Garage doors are a truly vital component of every garage structure as they provide additional protection for home and business owners in the Wheat Ridge area.

A garage door offers security measures for your Colorado property, increases daily comforts, and provides the convenience modern home and business owners are used to.

Everyone needs this in a city that is quickly growing, but when your garage door or opening device is malfunctioning, broken, or damaged, you will need someone you can turn to for a quick fix or replacement.

Garage Door Repair Wheat Ridge

An Elite Garage Door Service for Wheat Ridge Residents & Business Owners

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Wheat Ridge, CO, provides reliable garage door repair service options across the city.

Whether you are searching for reputable new garage door installation for a new home or assistance with commercial garage door repairs for a local business, our garage door services are dedicated to making our clients’ lives effortless, even when something goes wrong.

Our Wheat Ridge garage door company offers fast, friendly, and dependable options to ensure your garage doors are always up and running.

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Requesting Free Estimates for Your Garage Door Repair Needs

When your garage door breaks down, residents often aren’t prepared or expecting these things to happen, so when requesting a garage door service, understanding the costs that come along with the project is essential.

Requesting estimates is a significant part of deciding on the right garage door repairs in Wheat Ridge

At Ben’s Garage Door Service, our licensed and insured experts will provide a free quote and complete consultation!

Our garage door technicians aim to work with customers according to their budgets to provide an affordable and accessible option for legitimate garage door repair options.

In Need of Emergency Services? Allow Ben’s Garage Door Service to Answer the Call

Because garage door repair Wheat Ridge isn’t always going to arise at the most convenient times, Ben’s is available on nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure when an emergency happens, our crew is available to provide emergency garage door repair!

Our garage door repair specialists are dedicated to making the most stressful of garage door problems simple to deal with when you have our experts on your side.

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Wheat Ridge Garage Door Repairs

Are you looking for high-quality garage door repair Wheat Ridge?

Ben’s provides residential and commercial garage door repair and additional garage door services for all community residents!

We can provide immediate assistance with any of the following problems with your garage doors:

  • Garage door track repair. With our off-track repair, we offer premium solutions to fix the problem or make a total replacement.
  • Garage spring repair. Our door repair technicians assist with garage door spring repair and replacement options if your springs have snapped in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, as broken springs pose a safety issue.
  • Garage door cable repair and replacement options.
  • Garage door rollers.
  • Panel damages.
  • Sensor problems and wireless keypad replacement, etc.

No matter what is going on with your garage doors, our Wheat Ridge garage door service is available to offer a helping hand to ensure things are repaired as quickly as possible!

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New Garage Door Installation Options

When a basic garage door repair does not provide a drastic enough change for your garage door, many residents and business owners in Wheat Ridge look to the possibility of new garage doors instead.

Garage door replacement can feel like a significant project, and people typically worry about garage door pricing, timeframe, garage door type, and the exemplary garage door service to help through the installation procedures.

Ben’s Garage Door Service supplies a massive variety of manufacturers to choose from – from Overhead doors, CHI, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and more!

We can help with residential garage doors, double doors, custom needs, commercial garage doors, loading dock garage doors, and more extensive garage door needs.

Our garage door services were developed to make garage door installation simple and fully accessible for all who need them in Wheat Ridge.

Garage Door Opener Solutions in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The garage door opener is one of the most critical components of a garage door structure.

Without a reliable garage door opener, your garage door may end up stuck when opened or closed, or you would need to complete normal operations manually without those trusted garage door openers.

That is why Ben’s Garage Door Services, Wheat Ridge, is dedicated to helping with garage door opener repair so that residents in Wheat Ridge don’t have to deal with the frustrations of broken garage door openers.

When garage door opener repair doesn’t successfully resolve the issues you are experiencing, and you begin poking around for garage door opener installation near me – look no further than the experts with Ben’s Garage Door Services.

Our Wheat Ridge garage door technicians are more than your average garage door repair service, and when it comes to choosing a new garage door opener suitable for your home, business, and garage door, our crew is ready to do the hard work for you!

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FAQS About Garage Door Services

What are the best major brands available for new garage door openers?

It can feel challenging to navigate when looking for new garage door openers, especially if you have never looked into the possibilities.

There are so many different brands and options available from manufacturers like LiftMasterChamberlain, and Marantec.

There isn’t necessarily one garage door opener that is best for everyone, but in our opinion, the best option is LiftMaster 87504.

