Parker, CO, is a stunning suburb almost 24 miles outside of Denver but often viewed as its own universe.

It is a secluded town with private housing, the option for lots of land, friendly neighbors, and local businesses.

Garage doors are a typical part of everyone’s daily life, as an entrance to the household, warehouse, barn, and other properties.

Garage Door Repair Parker

Because the garage door is such a pivotal factor for homeowners and professional business owners in Parker, keeping those structures sound and functioning is just as critical.

Affordable Garage Door Services in Parker, CO

Ben’s Garage Door Services is a locally owned garage door company in Parker, CO, servicing residential and commercial clients with easily accessible support for their garage doors at a reasonable cost.

Our goal is to assist the residents and business owners in our community with premium assistance for their garage doors, installation of a new garage door, help with a garage door opener, and other specialty garage services.

All of our garage door technicians are properly licensed, insured, and highly experienced in our craft.

We have cultivated relationships with the people in our community as the go-to garage door company in Parker!

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Finding the Right Garage Door Repair Services that Meet Your Needs

When you need local, high-quality garage door repair services, locating the right garage guy or technician to assist with the job is a critical element of getting things back to normal.

Ben’s Garage Door Services in Parker, CO, wants to make everything better than normal, offering easy access to premium repair services, replacement options, installation, and continued maintenance to upgrade your everyday garage door operations and enhance your lifestyle or workplace!

Standard Garage Door Problems Seen with Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

Living in Parker, CO, is a dream for many, but no one can get past a garage emergency without a bit of help from your local garage door business.

Ben’s professional repair and free consultation efforts are available to ensure no one goes a day without getting their garage door problems fixed quickly.

Not all repair resolutions look the same, but you have nothing to worry about when you have guys like this on your side.

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The Most Common Garage Door Repair Needs are:

Issues with Opening and Closing the Garage Doors

This could be due to several reasons, but it is most commonly linked to an alignment issue or the garage door being off-track.

Broken Spring

When your garage door springs break, immediate garage door repair is needed. If your springs broke, it is time to make some phone calls, as that garage door spring is responsible for safely lifting and lowering your garage doors.

Contact Ben’s technicians in the Parker, CO, area for garage door spring repair and replacement opportunities.

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An Uneven Garage Door

If your garage doors seem to be hanging to one side or the other as they are in operation, this could be due to alignment or issues with your garage door rollers, garage door tracks, and even the garage door spring.

Slow Opening and Closing

When your garage doors aren’t doing an awesome job catering to your needs and are taking a while to open or close, it is probably as easy as cleaning and lubricating your tracks.

However, there may be deeper issues going on and

Transmitter & Keypad Issues

These are commonly linked to your garage door opener but will affect your garage doors.

In either instance, it could be as simple as a dead battery or a more extensive garage door repair.

Proceeding with a Local Garage Door Service for Repairs

Ben’s Garage Door techs are dedicated to delivering great service to residents throughout Parker, CO.

Our garage repairs are simplified and comprehensive and remain accessible to all community members because when your garage doors aren’t working correctly, it can throw a wrench in your life.

With our team of certified garage door repair experts, your garage doors will be back to normal before you know it!

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Garage Door Installation to Upgrade Your Property’s Curb Appeal in Parker, CO

Not all customers in the Parker area can skate by with a garage door repair job; sometimes, the fix isn’t enough to prevent things from being broken again, or the price is at a point where new garage door installation should be considered.

While replacement seems like a significant project, with the knowledgeable and professional technicians at Ben’s Garage Door company, customers can reap all the benefits of their new garage door!

A new install will boost your curb appeal and create a seamless flow for the exterior aesthetics of your Colorado house.

You will see lower energy bills as newer garage door options are more energy efficient.

Your family and place of business will save door operations once a new door is installed, and you can feel secure.

You can avoid calling your local repair technician for constant repairs and maintenance.

There are advanced technologies in newer door options that ensure operations are faster, quieter, and more convenient for their usage.

Enjoying the Convenience of Your New Garage Door

The number of advantages to new garage door installation service is endless, and the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door Service are there to create a comfortable installation process.

Once your door has been installed, you can enjoy every morning, afternoon, and evening without the threat of a new repair, sleep soundly with the defense of your new doors, and continue with life comfortably.

Our crew can assist with new garage door installation for residential and commercial clients, and while you won’t need as much upkeep as you did with your previous structure, garage door maintenance appointments are still recommended at least once a year.

You may also want to explore garage door insulation options to maintain a comfortable garage area, especially in the Winters of Parker, CO!

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Same-Day Service Options for a Broken Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener works in tandem with your garage doors; you can’t really have one without the other in modern-day Colorado because, without a garage door opener, you are then left entirely to your own devices and manual lifting and lowering.

When that opening system breaks down and requires repair services or replacement, getting things fixed quickly is the top priority.

Every garage door opener is different as they are all rather complex units requiring special repair attention.

Ben’s Garage Door Service will have a technician out to your household or place of business to complete the repair job on the same day you contact our office.

The second we get the phone call for garage door opener repair service, our crew wants to react and fix what is broken in a quick and efficient matter.

