Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply has served residents in Thornton, CO, and its surrounding areas, from Castle Rock to the larger Denver metro area, for over a decade now with the best garage door services available. At Ben’s, our team is highly-trained and certified experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing garage doors. Our garage door services are of the utmost quality, performed with genuine care and attention to detail, and fully guaranteed to satisfy your needs and wants.

Garage Door Repair Thornton, CO

highly rated garage door company thorntonAt Ben’s, we are a licensed and insured company that specializes in repairing garage doors and supplying replacement parts to our clients in Thornton, CO, and beyond. We have been serving locals with professional services for over a decade now, and in that time have garnered an immensely vocal base of customers who speak passionately of our services in their reviews.

all garage door servicesWe are immensely dedicated to ensuring that we deliver the absolute best job that we possibly can, every single time, and ensuring that your customers are as satisfied as they can possibly be with the final garage door product. Our ten-plus years of experience working in this fashion, coupled with a growing network of satisfied clients, has gained us a solid reputation as the best garage door contractors in Thornton, CO, and the surrounding areas.

You can rest assured that Ben’s is the best choice when you find yourself in need of garage door repair, garage door replacement, or garage door installation in Thornton, CO. Contact our team with your garage door needs today by phone, and rest assured in the knowledge that we are ready to listen and assist you in any way we can.

glass double doors

emergency garage door thorntonThe Personal Element of a Garage Door

Because as commonly used and routine as a garage door may seem, it is a strangely intimate thing. A garage door is a primary door through which your exterior world, that of work and grocery shopping and everything beyond the boundaries of your home, connects to the interior world of your house. For both your convenience and your safety, it is imperatively important that your garage door not only be working but fully functioning at all times.

damaged door thornton coGarage Door Damages

A garage door is prone to tear and wear, primarily due to the constant opening and closing. However, some damages tend to be harder to immediately see or quantify and, if left unchecked, can cause massive and often quite costly inconveniences down the road.

get a free quoteA broken garage door spring is one of the most notorious garage door problems that garage door owners face. For as physically minute of an issue as a broken spring may appear, it can lead to much larger, systemic issues with your garage door if left unresolved. Fixing a broken spring immediately is not costly or extensive, and our team of garage door pros at Ben’s Garage Doors is more than prepared to do it for you at an exceedingly fair price. But if left unchecked, such a problem can quickly escalate and become a much more labor-intensive and high-cost repair job or even lead to necessitating a full-blown replacement of the garage door.

Obviously, no one wants that to happen. So if you have a broken garage door spring, a door off-track situation, or damaged panels, Ben’s is the go-to company for your repair needs. We provide emergency garage door repair services for the most unexpected of damages so that we can be there for you when you need us most.

garage door springs repair

garage door repair thornton coBen’s Garage Door Repairs

Our repair experts are more than capable of readjusting and/or realigning your garage doors to a normal position when it comes to an off-track situation and are also more than prepared to replace any damaged and/or broken springs or wheels. This way, they are assessing and repairing any damage done, as well as actively preventing any further damage from occurring.

garage door repalcementIf you have a broken garage door spring, we will replace it with high-end replacement parts from the best brands in the market. A broken garage door spring restricts a garage door’s movement and, as mentioned, only makes everything much more difficult for you in the long run. At Ben’s, we want your garage door to both work as efficiently as it can and to make life easier for you, not harder.

Thus, if you notice any damages to your garage door spring, we do not recommend attempting a DIY repair, which exposes you to severe injury and property damage.

experienced garage door services thornton coBen’s Decade-Plus Experience and Certifications

With over a decade of experience and thousands of customers to show for it, we are confident that you will want and be pleased with our garage door repair services. In addition, we service and maintain all brands of new garage doors and garage door openers. Call us anytime for a quick, reliable, and affordable garage door repair service in Thornton.

If your current garage is too old or damaged beyond repair, it is time to consider a replacement. Other signs that you need professional garage door replacement include;

  • Frequent garage door breakdowns and repairs (which become costly)
  • Your garage door design is outdated
  • Your garage door lacks efficiency and safety features
  • Your garage door is having major issues.

garage door installation services thornton coNeed new garage installation services? Garage Doors provides the solution just for that. Based on the information above, you need a professional company to help you replace your existing door with the best replacement parts.

