Homeowners need to know how to properly maintain their garage doors and openers and fix them when problems arise. Below are some common issues homeowners experience with their garage doors and openers, along with advice on what to do to prevent these issues from occurring again.

Tips For Preventing Common Problems With Garage Doors and Openers

Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

The garage door opener is a common malfunctioning element in most garage doors. When this element malfunctions, the garage door will make unusual noises as it moves up and down. To avoid this problem from happening again, homeowners should have the opener serviced at least once a year by a professional.

If the homeowner notices that their garage door fails to move up all the way, then they should adjust the force on the opener so that it is not too strong. Additionally, homeowners should place their emergency release handle within easy reach if they need to open the garage door manually.

mulfunctioned garage door

Garage Door Will Not Open

When a garage door does not open, the problem usually has either a broken spring or stripped gears in their garage door’s motor. To avoid this problem from occurring again, homeowners should ask a technician to inspect and lubricate their door if it starts slowing down. If both springs break at once, homeowners should consider replacing the entire unit with a new one.

damaged garage door remote

Garage Door Opener Remote Not Working

A garage door opener remote that is not working may need new batteries. It can also have an electrical problem if one of its wires has become exposed. The homeowner should inspect the remote for this damage before inserting new batteries. This will ensure that it works appropriately to open or close the door.

Garage Door Falling Down

Garage Door Falling Down

If a homeowner hears an unusual noise when opening or closing the garage door, and it falls afterward, then their springs may have broken. It is also possible for the cables to snap or be misaligned in some other way. In this case, a professional garage door tech should inspect the opener and make any necessary repairs.

garage door cable repair

Garage Door Cable Snapping

When a garage door cable snaps, ouch! It can often strike the vehicle in the garage, causing damage. It’s also highly possible for someone to be seriously injured by this type of accident if they are standing under the falling garage door at that time. This problem can be prevented by installing safety cables on springs and regularly inspecting them.

garage off track

Garage Door Is Off Track

If a garage door is off track, it will not open all the way. It will also be difficult to close it if it does open all the way. The cables may have become misaligned or broken somehow, and the homeowner should seek professional help to solve this problem so that it does not lead to worse issues.

garage door balance problem

Garage Door Is Out Of Balance

A residential garage door that is out of balance will be hard to open and may make loud noises while doing so. You can resolve this problem by completing the following steps:

  1. Adjusting the opener’s force.
  2. Lubricating the tracks.
  3. Replacing parts as needed.

These steps will help the homeowner to prevent this problem from occurring again.

garage door opener noise

Garage Door Opener Is Noisy

When a garage door opener is noisy, it usually means that the gears are misaligned or need lubrication. The homeowner should ask a professional to inspect the opener for this problem and make necessary repairs. If they notice any stripped gears in their motor, they should replace the entire unit.

The homeowners can avoid experiencing any of these problems in the future by having their garage door serviced at least once per year. They should also take care when opening and closing their garage door to prevent it from falling off track or becoming unbalanced.

If you still have an issue with your garage door, contact us! We can fix your door to the best state possible.

garage door spring replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When a garage door spring breaks, we hope it never does; it is difficult for the homeowner to open or close their door on their own. It can also pose a danger if someone is standing under the garage door while it falls. The homeowner should ask a professional to inspect and replace these parts if they cannot do so themselves.

Garage door springs are what makes our garage doors work, but over time they will rust and need replacing. If you are having problems with the garage door springs, you should call a professional garage door company in Denver, or if you have an expert, replace it yourself or with a friend. If you don’t have experience, it is advised that you call a professional because if the springs break while you are trying to change them, people can seriously injure themselves or even die.

If your garage door spring broke, then you should seek a professional company as soon as possible because if the spring breaks at night when there is nobody around, someone can get seriously injured. You mustn’t attempt to open or close your garage door if the spring has broken because this can make the problem worse, and it will be difficult for a professional company to fix it!

garage door does not close

Garage Door Does Not Open All The Way

When a garage door does not open all the way, it is usually because something is stuck in its tracks or because one of its cables has snapped. The homeowner should inspect the tracks and cables to ensure nothing is obstructing them. If they can see nothing wrong, they should ask a professional to inspect and repair the door.

If a homeowner notices that their garage door does not open all the way, they should inspect it for obstructions first. If nothing is wrong with the tracks or cables, they should ask a professional to inspect and repair the door.

bent garage door

Garage Door Is Bent Or Damaged

If a homeowner notices that their garage door is bent or damaged, they should inspect it for structural damage. If there is no severe damage, the homeowner may make the necessary repairs themselves. However, they should take care not to try and force any bent panels back into place because they can easily snap off and cause further damage!

If a homeowner notices that their garage door is bent, they should inspect it for structural damage. If there is no severe damage, the homeowner may make the necessary repairs themselves. However, they should take care not to try and force any bent panels back into place because they can easily snap off and cause further damage!

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