Westminster, CO, is a fast-growing city with easy access to Denver and a clear-cut route to the foothills, and it remains one of the most comfortable places for Coloradans to rest their heads at night.

It also provides business owners and entrepreneurs with a thriving environment, but for home and business owners alike, owning property can come with many tedious responsibilities.

Garage Door Repair Westminster

So, when it comes to your garage doors, having a local garage door company in Westminster is crucial for continuous help and support when maintaining your property.

A Local Garage Door Service for Our Local Residents & Business Owners

Ben’s Garage Door Services is a family-owned and operated business offering high-quality garage door repair in Westminster, CO.

We come highly recommended and have established our reputation through our work with our customers, and these are relationships we only intend to grow.

With Ben’s technicians, whether you have a set of broken springs at your house or are seeking the best service available for commercial garage door installation options – our team is here to service the community!

wide garage door services westminister

Free Estimates on All Garage Door Services

Ben’s provides 24-hour garage door repair; we are available around the clock on an early Sunday morning or a late Tuesday night!

We understand garage doors are a primary entrance option for homes and businesses across Westminster, CO.

Every technician on our team is properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our crew has cultivated our experiences, continues to gain knowledge, and supplies local clients with modern garage door repair solutions!

Garage Door Replacement Vs. Garage Door Repair Westminster, CO

If you are currently experiencing problems with your garage doors or have ever experienced the need for garage door repairs once you end up with a surmounting number of issues to fix, customers begin to wonder if hiring techs to complete the job is worth it.

When there is an option for quick and straightforward installation, sometimes investing in a new garage door is more financially and logistically sound for homeowners and provides long-lasting comfort and convenience for everyone within the household.

But knowing your options and working with legitimate garage door repair and replacement experts can assist in making the most responsible decision.

triple garage door installation

Is it Time for a New Garage Door Installation?

When standard garage door repair services aren’t enough to restore your garage doors, contemplating the need for something new may be the next step.

It may be time to install a new garage door or hire garage door experts for a replacement if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • If there is extensive damage or door repair needs.
  • The garage door is working intermittently, cannot open or close, or slams shut, and is currently causing safety issues for the home or business.
  • Increased energy bills.
  • The garage doors are anywhere between 20 to 30 years old.
  • The garage door is noisy and interrupts your life whenever it is in operation.
  • You hope to change the property and enhance your curb appeal.

Fair Pricing on Garage Door Installation Solutions

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Westminster, CO, offers a vast selection of premium manufacturers for your new garage door, and we have a fully staffed crew of licensed technicians to complete the installation process seamlessly.

Our team can also assist in continuing garage door maintenance, as cleaning and maintaining your garage doors is essential throughout their lifespan!

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When are Garage Door Repairs the Better Option?

When your garage door breaks down, these problems can cause severe obstacles and stressors.

A great service offered through a local garage door repair company in Westminster can turn things around very quickly.

Ben’s Garage Door Service knows the ins and outs of garage doors; we have long been providing reliable garage door repair options to ensure everyone within the Westminster community has and will always maintain a safe and secure garage door alongside all its components.

Our crew is dedicated to offering free estimates on all garage door repair services, working around our client’s budgets, and completing a quick fix that offers long-term solutions!

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

If your springs have snapped and you are frantically online searching for garage door spring repair near me, look no further than Ben’s Garage Door repair solutions.

Your springs are an essential piece within your garage door structure as they are meant to retain and balance the weight of your garage door when opening and closing.

Without your garage door springs in operation, your garage doors cannot operate safely, and contacting a garage door repair service can restore security to the structure.

With Ben’s technicians, we take every job as it comes and are available every hour of the day for our customers – morning, afternoon, or evening.

Our knowledgeable, professional garage door specialists will supply comprehensive replacements for your broken garage door spring!

Off-track door repair
Off-track door repair

Garage Doors Fallen Off-Track

When your garage door falls out of its tracks, it can be scary, frustrating, and stressful, as a broken garage door is not something Westminster businesses or homeowners should have to deal with.

Ben’s off-track repair services are easily accessible to get your garage doors fixed, back on track, and adequately repaired so you can get back to your life as you know it.

If your garage doors have fallen off track, contact Ben’s technician to schedule an emergency garage door repair appointment. We will get things fixed quickly!

Garage Door Emergency Services

Ben’s Garage Door Service has made ourselves available on nights and weekends for emergency garage door repair when customers need it most.

Often, your garage door spring isn’t going to break at the time you have planned, nor do any repair needs seem to arise when it is convenient.

That is why our garage door repair technicians are committed to providing enhanced options for availability to ensure your home and business remain safe and comfortable.

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The Importance of Your Garage Door Opener

Most Westminster residents know how integral their garage door opener is to the entire garage structure because, without one functioning opening system, you can lift and lower manually again.

Garage door openers are also rather complex mechanisms and require their maintenance and, sometimes, garage door opener repair.

If you are currently searching for licensed professionals to provide garage door repair for your garage door opener, then you are in the right place because Ben’s specialists are certified experts in assessing, diagnosing, and fixing your garage door opener!

Garage Door Opener Repair in Westminster, CO

There are many parts that go into your garage door opener, and similar to your garage doors, deciding between repairs and possible replacement is another predicament that people often find themselves in.

The typical garage door opener can last around 10 to 18 years, depending on the manufacturer, warranty options, and maintenance.