Ben’s Garage Doors recommends, supplies, and installs garage doors from top-of-the-line American brands such as Chamberlain, DoorLink, Martin, Northwest Doors, and CHI Overhead Doors. Our expert staff can help you choose the ideal garage door replacement for your application. Contact Ben’s if you need quality installations, whether metal, glass, wood, faux wood, vinyl, or insulated garage doors.

garage door opener repair thorntonGarage Door Repairs/Services We Perform to Offer Garage Door Solutions

garage door springs-2

broken garage spring in thorntonGarage Door Spring Replacement

Dealing with a broken spring on your garage door can not only be a tremendous and inconvenient hassle, but it can also be exceedingly dangerous. That’s why here at Ben’s, our garage doctor team of professionals is more than ready to expertly, safely, and efficiently replace your garage door’s broken spring and even offer you a lifetime warranty on our Diamond door springs!

garage door opener replacement thorntonGarage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

Beyond just garage door repair, replacement, and installation, Ben’s team of garage door pros is also more than equipped to perform garage door opener repair or replacement work.

Your garage door opener may seem like a comparatively small component of the garage door ecosystem when compared to the much larger, heavy-lifting mechanics of the garage door. But in reality, your garage door is the key that makes the entire system work and is worthwhile. Without a functioning garage door opener, the entire garage door might as well be falling to bits.

garage door company in thorntonThat’s why at Ben’s, our team of garage door pros knows that a new opener can make all the difference. Fitting you with a new garage door opener or repairing your existing one to work like new would be our pleasure, and we can fix it up in an extremely timely manner, to get you back to what matters in no time flat.

From Castle Rock to the larger Denver Metro Area, if you find yourself in need of a new opener or garage door opener repair, call Ben’s, and one of our garage doctor team will happily be there to assist you!

garage door alignmentRealigning Garage Doors that Are Off Track

Much like the garage door springs or your garage door opener, the wheels of a garage door are a small yet incredibly vital piece of the larger working machinery that keeps your garage door working at its best and fastest settings. You no doubt have a busy, hectic life full of obligations both at home and at work, and the last thing you need to be worried about is something that should be servicing you and your needs, such as your garage door.

we love thornton coThat’s why Ben’s team of garage door pros also offers garage door services, such as realigning or entirely replacing your garage doors in the event that the wheels get off-track. Whether you’re dealing with a major brand garage door, your own personal garage door, or even a commercial garage door, it is obscenely dangerous to use a garage door that had come off its track. Continued usage of such a garage door could easily result in extensive damage to you, your garage door, and your home.

So if you are experiencing these difficulties, let our team of garage door pros at Ben’s ensure that you and your property are safe from harm by realigning your garage door wheels and ensuring that it is not only safe for use but guaranteed to be performing at its most optimum capabilities.

stop ignoring garage issuesOther Garage Door Difficulties

Our specialists at Ben’s have a tried-and-true method of deducing exactly what is wrong with a faulty garage door system. There is absolutely no shame in not being able to immediately identify exactly what is wrong with your garage door. In a machine ecosystem as vast as this, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different elements at play. So if you feel that your garage door isn’t working the way it should be, simply call us at Ben’s, and we will happily come out to take a look at it.

garage door team near meOur team of garage door pros is certified to diagnose any potential threats or problems that might be lingering via our business owner’s trademark deduction system:

  • Assessing the manual components for signs of wear (hinges, rollers, pulleys, chains, and more)
  • Adjusting spring tension and lubing springs to ensure their functionality
  • Lubing and adjusting the tracks, hinges, and rollers
  • Servicing the garage door openers
  • Inspecting weather seals around the garage door and the door’s bottom seal to ensure it makes a tight seal when you close it.

If our team does find any faulty, underperforming, or broken parts, we will absolutely tell you and suggest the fastest and most reliable solution to such a problem. And if we don’t find any issues, we’re also happy to simply come out, talk with you about your concerns, and see if there is any service we can offer to better your experience with your own garage door.

new garage door installation

garage door replacement in thornton coGarage Door Replacement

Of course, in the event that a garage door is broken and/or damaged beyond repair, our team of garage doctor-certified pros at Ben’s is also more than capable of performing full-blown garage door replacement and new garage door installation.

ben's prosAt Ben’s Garage Doors, we install the best garage door system for your residential and commercial property. In addition, we can take care of every detail, from overhead door selection to complete garage door installation and custom finishing.

overhead door installation thornton coWe install different types of overhead doors, including;

  • Wood garage doors
  • Metal garage doors
  • Residential garage doors
  • Commercial garage doors
  • Sectional steel doors

residential garage door services thontonAnd many more. Whether your existing door is broken or you simply feel it is time to upgrade, our team at Ben’s will work inclusively with you to ensure that your new garage door is everything you want and more, both in its form and in its content. Because, as important as it is to have a fully functioning, working garage door that operates at exceedingly efficient speeds to make your life that much easier and optimized, your door should also be something you enjoy looking at.

