure you have today.

There are many different components that go into keeping your garage door up and running.

They must be in good condition and functioning as one unit to continue operating normally.

It is not always simple for Lone Tree homeowners or business owners to troubleshoot the situation because your garage is a rather complicated system.

Your garage door malfunctions could result from a dying garage door opener, a broken spring, or something as simple as disrupting your power source.

These things are simple to uncover with a local, professional company trained to provide garage door repairs within your community.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is committed to being the most significant source of support when you are stuck with a malfunctioning garage door.

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Broken Garage Door Cables

Your garage door cables work closely with the springs, helping them connect and balance the doors.

They are often referred to as lifting cables because, alongside the springs, they help to raise and lower your garage door safely, and without those cables, your springs will lose the connection they need for the usual opening and closing.

Cables are not necessarily exposed to every piece of the outside world, but they are used many times throughout the day and can become worn down, causing them to loosen, rust, or break.

These are among the most common garage door repairs in Colorado!

If you notice your broken cables hanging a bit lower than they used to, are noticing rusting, or your garage door won’t work at all, you may want to contact Ben’s for quick and simple garage door repairs.

Our team can provide a complete replacement of our garage door cables to ensure your garage doors open and close whenever they are prompted.

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Snapped Spring Replacement

Your springs are just as crucial as your cables.

They are the strong arm behind the lifting and lowering, but understanding the details of how your garage door springs work is probably the least of your worries when one snaps.

There are two main types of garage door spring options:

  • Torsion springs are large metal rods running vertically against your garage doors.
  • Extension garage door springs run horizontally alongside your garage and look like a slinky or spring.

Both options are meant to carry the weight of your garage doors, but it is not uncommon for them to snap in the severe cold experienced in Lone Tree, CO, during winter.

They can break due to a lack of maintenance and due to regular wear and tear.

Ben’s Garage Door professionals supply superior garage spring repair and replacement options to secure the continual functions of your garage door system!

Garage Door Tracks

Residential and commercial customers also seem to often request assistance for off-track repairs.

The garage door tracks guide your garage door, leading it up and down, similar to that of the local light rail or freight trains.

The tracks are sturdy structures; they can hold the weight of your garage doors when held open, but they are consistently exposed to that weight.

When you combine that with regular wear, the possibility of misalignment can become a recipe for potential damage to the structures.

Your garage doors may be off track if you notice the following:

  • Instability and uneven movements of your garage doors.
  • Gaps between your garage door rollers and the tracks.
  • Strange noises while your garage door is operating.
  • Visibly bent or damaged garage door tracks.

These symptoms may reveal issues with your garage door tracks and even allude to a broken spring; both call for a licensed garage door repair company in Lone Tree for a speedy resolution.

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Garage Door Rollers

The garage door rollers are another part of the system, providing wheels for the doors and smooth movements as they open and close.

The garage door rollers should always be in contact with the tracks, and if you notice gaps or issues with the rollers moving back and forth, they may be coated in dirt and debris.

The rollers can also become rusted over time through exposure to moisture, which is why garage door maintenance and proper lubrication are essential to their functions.

While lubricating your rollers isn’t necessarily considered an emergency garage door repair, Ben’s technicians are happy to help answer the service call with repair work and continued maintenance!

Our garage door repair service in Lone Tree, CO, is there to offer easily accessible solutions to all of your garage door problems.

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors work simultaneously with the garage door opener; you cannot have one without the other in modern times.

Lone Tree is a busy place; people are running around from work to school while trying to maintain a social life, and with all of these things packed into your schedule – a broken garage door opener and another garage door repair are likely the last thing you want to deal with.

Garage door openers are truly the brains behind the entire operation of your garage doors, and luckily, there is a professional, reliable garage door service just around the corner!

Ben’s Garage Door Services guarantees prompt service to our client’s calls. 

If you are trying to figure out a malfunctioning garage door opener at your house or the opening mechanism at your workplace has completely broken down, restoring systems back to normal is our job.

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Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation Services in Lone Tree, CO

Customers may hear strange noises from their garage door openers, the power may work sometimes and not others, or the motor could die.

No matter what happens, you can expect things to be fixed after our Colorado technicians arrive.

With Ben’s garage door opener repair, replacement, and installation solutions, we offer same-day service and free estimates.

Stress-Free Garage Door Installation

Just as garage door openers must eventually be replaced, your house or business will ultimately need to invest in new garage door installation as well.

When garage door repair doesn’t resolve the issues you are dealing with, a new door may answer all your needs!

Ben’s technicians in Lone Tree offer great service and affordable pricing for garage door installation and garage door repair projects.

As you prepare to decide on your new garage door installation, understanding what comes with purchasing new garage doors provides customers with a sense of comfort.

Our team of garage door specialists provides free quotes and thorough consultation with residential and commercial clients in Lone Tree, CO, to ensure everyone we work with can gauge their wants, needs, and non-negotiables.

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Requesting a Free Estimate for Your New Garage Door

If you are setting out on a journey to install new garage doors, you always want to begin by setting a budget and an idea for what kind of garage doors you envision for your Lone Tree home or business.

When investing in new door installation, you want to ensure you can get what you need from the company you are working with and that their service technician can supply door options within your budget.

You can request multiple estimates from different companies in the Lone Tree, CO, area to gain a well-rounded perspective on your options, what those garage door services can provide if you require custom or special order doors, etc.

This is a crucial step in garage door repair, opener install, and garage door installation solutions.

Reviewing Options for Your New Garage Doors

Once you have decided on a superior garage door solution in Lone Tree, CO, you can begin the exciting part of the installation process!

