Does your garage door have any pending off-track issues? Ben’s Garage Doors is the leading solutions provider when it comes to garage door off-track repair. Garage door off-track is a common garage door system problem caused by constant lifting. Unfortunately, a garage door that goes off the track reduces functionality, and the garage may fail to open or close.

Ben’s Garage Doors hires the best experts in the industry to work on different aspects of garage door repair.

Off Track Repair

Causes of Garage Door Off-Track

Garage doors can come off their tracks and hit the ground for several reasons. A garage door off-track is a dangerous situation that could lead to injury and more door injury. Below are the common problems that might have caused your garage door off-track.

  • Bad Rollers

Garage door rollers allow the door to move up and down easily. However, they can also become wobbly and frozen in place. The rollers can completely wear out or fall out of place. A single damaged roller can cause your door to come off the track.

  • Bad Bearings

Unprofessional bearing at the top of the track can also cause the garage door to come off its path.

  • Broken Garage Door Springs

Operating a garage door with a beaten spring causes one side of the door to bear the load and may fall off under the door’s weight.

  • Damaged Doors

If a garage door is damaged around the bottom or top edge of a panel, it can cause a garage door off-track.

garage door off track repair

A garage door comes off under the following situations;

Intense Impact

The intense impact could occur from accidentally hitting the garage door hard with your car. Depending on the damage, garage door repair may suffice. We could also replace the whole garage door system, including the tracks.

Loose Hardware

Unfortunately, garage doors are also susceptible to gradual tear and wear. The garage door’s constantly up and down movement causes the bolts and nuts holding the door to loosen. Subsequently, this places stress on different door parts, leading to an eventual garage door off-track.

Unobstructed Track

Causing an obstruction can make the garage door come off the track and also fall.

Broken Lift Cable

This is a common problem, primarily if you operate an old garage door that has not been used in a while. If the door’s alignment is disturbed for any reason, the garage door cable won’t line up in the drum as intended and may break with no warning.

Misaligned Tracks

This happens when the bolts holding the horizontal tracks loosen. It then causes the bracket to wobble at the door’s slightest vibrations.

Types of Garage Tracks
A bulk of garage tracks in Denver

Types of Garage Tracks

When installing a garage door, it is important to know the type of track you want for a simple installation. It is also wise to know the kind of track you have when calling in for professional repair. The standard garage track types include;

  • Standard lift track with torsion springs
  • Low headroom double track
  • High lift track
  • Roof pitch track
  • Vertical lift track.

We repair and service all kinds of garage door tracks in Denver.

Garage Door Off-Track Services

The reason for a garage door to go off-track could be a broken garage door cable. A garage door cable helps to equalize the door’s weight and ensure it is moving as intended. However, if any garage door cables are damaged, you may experience a garage door off-track issue, which may also ruin the garage door’s appearance.

Our specialists can repair your off-track situation regardless of how severe it is. An off-track garage door is not only less appealing visually but also dangerous and unstable. We do not recommend any DIY repairs on your off-tracked door. Garage door cables and springs are under a large amount of pressure. As such, it is dangerous to attempt a DIY garage door repair.

We have the necessary skills and tools to repair a garage door off-track issue professionally and safely. When we come to you, expect us to do the following;

  • Inspect the door tracks for damage before aligning them properly and reattaching them to the surfaces
  • Re-adjust and balance the roller alignment
  • Clean and lubricate the tracks
  • Inspect the garage door system after the repair to ensure it is fully functional.

Repairing a garage door off-track is a reasonably easy process that involves alignment and lubrication. Our garage door experts have fixed thousands of off-track issues for homeowners. Our experience and skills make the repair process fast and easy.

garage door service

Garage Door Installation and Servicing

We also install new garage systems if your existing garage door system is damaged beyond repair. Moreover, we provide regular maintenance to keep your garage door in perfect shape constantly and avoid frequent repairs.

Fast and Efficient Repair

We repair the garage door track situation in the shortest time possible to allow your resume operation in your garage. Rest assured, our technicians will be out of your hair before you realize it.

24/7 Emergency Repair

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we avail our services to our clients at all times of the day. If your garage door goes off-track at unexpected hours, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Our technicians and trucks are always on standby to come to you at your hour of need.

Skilled Repair Staff

Our team comprises highly trained, qualified, and skilled specialists who handle every project professionally. Whether you need repair for the entire garage door system or the garage off-track situation, we have a team of differently skilled experts to handle even the toughest of repairs.

We Work with All Brands

Regardless of the type and model of your garage door, we will still repair and service it. We have serviced and fixed almost all garage door brands. We understand each garage door in and out, giving the advantage with virtually any brand and model.

Licensed and Insured

Ben’s Garage Doors is a fully certified and insured garage door company serving residential clients in Denver and the surrounding towns.

Hire An Expert

If your garage door goes off-track, avoid attempting DIY repairs. Call our Denver garage door experts to provide professional garage door repair services for ant garage door off-track issues.

Ben’s Garage Doors provide expert garage door repairs in Denver Metro Area. Our garage door experts can repair and install any garage door brand. Moreover, we can replace all garage door parts, including the garage door opener, sensors, spring, rollers, and other components.

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