A garage door makes up a significant portion of the face of your home. It is the single largest piece of hardware that people see as they drive by, and more importantly, that you see when you come home every day. You deserve to be welcomed home by something you find beautiful and enjoy looking at, something that truly welcomes you home.

ben's prosThat’s why at Ben’s, we offer so many different solutions to your new doors predicament and garage problems. We want the garage door solutions we bring to your home to be as unique and customized to you and your needs as they possibly can be.

Why You Should Hire Ben’s Team of Garage Door Pros

garage door replacement services denver co

speedy garage door services thorntonThe Fastest Garage Door Repairs/Service in the Denver Metro Area

At Ben’s, we offer same-day service for an emergency repair in the Denver area. So if you find yourself in desperate need of a repairman or technician, simply call Ben’s. Our phones are ready and waiting for you twenty-four hours a day.

In this way, you can ensure the safety of your garage with the always-prepared and professional repair team from Ben’s. At Ben’s, we fully equip our trucks with various replacement parts for your garage system.

top garage door servicesThe Best, Most High-Quality Garage Doors Available

At Ben’s, our team proudly supplies the best and most consistently reliable brands in the industry. The new garage doors we install are made with the highest standards of craftsmanship, with an eye towards not only utility but also pleasing your eye as well. These touches allow us to add refined elegance to your Denver home with one of our many modern designs.

These high-quality garage doors not only improve your curb appeal but also just make your home a more welcoming place for you to return to after a long day away. Your garage door is such a significant portion of the face of your house, the main thing you’re going to be staring at as you come home, so it should be something you enjoy looking at.

In addition to all of this, our team is also uniquely qualified to offer the absolute best warranty on American-made garage doors for Denver homeowners.

garage door specialists

trained team thornton coHighly Trained Employees

We don’t call our specialists and technicians here at Ben’s garage door pros for no reason. Our staff is highly trained, with a combined total of decades of hard-earned experience repairing and servicing garage doors. No task is too complex, no job too big, and no job is too small. For our team, it is all about servicing the customer in the best way possible, which is why we exclusively employ highly-trained and certified experts in their field who are more than capable of delivering an unforgettable experience for you that leaves you with a high-performing, long-lasting garage door.

This is also why we’re able to promise you such fast response rates and such great service because, at Ben’s, we fully believe in each and every one of our employees. We’ve seen them work and deliver outstanding results for years now.

all garage doors repairOur Team Services and Repairs All Garage Door Brands

In our decade-plus of experience as one of Thornton, CO’s leading garage door service providers, we have worked with several garage door companies. In that time, we have worked alongside and gotten essential insight into the installation and servicing of leading door brands such as CHI Garage Doors, DoorLink Garage Doors, Northwest Doors, and Martin Garage Doors.

At Ben’s, we work with the best and most innovative garage door companies to ensure that we can turn around and offer you the best garage door systems and solutions with the greatest level of both insight and foresight.

licensed insured garage door company thorntonOur Team is Licensed and Insured

Our local service is licensed, insured, and certified to provide commercial and residential garage door service in the Denver metro area, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

liftmaster garage for opener

authorized liftmaster dealer thornton coWe are an Authorized Dealer of Liftmaster

Liftmaster is the leading brand of openers for residential and commercial doors alike. As your one-stop shop for your garage door needs, our service tech can supply and install a new opener for your overhead door from the most heavily praised and reliable brand of openers on the market.

authorized by diamond springsWe are an Authorized Dealer of Diamond Springs

Similarly to how Liftmaster dominates their respective field, so does Diamond Springs in the world of garage door springs. At Ben’s, we work with the best in the business so that we can provide our customers with the best in the business, which is how we’re able to offer lifetime guarantees on products such as our Diamond Springs.

best garage door in townNo Other Team Works Like Ben’s

No other team in the Thornton, CO area is as highly trained, efficient, or works as hard for you as Ben’s team of garage door pros. For further proof of this, look no further than the sampling of reviews below.