With Ben’s technicians, you will review various garage door options, brands, and state-of-the-art manufacturers to locate the perfect garage doors for your home or business.

Installing Your Garage Door in Lone Tree, CO

We keep all installation services right on schedule for our customers.

This is a part of being a courteous and professional garage door company, which you should find before booking with a technician incapable of doing the job.

With Ben’s technicians, you can rest assured that your installation procedures will be stress-free and seamless, as our techs are all licensed, experienced, and incredibly knowledgeable!

Don’t forget about continued garage maintenance – Ben’s Garage Door Services provides annual maintenance plans and follow-ups to keep your new garage doors in excellent condition!


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Garage Door Repair Lone Tree FAQs

How can I fix a garage door that is too loud?

Lone Tree, CO, and Centennial State customers will often complain of noisy garage doors interrupting their household or workspace.

Most will immediately reach out for garage door repair to have the problem fixed, but where are the noises originating?

The noise could require any number of garage door repair options:

  • Loose hardware, nuts, or bolts.
  • Lack of lubrication for tracks and rollers.
  • Loud garage door opener, which is quickly resolved through the installation of new smart garage door openers!
  • Lack of garage door maintenance, etc.

Can I replace a portion of my garage door rather than replacing the entire structure?

If you have damages to part of your garage door structure or panels, you do not have to complete a total replacement to repair the door successfully.

When damages like this occur, most homeowners or business owners in Lone Tree want to avoid additional costs, considering the rising cost of living in Colorado.

And new garage door pricing is often the last priority on their list with unexpected damages.

Ben’s can offer detailed garage door repair for the damaged parts of the door without having to commit to a total replacement or new installation services!

garage door material lone tree co


What is the most popular garage door material in Lone Tree, Colorado?

Steel is the most trendy material option for garage door installation services in Lone Tree and the rest of the Mile High State!

It offers durability, affordability, gorgeous aesthetics, strength, and protection for your property.

Take a look at the most contemporary garage doors in 2024 and what is projected to change in the near future for Colorado and the rest of the country.

Can I just purchase a new garage door opener at a retail store?

Lone Tree residents can purchase a new garage door at a retail store or independent manufacturer, but then comes the question of installation and warranty worries.

With Ben’s Garage Door Services, you are entitled to experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous technicians supplying elite garage door repair, replacements, and installation services to the residents and commercial business owners in Lone Tree, CO.

Our crew offers premium garage door repair and replacement solutions for our very own neighbors and friends!

Local Repairs & Replacement Services for All of Your Garage Door Issues in Lone Tree, CO

Local residents and business owners in Lone Tree deserve the finest local garage door repairs, replacement, and installation services in Colorado!

With Ben’s Garage Door Services, our locally owned business is here to serve you and yours with reputable options when your garage door breaks down or if you require garage door opener repair, broken spring replacement, or an assortment of other garage problems.

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Request Your Same-Day Service Options with Ben’s Garage Door Technicians

Contact our professional technicians today to schedule an appointment, consultation, and your free price estimate on garage door repairs or replacements.

It is our pleasure to offer our knowledge and experience for the betterment of our communities and the advancement of their garage doors!

Recent Client Testimonials

Lisa V. Lone Tree, COPrompt service, careful repair work, & quality technicians!

“This garage door service was absolutely fantastic, and I cannot speak enough about how amazing their technicians were!

The crew was informative, helpful in working with our budget, arrived right on time, and assisted with our garage door repairs immediately.

We plan on utilizing their services again anytime we need help with our garage door and garage space!”

Lisa V. Lone Tree, CO

Kyle & Richard S. Lone Tree, COThe crew did an excellent job repairing our broken cables!

“I couldn’t figure out why our garage doors were not operating as usual.

We even had our door falling to one side, so I went online and contacted nearby companies.

Ben’s Garage Door Services was right in Lone Tree, CO, and could send out a service technician that same day!

The technician immediately diagnosed the issue, provided fast service, and quickly replaced the cables so the entire unit was working correctly.”

Kyle & Richard S. Lone Tree, CO

Alex F. & The Staff Lone Tree, COA reliable repair service for commercial businesses in Lone Tree, CO!

“When our garage door spring gave out, we needed someone to complete spring replacement as quickly as possible.

Ben’s came out and provided a quote, and they did an outstanding job working around all the busyness at the time.

We look forward to working with them again on the upcoming maintenance appointment we scheduled following our repairs!”

Alex F. & The Staff Lone Tree, CO

Waylon & Whitney M. Lone Tree, COBen’s service technician completed our opener install at a great price!

“We have been working with the same garage door opener for many years, and suddenly it started going on without us hitting the remote, only working sometimes if we were prompting it to open, and it was then I knew I needed further assistance.

Our neighbor in Lone Tree highly recommended Ben’s Garage Door Service, and we are very pleased to have used them for our new garage door opener replacement!

The team was friendly, kind, caring, and professional – but they offered an excellent warranty, and we love our new smart garage door opener!”

Waylon & Whitney M. Lone Tree, CO

Christian J. Lone Tree, COThis team of garage experts provided amazing installation services!

“We recently moved over to Lone Tree, CO, from the Castle Rock area after obtaining a new position in the DTC tech area.

I was excited to purchase our new home but immediately knew the garage door would be the first change I made to the property.

Choosing Ben’s Garage Door Service was the best decision I could have made.

The technicians offered an affordable estimate and worked closely with my wants and needs to choose the right garage door, and now our household feels safe and complete!”

Christian J. Lone Tree, CO