This is why same-day service options are so important to us, as we understand how essential it is to our Colorado clients!

Installing a New Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener repair isn’t always the right solution for everyone.

If you have been looking for the right garage guy for the job, shift your focus to a professional garage door company with licensed and insured specialists.

New installation is viewed as a – Ben’s Garage Door is the perfect company for the job!

Ben’s Garage Door Service is helping residents and business owners in the Parker, CO, area with elite garage door options, modern technologies, advancements, an extension in the lifetime of your garage door opener, etc.

We offer an array of contemporary and elite garage door openers to enhance your garage space and are committed to making the installation process entirely stress-free!

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People Also Ask

How much do garage door repair services usually cost in Parker, CO?

The cost of door repair service can vary depending on the complexity of the repair, the company you work with, the number of doors that require support, etc.

Many factors go into determining a quote for your professional garage door repair service, and you should expect garage door opener repairs to have a different average than replacing your rollers.

However, there is still a working average that has fluctuated from year to year, and typically, in Parker, CO, you will see your repair cost at anywhere from $250 to $870.

For more fair and accurate pricing information, you can request an estimate with Ben’s Garage Door Service!

How can I tell if my garage door is worth repairs or if I should choose to replace it instead?

This seems to be a question many home and business owners find themselves in, and the answer is not always clear. 

Still, if you are already making phone calls for door repairs, it may be a good idea to consider the following because replacement may be the service you are looking for:

  • When you notice extensive damages or have consistently required repair services.
  • Unreliable operations.
  • An unsafe or secure structure. If you want to gain exemplary security options with your garage doors, it is likely time to install a new one!
  • When your door is between 20-30 years old.
  • If your garage doors aren’t complimenting the exterior of your home or commercial property.

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Why is my garage door opener only working sometimes and not others?

Your garage door opener should be working all the time. 

When things go haywire and only operate the property sometimes or randomly, it creates a significant obstacle for property owners.

When this happens, you can be dealing with a number of issues, and it is likely time for a garage door repair service to get involved for a resolution:

  • Power interruptions or simply a poor connection.
  • Sensor faults or blocked sensors due to dirt or debris.
  • It is possible that your garage door springs broke, and the structure is incapable of normal functions.
  • Remote and keypad problems.
  • Larger system issues.

Is a reset button available on garage door openers?

Your door opener should have a reset button available.

It should be on the back or underside of the opening mechanism and clearly labeled as the reset button.

You will need to disconnect the power before you reset, then press and hold down the button for a few seconds to reset the opening systems successfully.

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Call Ben’s Local Garage Door Company for Immediate Assistance & Exceptional Service

Ben’s Garage Door Services are there when you need them most.

Our technicians understand that most households and work environments cannot make plans when they need assistance for a garage door repair.

It doesn’t matter if you have a garage door off-track or are seeking a commercial garage door installation technician – Ben’s does it all!

Give us a call to receive your free estimate and schedule your inspection today!

What Our Residential and Commercial Clients Have to Say

Danny R. E Indian Brook Cir, Parker, COExcellent garage door opener repair options in Parker!

“We have recently moved to Parker, CO, from a neighboring town -Castle Rock, and we needed a legitimate garage door service for sufficient repair and sprucing up.

Working with Ben’s Garage Door Services was an excellent experience!

We called late in the day, and they could still reach us within an hour, assess the issues we were experiencing, and provide a quick solution.”

Danny R. E Indian Brook Cir, Parker, CO

Heather Y. Keyser Creek Ave, Parker, COA garage door service company providing superior customer service!

“Ben’s provided the most professional, best garage guy I have ever worked with!

Beyond that, booking our appointment was so easy; their customer care team was extremely informative and helped ensure our family could access immediate garage door repairs.”

Heather Y. Keyser Creek Ave, Parker, CO

Haley & Dave L. Omaha Ave, Parker, COEasy and innovative solutions for garage door repairs!

“When our garage door wouldn’t open, I was panicked.

I immediately started calling companies near us – Precision Door Repair and a few other garage door companies in Parker, CO, before hiring Ben’s Garage Door Services to help.

Their crew was extensive with their inspection, offered a free estimate, and consulted with us to determine how to proceed with our garage door repair services.

Our garage door is now back up and running smoothly, and I owe everything to their technicians.”

Haley & Dave L. Omaha Ave, Parker, CO

David W. Aspen Cir, Parker, COThis crew helped to replace our garage door spring and did an amazing job!

“Ben’s Garage Door provides excellent service and truly saved the day at our house.

Their team of garage door experts was able to replace our garage door springs fast, and I got right back to what I needed to do!

I absolutely recommend their garage door company if you are in the Parker, CO, area.”

David W. Aspen Cir, Parker, CO

Leena P. Clarke Farms Dr, Parker, COKnowledgeable technicians available at a fair price!

“I was so impressed by Ben’s technicians.

They were very knowledgeable and communicative as we installed our new garage door.

Their team of garage door specialists were clearly experienced and put a lot of time and care into the prompt service they provided our household!”

Leena P. Clarke Farms Dr, Parker, CO