Why Isn’t My Remote Working?

A few days ago, a client from within the Parker Pavilions area called our offices about a possible remote failure issue. He tried phoning the original installing company for a replacement, but they were not complying with his request. Luckily, he got a referral from a neighbor to us. We were able to send one of our best technicians quickly, who arrived with a new replacement. Our tech helped disable the lost remote sensory functions to the garage doors and reset the unit. Thanks to the referral, his neighbor got a free inspection and quick maintenance from our technicians.

Parker Garage Door Repair

Which is the best Garage door repair company in Parker, Colorado?

If you live in Parker, CO, you understand how hard it is to come across a trustworthy garage door company. Fortunately, Ben’s Garage Doors takes away the stress of finding one. We are the leading professional garage door repair company installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors in Parker, CO.

Ben’s has over a decade of experience providing dedicated services to garage owners in Parker. With our expertise and a long list of satisfied customers, we are confident in our abilities to install, service, and repair garage doors.

If you have any garage door concerns, do not hesitate to contact Ben’s Garage Doors immediately for comprehensive garage door services. You can be sure we are the best choice when looking for the best garage door repair contractors.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance in Parker

A garage door acts just like any other mechanical device. Essentially, this means it is prone to damages and malfunctioning, especially if it is not maintained regularly. If your garage door breaks down, a repair expert can diagnose the situation and recommend the appropriate action.

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we have a team of experts well-trained and skilled in repairing garage doors. There is no garage door problem that is too challenging for us.

Do you have a broken garage door spring or a door off-track situation? Maybe your garage door is stuck and won’t open? If you live in Parker, here are some of the garage door problems you are likely to experience with your garage door;

  • The garage door opener fails to respond.
  • Banging and grinding noises when operating the door
  • The garage door slams/ falls heavily on the ground
  • The door gets stuck when trying to close or open
  • You notice a broken garage door spring
garage door openers maintenance in parker
Garage door opener maintenance in Parker

The door goes off-track.

A door off-track/ broken garage door spring is the most common problem associated with a garage door. Luckily, repairing garage doors is our forte. We provide emergency garage door repair services as well. Such damages happen unexpectedly.

Therefore, if your garage door gets jammed or malfunctions during operation, contact Ben’s Garage Doors for fast, reliable, and affordable repairs. If your door goes off-track, we will quickly send a repair expert to readjust and align the door as expected. We carry out thorough diagnoses and provide relevant solutions, including repair, replacement, and regular maintenance.

At Ben’s, we repair and service all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. Our experts have gained the technical know-how and experience repair even the least heard-of garage door brands. Talk to us about a regular maintenance plan to keep your garage door functional at all times.


garage door installation near me in parker
Garage door opener installation in Parker

New Garage Door Sale and Installation Parker

Are you looking for a new door for your residential garage in Parker? Finding the perfect garage door replacement is overwhelming and tiring. Ben’s Garage Doors has an abundance of options to choose from if you are looking for a new garage door. In addition, we supply and install top-quality garage doors from reputable garage door brands made in America.

Ben’s Garage Doors recommends, sells, and installs high-quality garage doors from top brands in the industry such as CHI Overhead Doors, DoorLink, Martin, and Northwest Doors. The doors are designed with your needs and preferences in mind, whether aesthetics, functionality, or durability.

Our garage door experts in Parker will help you choose and install the perfect garage doors to match your curb appeal or needs. Talk to us whether you need wood, vinyl, metal, fiberglass, insulated (or uninsulated), or faux wood garage doors. Rest assured, we will come and install the best doors for you.

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Additionally, we also install the best garage doors openers from top brands such as Liftmaster. Our Liftmaster door openers provide a wide selection in features, durability, and performance, unlike other brands in the market.

All Liftmaster door opener models provide the ultimate security and safety features. They also come in different horsepower levels and drive systems for all applications and home types in Parker.

Diamond Springs Authorized Dealer

Do you have a broken garage door spring? Unfortunately, such a situation hinders garage door functionalities. A broken garage door spring restricts the door from opening and closing easily.

Luckily, we are a Diamond Springs authorized dealer. Ideally, we recommend, supply, and install high-quality springs from Diamond Springs and other top brands in the market.

Hire Ben’s For Your Garage Doors Needs

If you need a new garage door or garage door repair service, do not hesitate to call us. Ben’s Garage Doors is a locally owned and operated company with a solid reputation in installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors. Call us today to speak to a local garage door contractor.


faq about garage doors
Garage Door Sevices FAQs in Parker, CO

Frequently Asked Questions in Parker

How close can a garage door be to a wall?

A garage door is often attached to a wall during construction. However, for several reasons, some people prefer to leave gaps between the doors and walls, especially in detached garages. However, for energy efficiency purposes, a garage door should be attached to the wall to avoid air leakages. If you notice any gaps, your first instinct should be to install weather strippings. Talk to your local garage door experts to discover ways you can reduce the spacing.

What are the top 5 garage door openers?

When it comes to spotting the best garage door openers, there are majorly two kinds;

  • Drive openers
  • Jackshaft opener
  • However, when shopping for the best garage door openers, below are the top 5 garage door openers you will come across;
  • Chamberlain B70 door opener
  • Liftmaster 8500 door opener
  • Genie 7035-TKV door opener
  • Genie 2035-TKV door opener
  • Craftsman � HP door opener.
  • Consult with your local garage door experts to recommend the most favorable door openers for your garage doors.