How can you properly fix a door that stops halfway up its track?

Garage doors that stop halfway or are partially opened are typical garage door repairs; they are easily fixed with the right company.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair Wheat Ridge can help you understand what is happening within the internal structure and explain your garage door functions before completing your garage door repair.

  • This may require garage door track repair or replacement, as your garage could have fallen off its tracks due to damages.
  • Your garage door spring may have broken, requiring immediate garage door repair.
  • Your garage door sensors may be blocked or misaligned.
  • Your garage door rollers may be rusted or damaged, or the tracks must be adequately lubricated.

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Can I fix my own garage doors in Wheat Ridge, CO?

While it is entirely acceptable for Wheat Ridge residents or business owners to begin troubleshooting and complete cleaning or garage maintenance for the unit, attempting your garage door repair could be dangerous and do more harm than good.

Our Wheat Ridge garage door replacement and repair specialists are always available to help when something is not quite right with your system.

We always recommend you consult a professional before attempting any garage door repair work to ensure you have a licensed expert completing the work necessary to get your garage door back on track and functioning properly.

Why is there a gap at the bottom of my garage door?

If your Wheat Ridge garage door is closing, but you still notice a small gap at the bottom of the door, it could be one of many things going on.

This may be due to worn rollers or garage door hinges and hardware.

Your weatherstripping may need a replacement; this will also help ensure no water or moisture seeps into your garage area.

The gap may also have occurred due to a damaged foundation in your driveway or under the property.

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Contact Our Garage Door Experts in Wheat Ridge & the Surrounding Area

You have landed in the right place if you are searching for garage door repair, help with replacement parts, or brand-new installation options for your commercial or residential garage doors.

We are a locally owned and family-operated business fully committed to providing exemplary garage door service options in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Contact our office any time of the day to get started on your free estimate, and let’s restore or transform your garage doors to ensure they are the perfect fit for your family or workplace!

Sam & Erica R. W 35the Ave, Wheat RidgeBen’s residential garage door installation is the best!

“Our family recently moved to Wheat Ridge from Castle Rock, but the home needed work.

We moved into a well-manicured residential area; the homes were beautiful, and the neighborhood felt safe, so our family needed to start our renovation projects.

We decided on installing new custom garage doors, and Ben’s quality installation service did an extraordinary job of making the entire project stress-free!”

Sam & Erica R. W 35the Ave, Wheat Ridge

Terry L. W 44the Ave, Wheat RidgeProfessional garage door assistance in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!

“Ben’s Garage Door Service showed up the same day we called for help with our broken rollers.

They explained exactly what went wrong and helped with rail lubrication and replacing our broken rollers.

The crew was so informative, supportive, and professional throughout the entire process!”

Terry L. W 44the Ave, Wheat Ridge

Kayla H. Kipling Heights, Wheat RidgeBen’s technicians did a great job repairing our garage door tracks!

“I was running out to get my youngest daughter from soccer practice, and I hit my garage remote, but the door was completely on its side.

It was almost 8 PM, and I wasn’t sure who to call to get things fixed, but luckily, I found Ben’s Garage Door business available to get to my home quickly.

Their track repair was so simple; they got our garage door back on track without replacing the entire structure, and I am so pleased with their services!”

Kayla H. Kipling Heights, Wheat Ridge

Conner B. Tabor St, Wheat RidgeGarage door repair experts for business owners in Wheat Ridge!

“We run a large shipping warehouse in Wheat Ridge, and one of the garage doors in the unit had been broken down for a while, and gearing up for our busy season meant finding a replacement.

We contacted a few companies in the Denver area before locating Ben’s Garage Door Service, which offered a reasonable quote to replace the overhead doors.

Ben’s technicians were solution-oriented, provided outstanding installation assistance, and provided access to many top-notch brands to choose from!

I highly recommend them for commercial garage door repair or replacement needs!”

Conner B. Tabor St, Wheat Ridge

Daniel T. Nelson St, Wheat RidgeTop-rated Wheat Ridge garage door services!

“This is the only company I will contact to help with the garage door on our Wheat Ridge, CO property!

They recently came out to complete garage door repair services, and I was blown away by their level of professionalism and how kind and caring the crew was during repair services.

I even have scheduled a follow-up maintenance appointment with them to have a new opener installed!”

Daniel T. Nelson St, Wheat Ridge