Garage door openers can become malfunction for several reasons:

  • Photo eye sensor alignment issues cause your garage door opener to keep the door from closing.
  • Transmitter issues or dead batteries.
  • Improper garage door opener limits.
  • Tension springs or cable issues, etc.

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Replacing Garage Door Openers

If you have decided that another garage door opener repair job isn’t to resolve the issues within your garage door opener, or you are ready to have the unit replaced, Ben’s Garage Door Service Westminster is the right company to help with the installation process.

Our professional technician will arrive to provide free estimates for your new garage door opener installation procedures, review the wide variety of opener options, and complete the installation!

We are committed to supplying customers with a quick response time and same-day service options whether you are requesting opener repair or new installation projects!

People Also Ask

How much should I spend on new garage doors in Westminster, CO?

The cost of newly installed garage doors or a new door installation service depends on the type, size, and amount of doors needed.

If you are bypassing garage door repair and preparing for a new installation, then understanding the projected costs associated is essential for home and business owners in Westminster because all community members have to budget for these kinds of investments.

The average price of a new garage door is typically around $2,300.

Your garage door installation service can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,600.

When and if you are committed to new garage door installation, you may want to consider having your garage door opener replaced simultaneously to ensure the entire system is operating smoothly.

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Can I replace the panels on my garage door?

If you have damage to your garage door and part of the panels due to a garage door falling off track, an accident that impacted your house garage door, or lack of garage door maintenance, repairs are in order!

You can replace one set panel that is damaged or a few panels rather than replacing the entire garage door.

What style of garage door is most cost-efficient?

Steel garage doors are currently the most affordable option!

Steel is a contemporary garage door material offering durability, defense against the Colorado elements, relatively low maintenance, versatility, and an upgrade to your curb appeal.

Steel garage doors are a terrific choice for your Westminster house and have recently become one of the most popular garage door materials.

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How should I deal with broken springs?

A garage door needs its springs to operate properly, to remain balanced, to open and close safely, etc.

If you notice that your garage door springs have snapped and you require garage door spring repair, then adhere to the following:

  • Leave your garage door closed, and do not mess with anything.
  • Do not attempt to open the garage door manually if you can avoid it.
  • Turn off your garage door opener.
  • If your garage door has partially opened, attempt to lower the garage door back down, but reach out to someone for help in this process because, without your springs, everything is unstable.
  • Contact Ben’s technicians for immediate assistance and replacement.

If you want more about garage door springs, contact our garage door pros in Westminster, CO, for more information and a free inspection of your garage door parts!

Contact Our Garage Door Company for Local Garage Solutions

As a family-owned company working locally in Westminster, we are privileged to serve our neighbors in fulfilling their garage door needs.

Our garage door repair company aims to supply complete customer satisfaction whether you need new cables for your residential door or are seeking commercial garage door installation and help with new and improved security options for your garage door.

Contact Ben’s Garage Door experts to request a free quote on your garage door repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance solutions today!

Westminster Client Reviews

Sheena S. Field St, WestminsterHighly recommend Westminster garage door repair!

“Our garage door could not open all the way and would get stuck about halfway up the tracks.

I attempted to troubleshoot things myself but quickly realized that wouldn’t work.

I scheduled an appointment with Ben’s technicians for a free quote and assessment, and their team of garage door repair specialists was able to find a fast solution and get everything right back to normal!”

Sheena S. Field St, Westminster

Wendy T. Countryside WestminsterExcellent job installing a new garage door opener!

“I was ready and completely set on installing a new Overhead garage door opener after doing some research. 

However, I also needed to locate a reputable garage door service to help.

I contacted Precision Door Service and Ben’s Garage Door Service for an estimate on the project, and I felt totally at ease with Ben’s technicians.

We are incredibly happy with their installation. Everything was completed quickly, and now our garage door operations are smooth and quiet!”

Wendy T. Countryside Westminster

Eric & Danielle D. W 142nd Cir WestminsterProfessional service at a reasonable price!

“Our family was very pleased with Ben’s garage door installation services!

They were supportive, provided clean communication, helped us find the perfect garage doors for our space, and did it at a reasonable price.

I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Door Services in Westminster, CO, if you are looking for a new garage door or repairs!”

Eric & Danielle D. W 142nd Cir Westminster

Terry R. N Elm Ct, WestminsterQuick response to our emergency service call!

“Our business relies heavily on the functions and stability of our warehouse, so when one of the garage doors broke down, we needed things fixed as quickly as possible.

We were referred to Ben’s Garage Door emergency services through another business owner in the area, and their crew showed up within an hour to complete the repair job and replace the parts required to get things up and running again!”

Terry R. N Elm Ct, Westminster

Ryan L. W 98th Ave, WestminsterBest garage door repair near Westminster!

“If you need a quick fix and a quality garage door business in Westminster, CO, then Ben’s Garage Door Services is the only choice!

We recently scheduled an appointment with their crew for assistance with our garage door spring repair and were blown away at how quickly and efficiently they could get things replaced.

The technicians completed everything in under an hour and were highly professional and friendly throughout the replacement procedures!”

Ryan L. W 98th Ave, Westminster

Thuy N. Bradburn Blvd, WestminsterExcellent service and affordable prices!

My garage door broke down at 7 AM and was stuck in an open position. I called Precision, Overhead, and several other garage door companies near me, but they were all closed.

Luckily, Ben’s answered my call and sent out a technician within 30 minutes to fix it.

Thuy N. Bradburn Blvd, Westminster