Reviews of Ben’s from Thornton, CO, and Beyond

nancy pThe best garage door repair company in Thornton!

“I have been using the services of this garage door repair company in Thornton for several years, and I must say that they are amazing! They are highly knowledgeable and experienced in repairs, installation, and maintenance of all types of garage doors. They have always provided prompt and excellent service, even going out of their way to make sure that everything is done correctly.”

james pQuick response to garage door repairs with same-day service!

“I highly recommend Ben’s service. My neighbor was having his garage door replaced, and I asked the technician that was there, Ben, to look at my remote when he had the time. He came to my home and right away diagnosed the problem. Ben called his office, they sent a technician, and within 90 minutes, he replaced both our cables and fixed the remote in about 40 minutes and for a reasonable cost too. These guys are the BEST!!!”

liz bA reliable garage door company that responds in a timely manner!

“I called Friday night because my garage door did open.

He came over and said the spring was broken. Luckily he was able to fix it right away. All thanks to him having all the tools and all sizes of springs. This guy is super professional!!! Ask for Alex!!”

yoram tColorado garage door repair company at a fair price

“I called yesterday to Ben’s. To order springs, and they told me they can install them for me the same day. The tech came over to my garage with all tools and parts and replaced my springs really quickly and very cleanly. Thank you guys! I appreciate your service and highly recommend the company.”

richardsonsBen’s fixes broken garage doors with a fast and easy install at a great price!

“The garage door broke. The springs were old. Came out the same night to replace the springs. They are more stiff/heavy-duty with a lifetime warranty! Came back and had to replace the plastic part today. Fixed the opener so it’s working now! Missed having a working garage door. Thank You! Will use it again -love that I have the sticker to remind me who to call!”

avi bSuper professional garage door service goes the extra mile and offers good advice!

“Ben was the second technician we called to address a seemingly simple fix that became complicated rather quickly. Ben’s expertise and knowledge in garage doors, openers, repairs, and installations were evident from the moment he diagnosed the problem to repairs. He’s efficient, inventive, and a proactive problem-solver. The office is also great. My interaction with Talia was pleasant. Matt arrived at the job site within an hour, making my otherwise crummy day a bit brighter.”

martha dVery satisfied with their garage door repairs and regular maintenance!

“I must admit that I usually call major garage door repair services in Thornton, but today they were closed! I was lucky to have this place open on Sunday since my garage door broke – it literally saved my work day!”

sivan bThey have the best garage door openers in Thornton, CO!

“I found Ben’s on google and went to check it out. I received excellent customer service. I was also surprised by the great prices and selection of Liftmaster openers. I am guaranteed to be calling back and highly recommend checking them out yourself.”

frank zFantastic job fixing the garage door!

“Responded quickly to our request for repair. Came when he said and was on time. Repair completed reasonably. Would definitely recommend it and use it again. Thank you!”

brea bQuality garage door service for broken spring and wheel replacement!

“Our garage door had a wheel drop off late Thursday night (yes, on Thanksgiving) on our rental property. We called Ben’s on Friday morning. They could not have been more helpful and professional. They had a team at our house by noon on Friday. Ben and his co-worker were very thorough and walked us through what needed to be done and explained why. They kept us abreast the whole time. Also, they discussed annual maintenance, which they provide for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Ben’s.”

gana vaWhen your garage door breaks, call Ben’s garage door repair and installation!

“Great shop, and super knowledgeable, when I came to the shop I was greeted right away, I had lots of questions because I just started fixing garage doors and they had the patience for me and went down to details, I would definitely be back to get my springs and openers. Thank you 10/10”

shelby tA garage doctor team with real garage door solutions

“I want to thank you so much for Ben’s service. I love working with them. The reason is all the parts are way quality than others. Good service, good price, good people, and excellent support. Thanks again!!!!”

mohamad kGreat service from a professional company that makes all the difference to your garage door!

“The technician was great to work with. He was no pressure, super knowledgeable, and very friendly. They provided great service and value. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a new garage door or for garage door repair.”

anat zBen’s serves up the best quality service at a very reasonable price!

