Does your garage door have any pending off-track issues? Ben’s Garage Doors is the leading solutions provider when it comes to garage door off-track repair. Garage door off-track is a common garage door system problem caused by constant lifting. Unfortunately, a garage door that goes off the track reduces functionality, and the garage may fail to open or close.

Ben’s Garage Doors hires the best experts in the industry to work on different aspects of garage door repair.

Garage Door Tracks Denver, CO

bens garage door services denverYour garage door features several components that must work together seamlessly for the doors to open and close. The garage door tracks are part of this system. Understanding how the tracks work and recognizing a minor issue before it becomes a significant problem can help save you big money on an unnecessary garage door repair.

What Exactly Are Garage Door Tracks?

A key, stationary component of your garage door system, the garage door tracks are made from stainless steel and sealed with a protective galvanized coating that protects the metal underneath from damage and corrosion. If you are constructing a whole new garage, the installation company will consider several factors when choosing the ideal tracks for the space.

For example, the amount of headroom available will dictate which variety of door tracks can be installed in your garage. Typically, the headroom is measured from the highest point of the garage to any obstructions on the ceiling, such as pipes, vents, and wood beams.

garage door tracks faqWhat Are the Different Types of Garage Door Tracks?

There are several varieties of door tracks installed in most homeowners’ garage doors. Suppose you need to replace the current tracks or want an entirely new garage door system installed. In that case, the technician will perform the necessary measurements to determine the best track system for the available space.

  • Standard radius – The most common variety of garage door tracks, chances are you will have a standard radius track system installed in your garage. The extension or torsion springs are typically mounted at the front of this variety of garage door openers.
  • Dual-track – Otherwise known as a low headroom model, a dual-track features springs mounted at the front. If there is less headroom in your garage, a professional will often install a dual-track garage door opener.
garage door tracks denver co
Garage door tracks come in a variety of styles
  • Vertical lift – If your garage doubles as a workspace, and you have plenty of headroom and want a garage door that can accommodate a larger vehicle, a garage door opener featuring vertical lift tracks is the best option.
  • Roof pitch track – As the name would imply, if your garage has a steep roof pitch and limited headspace at the front of the garage, a roof pitch track is often your only choice. The tracks are constructed with more of a severe angle to accommodate the steeper roof pitch.

Most homeowners are familiar with the variety of track systems installed on their garage doors. If your tracks are worn or damaged, or you want to upgrade your garage door opener system, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door.

garage door off track repair
We Hold In Stock All Garage Door Track Types

garage door track information denverCommon Signs of a Problem with Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door tracks are typically not anything you notice or even think about until there is a problem. If your garage doors are not functioning properly or you hear strange noises, broken or compromised garage door tracks might be the culprit. Here are a few telltale signs of a potential issue with your garage door tracks:

  • Uneven garage doors – If your garage doors are skewed, and one end is noticeably higher than the other, a broken or warped track is often the problem. However, there are other issues that can easily cause the garage door to appear uneven, such as damaged springs.
  • The doors take much longer to open and close – When a door falls off the track or a track is damaged, it will typically take noticeably longer to open and close. If this occurs, examine the tracks to determine the cause and call a garage door repair near you right away.
  • The door shakes when it opens and closes – When a garage door functions correctly, it should open and close very smoothly. If the garage door suddenly starts shaking and jerking when it closes and opens, it typically damages the garage door tracks.
  • A strange new noise – Garage doors make all sorts of noises when in operation. However, if you start hearing a strange new noise, such as scraping, banging, or squealing, the issue is often the garage door tracks. Contact a professional immediately whenever you hear a strange and startling noise while your garage door opens and closes.
  • Noticeable damage or corrosion – Periodically examine the tracks on your garage door opener system for damage, dings, and corrosion. Unfortunately, the mixture of moisture and cold during a chilly Denver, CO winter can cause the metal component of the tracks to corrode.
garage door wear and tear
Is your garage door showing signs of wear and tear?

Be aware that while the symptoms mentioned above could be a sign of faulty or damaged tracks, other issues could be causing the problem, including a broken garage door spring or springs, damaged rollers, damaged panels, or worn cables. It can be tricky to diagnose damaged or defective garage door components, which is why you should always leave any equipment repairs to the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door in Denver, Colorado.

garage door tracks faqShould I Have My Garage Door Tracks Repaired or Replaced?

  • You are installing new garage doors – Your current garage doors are getting older and damaged, and it is time for a much-needed upgrade. It is not always necessary to upgrade all the garage door openers components during a new garage door installation. However, it is always advisable to swap out the tracks when you install new garage doors, especially if the existing Denver, Colorado, tracks are older, worn, or corroded.
  • The tracks are older, damaged, and unsafe – A garage door opener system’s average lifespan is between 10 to 15 years. Some components, such as springs, hinges, and tracks, should be adequately maintained and replaced at the first sign of wear or damage.
  • The warranty on your new door – The manufacturer’s warranty on a typical garage door ranges from three to five years. However, if you try to install the door yourself or have the door professionally installed on older, damaged tracks, you might inadvertently void the warranty. As a rule, if you are upgrading your garage door, you should also upgrade the tracks.
  • It’s time to put your Denver house on the market – Like most homeowners in the Front Range, you want an advantage when you put your Denver, Colorado home on the market. A new garage door system can be a solid focal point, complete with upgraded tracks, springs, hardware, hinges, and frame; it is a great selling point and a cost-effective way to make your home more attractive to buyers.
types of garage tracks
A bulk of garage tracks in Denver

garage door tracks service denverHow Can I Maintain My Garage Door Tracks?

