Broken Tension Cables-HELP OUT

A while ago, a client from the Federal Heights area called us about a snapped tension cable. We sent our specialists to assess and repair the damage. Our experts discovered that the cables had frayed over time and had not been serviced in a long time.

Fortunately, our specialists recommended immediate replacement, which the client complied with. The experts replaced the cable and advised the client to consider scheduled maintenance to avoid unexpected garage door problems.

Garage Door Repair Thornton, CO

Garage Doors has served residents in Thornton and the surrounding area with the best garage door services for over a decade. We are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing garage
doors and garage door parts. Our garage door services are quality and guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

It is a licensed and insured company repairing garage doors and supplying replacement parts to clients in Thornton. We have been serving locals with professional services for over a decade. Our
experience, coupled with a growing network of satisfied clients, has gained us a solid reputation as the best garage door contractors in Thornton, CO, and the surrounding areas.

You can be sure we are the best choice when looking for the best garage door repair and installation company in Thornton. Call us with your garage door needs today. Rest assured, we are ready to listen and assist when you need help the most.

Garage Door Repair in Thornton Co
Garage Door Services in Thornton, CO

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Thornton

A garage door is prone to tear and wear, primarily due to the constant opening and closing. However, some damages tend to be unforeseen and cause an inconvenience. A broken garage door spring is one of the most notorious garage door problems that garage door owners face. Garage Doors is here to
help you.

If you have a broken garage door spring, a door off-track situation, or damaged panels, Garage Doors are the go& not;-to the company for your repair needs. We provide emergency garage door repair services for the most unexpected damages.

Our repair experts will readjust and realign your doors to a normal position when it comes to an off-track situation. If you have a broken garage door spring, we will replace it with high-end replacement parts from the best brands in the market. A broken garage door spring restricts a garage door’s movement.

If you notice any damages to your garage door spring, we do not recommend attempting a DIY repair, which exposes you to severe injury and property damage.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of customers to show for it, we are confident that you will want and be pleased with our garage door repair services. In addition, we service and maintain all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. Call us anytime for quick, reliable, and affordable garage door repair service in Thornton.

New Garage Door Sale and Installation

If your current garage is too old or damaged beyond repair, it is time to consider a replacement. Other signs that you need professional garage door replacement include;

  • Frequent garage door breakdowns and repairs (which become costly)
  • Your garage door design is outdated
  • Your garage door lacks efficiency and safety features
  • Your garage door is having major issues.

Need new garage installation services? Garage Doors provides the solution just for that. Based on the information above, you need a professional company to help you replace your existing door with the best replacement parts.

Garage Doors recommends, supplies, and installs garage doors from top-of-the-line American brands such as Chamberlain, DoorLink, Martin, Northwest Doors, and CHI Overhead Doors. Our expert staff can help you choose the ideal garage door replacement for your application. Contact if you need quality installations, whether metal, glass, wood, faux wood, vinyl, or insulated garage doors.

garage door keypad
Garage door keypads in Thornton, CO

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Garage Doors also installs top-quality garage door parts from reputable manufacturers. We are a Liftmaster authorized supplier and installation expert, meaning we can replace your existing damaged or broken garage door openers with the latest Liftmaster garage door openers.

The openers come in different options based on strength, durability, features, and performance. Our Liftmaster garage door openers come in varying horsepower levels and drive systems, each designed for different usages and home types.

Diamond Springs

If you have a broken garage door spring, chances are your garage door won’t open easily. A garage door spring is responsible for your door’ Is proper functioning. Unfortunately, most of these garage door problems are connected. However, if you have a broken garage door spring, your first instinct should be to call for replacement. Garage Doors is a Diamond Springs authorized dealer. We recommend, sell, and install quality springs from Diamond Springs.

Contact Garage Doors

If you have any garage door needs and queries, we are always ready to help. It is a locally owned and operated garage door repair company serving Thornton and the surrounding towns. Call us today to schedule maintenance, repair, or door installation.

faq garage door
Garage Door Services – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my garage door back on track after pulling the red cord?

Within four steps, it is possible to reconnect your garage door;

The first step is to hit the door button. Most units will reconnect themselves. However, if this does not work for you, move on to the next step

  • Go to the interior of the garage door. Check the release handle to ensure it is on track. Ensure the sensors are working properly
  • Pull back on the release cord. When you pull the cord, you may notice the lever moving up and down. You may have to move the cord to the appropriate location, depending on your model
  • The last step is to push the button to check if it works. Your door should open or close easily if it is
  • Working correctly. You can recheck the connection at the top of it not working correctly.

What does it mean when your garage door won’t close?

If your garage door won’t close, here are some of the possible explanations;

  • Faulty safety sensors
  • Dirty sensors
  • Dead transmitter battery
  • Damaged tracks
  • The tracks are not aligned

The transmitter doesn’t work correctly

Broken tension springs or cables. It is crucial to call in an expert company to help you check for deeper routed problems that may be hard to