“The quality of Ben’s Service Denver is excellent, and the installation is smooth. However, there has been an issue due to the level of the floor, which required an extra visit and remedial work to stop long-term damage to the door mechanism. This was efficiently remedied.”

smith wGarage door installations with a custom garage door

“A good job is done. Very pleased with the design, good work by the people to lay the base and erect the Ben’s in Denver. Very helpful and prompt and professional.”

sibu bGarage door industry leader with precision garage door installation and greatly limited warranties

“Good service, guy on phone was really nice and helpful. Arrived within the time given, and Ben’s team was very polite and efficient. Would definitely recommend this company.”

Merry sThe only garage doctor team I trust to fix my garage door installation!

“Our options were thoroughly explained by the excellent technician. He has a huge color palette at his disposal. The installers were excellent; they installed the garage door perfectly, clearly explained how it worked, and made no mess.”

zack xTwo new garage doors and incredible experiences with this garage door service team!

“Outstanding service. This is the second time I have used them, and they have been prompt, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Their service repairmen, in both instances, were fast and professional. I highly recommend this company.”

o'reiliy'sNew doors with style and easy garage door installation

“This is an excellent service in Denver. Extremely efficient at all times, lovely to deal with on every level. They have fitted a huge garage door that works beautifully and looks great. I recommend them highly.”

mishka faimBest garage door service in the Denver Metro Area!

“I called Garage Door & Gates Repair because they had been recommended by a friend. They came the next after I called day and fixed my garage door quickly. The door now works smoother than it did before the needed repair. Definitely recommend this company”

chenana rNew door, new opener, and more from one of the best garage door companies in Thornton, CO!

“Ben’s technicians arrived promptly. As usual, he provided extensive detail. The finished door and motor trim are beautiful, so his efforts were well worth it. Workers praised the installation crew for a job well done.”

boris jIncredible garage door service from the business owner and his team

“They come to install & repair the doors. The quality of his service was outstanding. He made sure everything was perfect before concluding. The doors look great. I would recommend this company and hopefully (Ben, the business owner) as well as he was fantastic.”

shaun pWonderful job replacing the garage door opener!

“Our old Lift master motor was packed in, and we found buying and fixing a new one very costly, so we bought a new one and then looked around for someone to do the fitting. Ben’s service was the best price and was fast and efficient with the fitting, saving us several hundred!”

mike rGarage door repairs at an honest, fair price!

“Amazing garage door repair job! He installed our new garage door opener promptly and made sure that we understood how everything worked, and our keyless entry was set up properly. If there were any changes from the original quote, he made sure we knew about it before proceeding!!”

mahsi aFrom a broken spring to garage door installation to garage door repair, Ben’s does it all!

“Excellent service. They fixed my garage door problem perfectly. They did a great job. Our service technician came to our home today. He called to inform us he was on the way and showed up during the scheduled time frame. Highly recommend.”

paris hOther shops can’t compare to this very professional company!

“WOW …. Amazing! Arrived early and cracked on I am over the moon with my favorite garage door … The whole service from choosing and fitting 1st class Also received a call after fitting. NO QUESTION BRILLIANT SERVICE!”

ana bWhen your garage door breaks, call the best garage door services in Thronton, CO!

“Thank you, Gabriel, for your quick response and fixing the rollers, sensors, and the code pad of our garage. It’s working great now. We highly recommend this guy 👍 Quick, professional, has a great attitude and a sense of humor 😁”

yevgeni nYou might as well call it speedy’s garage door repair!

“Gabriel was very friendly and helpful. He was able to answer the technical questions I had, was quick with the installation, interactive with my family ( you can imagine with kids), and was polite during the entire service. Also, after he had left we had one more request about the door opening height, and he returned right away to adjust it. Thank you for the great service Gabriel, speedy’s garage door repair!”

gregory nBen’s offers garage door solutions from pros!

“I called the company to repair my garage. The technician arrived on time and was very knowledgeable about garage doors. I will recommend this service to my friends and my family.”

baruch ashkenaziSome of the best customer service I’ve had in the past year and excellent repair services!

“I highly recommend Ben’s. They helped me to get a great business plan for my self-storage business. They offered excellent customer service and were really patient with me. highly recommend…!!”

steve aThe business owner is great and the garage door service is top-notch!

“Friendly and professional. Arrived early, took less than 5 minutes, and charged a very reasonable rate to open my closed garage doors. Would highly recommend and definitely use it again…”