A small amount of maintenance is the best way to protect your garage door tracks and prevent any damage to your car or other items stored in the garage. Here are a few very simple tips and tricks to help you expertly maintain the tracks on your garage door system:

  • Examine and clean the rollers and bearings – The rollers and bearings are two integral parts of garage door openers. If either becomes soiled or damaged, your tracks and the entire system cannot be efficient—clean steel rollers and bearing with a soft-bristled brush to eliminate any excess grease and buildup. Nylon rollers should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Swap out the rollers or bearing at the first sign of damage. Do not attempt to repair these components.
  • Periodically clean the inside of the tracks – The most accessible garage door service you can perform is cleaning the tracks. Remove any dirt, debris, or grease with a damp cloth or soft-bristled sponge. While you are cleaning the tracks, take this opportunity to examine nearby components, such as the hardware, springs, and cables.
  • Lubricate the tracks – Lubrication is critical because it protects the tracks from damage and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on other components, including cables, different garage door hardware, and adjacent garage door parts. Denver, Colorado garage door service companies can help you determine the best lubricant for your Front Range or Denver garage door tracks.
  • After lubricating the tracks, apply the same lubricant to the rollers, springs, hinges, and other adjacent garage door hardware, according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Schedule a yearly inspection – The easiest and most efficient way to care for your garage door tracks and prevent an unnecessary garage door repair is to schedule a yearly inspection with Denver or Front Range garage door technicians.

don't ignore your garage door tracksCommon Causes a Garage Door Will Go Off Track

Unfortunately, garage doors can come off their tracks and smash into the ground for a variety of reasons. A garage door that is off its track is a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to severe injury or additional damage to the garage door and garage door components. Here are a handful of the most common reasons (there are more!) why a garage door will fall off its track:

  • Faulty Rollers – Garage door rollers allow the door to open and close quickly and correctly. However, they can also easily suffer damage or freeze in place. One single damaged roller can cause your door to come off its track.
  • Faulty Bearings – If the bearings are improperly installed on residential or commercial doors, or the bearing fails or becomes severely damaged, the garage door can easily fall off its track.
  • Broken Garage Door Springs – Operating a garage door with a damaged spring causes one side of the door to hold the weight, which can cause the garage door to shift and fall off track.
  • Damaged Garage Doors – If a garage door is damaged around any of its panels, it can easily cause it to fall off its tracks.

best garage door track services in denverGarage Door Off-Track Services

One common reason for a garage door to go off-track is a broken garage door cable. A door cable helps to level the door’s weight and ensure it is moving. However, if any of the garage door cables are damaged, the garage door can go off its tracks, which may also ruin the garage door’s appearance and cause further complications down the road.

Our specialists can quickly repair or swap out the garage door track and pinpoint the reason for the damage. We do not recommend any do-it-yourself repairs on your off-tracked garage door. Garage door cables and springs are under an immense amount of pressure.

Off-track door repair
Off-track door repair

garage door repairBecause of this, we recommend leaving this repair to the professionals. We have the necessary skills, tools, and experience to repair a garage door that has fallen off its track safely.

We take the following steps when diagnosing and repairing a door that fell off its tracks:

  • Inspect the door tracks for damage before aligning them properly and reattaching them.
  • Provide quality work to re-adjust and balance the roller alignment
  • Clean and lubricate the tracks.
  • Inspect the garage door system after the repair to ensure it is fully functional.

Repairing a garage door that fell off its tracks is a reasonably straightforward process that involves alignment and lubrication. Our garage door experts have fixed thousands of off-track issues for homeowners. Our experience and skills make the repair process fast and easy. Call us immediately if your garage door falls off its track. We pride ourselves on being a successful business owner with over ten years of repair and service experience.

local garage door services denverOther Garage Door Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Now that you are an expert at garage door track maintenance, it is time to learn a few simple ways to care for your entire garage, from your garage door remotes to the hinges, hardware, and the garage door itself.

garage maintenance service
365/7/24 Garage Door Maintenance Service In Denver, CO
  1. Keep the area around your garage door clean and tidy – One of the most critical safety features on your entire garage door system, the photo eye sensor, is located a few inches from the floor on either or both sides of the garage door. If your child or pet runs under the door while it is closing, the door will stop in its tracks. The door will not function properly if there are any obstructions in front of the photo eye sensor, including your parked car or a box of Christmas decorations.
  2. Test your Garage door’s balance – When it is not balanced, it is not only a safety hazard. The door will also damage other critical components, including the hardware and hinges, and might even lead to a broken spring. To test the door’s balance, disconnect the garage door opener and pull the red cord to release the door. Manually pull down the garage door until it is halfway closed. A balanced door will remain in place. If the door falls, there is an issue that garage door company technicians should address.
  3. Repair or replace any damaged components right away – From a bent or corroded track to damaged hardware or hinges and even a broken glass pane on your garage door, always repair or replace any missing or damaged garage door parts immediately, as these damaged garage door parts pose a serious safety hazard.
  4. Upgrade Your garage door Remotes when necessary – In addition to upgrading the remote and wall switch when they become damaged, it is always advisable to purchase a multi-code replacement when you move into a new home. The previous homeowner could still have a working multi-code remote that can be used to access the door without your permission.
  5. Clean the garage door – Your garage doors are the focal point of your home and exterior. Your commercial and residential doors should be periodically cleaned to prevent unnecessary wear, tear, and corrosion. Grab your garden hose, a stiff brush, and a large bucket of soapy water. Wet the door sections with the hose before removing any dirt or debris with the wet, soapy sponge. Don’t forget to clean between the garage door sections, hardware, and hinges, with soapy water.

call garage door services near meCall Ben’s Garage Door in Denver, CO!

Whatever your garage door needs, from a simple garage door repair to a complicated garage door installation, the professional technicians at Ben’s Garage Door in Denver, Colorado, have all your garage door repair needs covered. We have proudly served your friends and neighbors in the Front Range and Denver, Colorado, area for over ten years and are fully stocked with a wide variety of garage door parts necessary to complete any garage door repair.

Ben’s Garage Door team is ready to take your call if you want a company that provides unparalleled friendly service, carries the top brands in the garage door industry, and even offers same-day service.

garage door near meServices Offered by Ben’s Garage Door of Denver

The technicians at Ben’s Garage Door in Denver, Colorado, are highly trained and skilled in a wide variety of areas. We can handle any garage door repair you throw at us. No job or project is too big or small for our fantastic crew.

garage door repair nearbyRepair

At Ben’s Garage Door, we can cover all your garage door repair needs. This includes emergency repair and replacement of your commercial doors and residential doors. We are a full-service garage door company, and whether you need to swap out a broken extension spring or have a new door opener installed, we are there to handle all our customer’s repair and replacement needs. Unlike the other garage door service companies, we won’t keep you waiting on the weekends. We provide weekend and emergency repair services throughout Denver, Colorado, and the Front Range.

garage door installation denverInstallation

A complete garage door installation can be complicated and is definitely not a DIY project. The team at Ben’s Garage Door specializes in garage door opener and garage door installation. We only carry and sell products from the top brands and will install the highest quality hardware and components on your Denver or Front Range, Colorado home. Some of the brands and companies we proudly sell stock in Denver, CO, include:

  • Chamberlin
  • LiftMaster
  • Stanley
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Northwest Doors
  • Martin Garage Doors

Whether you need brand-new residential doors or commercial doors, the crew at Ben’s Garage Door in Denver, Colorado, has you covered.

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100% Customer Satisfaction in Denver, CO

garage door maintenance denverMaintenance

From emergency maintenance to planned maintenance, the team at Ben’s Garage Door offers a wide variety of Denver maintenance and repair services. The maintenance call includes a thorough 15-point inspection. During this inspection, we check every component of your Denver garage doors, from the front spring to the bearing and the hardware.

If any maintenance or repair is required, the installation will not be completed before you are provided with a detailed estimate of the overall cost of the repairs. Rest assured that the installation will be unmatched if you require any service on your Denver commercial or residential garage doors. This is because we always put the needs of our residential and commercial customers first.

garage door opener repair denverGarage door openers

We service and provide the installation of the top garage door opener brands in the industry, including Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlin, and LiftMaster. Because we only install the highest quality hardware, you can rest assured that your newly installed garage door openers will always be efficient and provide you with the convenience you would expect from these top brands.

hire garage door technician denverA Garage Door Repair and Replacement Company that Puts Its Customers First

From installing several new commercial doors on the structures of a small business owner to hanging that fantastic new garage door on your residential property, the professionals at Ben’s Garage Door Service in Denver, Colorado, have you covered. We always put the needs and concerns of our customers first and strive to give our customers the very best experience possible.

With over ten years of experience repairing, installing, replacing, and maintaining residential and commercial doors, we are ready to install a new opener, repair your broken springs, and service all your garage door needs.

garage door tracks faqNeed help determining which garage door is the optimal focal point for your property? We are stocked with the best equipment for residential and commercial doors in the garage door industry. Our customers have always been pleasantly surprised by all the garage door parts our quality garage door company carries.

Once you choose the right garage door system for your residential or commercial property, our technicians will expertly install the components in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

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“Thank you, Gabriel, for your quick response and fixing the rollers, sensors, and code pad control of our garage door. It’s working great now. We highly recommend this guy. He was quick, professional, has a great attitude, and a sense of humor.”

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