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Garage Door Springs | People Also Ask

This spring type has an outer wire spiral-wrapped around an inner core rod. When one end is twisted, it becomes shorter and tighter, while the other end becomes longer and looser.

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The movement produced from this causes tension on both sides with an equal force, so when either side releases, they swing back to their original position.

The one you need depends on the weight of your door and can range from a 20 lb. up to a 150 lb. rating for residential doors.

Here are some questions people ask about garage door springs

garage door faq

How can I determine which spring to buy for my garage door?

The weight of your garage door will determine the size of the torsion spring you need. You can find this information on the weight rating label on your garage door or in the manual for your opener. If the spring is broken, it’s best to call a garage door repair company to replace it to avoid injury.

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Is it possible to replace the garage door spring myself?

The DIY project for replacing springs on your garage door can be pretty complicated and time-consuming. If you are not experienced, it is best to call in a professional who has all the necessary tools (they will have extension cords ready). For most people, this task would be too much work alone.

There is always the possibility that you don’t get everything in place and your garage door isn’t usable. Furthermore, if springs aren’t installed correctly, it can cause a safety hazard for use over time due to its tension on the opener, causing breakage or a shorter lifespan.

Either way, repairing yourself will save a few bucks, but make sure you know what you’re doing; otherwise might spend an extra hundred getting fixed by others.

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How long does it take to replace a broken garage door spring?

Replacing a garage door spring can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the experience of a professional technician and the complexity of the project.

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Can I open the garage door with a broken spring?

Absolutely not! If your garage door is heavier than you can lift manually, it will pose a significant safety issue when in use. This goes for both the broken springs or those in place but has been disconnected. Many garage door accidents can occur because of a reluctance to call for help.

spring lifesapan

What is the lifespan of garage door springs?

The length of time springs last depends on the number of cycles (opening and closing) they’ve endured. New garage door springs can last up to 10 years, but at this point, it’s best to replace them with greener grass.

You don’t want to be caught in an emergency where your garage door is stuck open without a way of getting out or in. When you sign up for home services like the garage door repair guys, it’s always guaranteed that they will show up when you need them.

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How do I lift the garage door when spring breaks?

A broken garage door spring doesn’t mean your garage door is permanently closed! You should be able to open it manually until you get a replacement.

If the opener is connected to the broken spring, it will not work. If you have an automatic garage door, you can disconnect the opener from the door by pulling the red emergency release handle. This will release the door from the opener. If you have a key-operated lock, you can use your key to open the door.

garage door spring cost

How much will it cost to replace a garage door spring?

In most cases, it should cost between $280 and $475 to replace a broken garage door spring. This depends on the material of your springs, brand names, labor rates in your area, and if the garage door repair technician has to remove the door from the hinges.

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What happens when spring breaks on the garage door?

When a spring snaps on your garage door, it will cause the garage door to become unbalanced. If the spring on one side of your garage door has broken, it could cause you some major problems.

That part is made from steel and will likely take the rest of the door with it, but that part can also fly and harm you or people nearby. The other problem is when one spring breaks on your garage door, there’s a good chance the other side isn’t far behind.

Well, let’s just say this will throw everything else off balance too!

garage door springs

Do all garage doors have springs?

Typically, garage doors have one or two springs. Some older garage doors only have one spring, but most modern-day garage doors have two springs. Having two springs helps to distribute the weight of the door evenly.

It is possible to have a garage door without springs, but this is not common. In these cases, the door is opened and closed manually.

broken extension springs

Do garage door extension springs wear out?

Extension springs have a slightly shorter life expectancy than regular garage door springs. They usually lose tension after 10,000 cycles due to the way they are wound and installed on your garage door. However, this is also somewhat dependent on if they’re being used regularly.

garage torsion spring

Which is better, torsion or extension springs?

Torsion springs are stronger and more durable than extension ones. Their life span lasts 15,000 – 20,000 cycles as opposed to 10,000 with an extension spring while offering greater balance when moving the door, not jerking or twitching like it might if you had a lighter weight one installed on your opener.

And torsions also tend to be safer since they’re wrapped around the bar, so if something breaks, there will always remain tension holding everything together. It’s a more expensive option, but the benefits tend to outweigh it.

garage door torsion springs

Why do garage doors need springs?

A garage door is opened by either a completely manual system or powered by an opener. The opener system attaches to the garage door with two spring systems-the torsion springs on top, which are connected to the carriage, and the extension springs on the bottom, which attaches to the drum at the back of your garage door.

The torsion springs are responsible for raising and lowering the door, while the extension springs are responsible for the tension on the door. These springs help keep the garage door balanced and in place. Without them, the garage door would be very heavy and difficult to open and close.

double vs single spring

What is a single spring garage door?

A single spring garage door would have only one offset winding axis. These overhead doors are not very common anymore because they’re challenging to balance and maintain. If you need a replacement, this is usually done by taking out the old one and inserting a new torsion bar into the track.

The single spring system may not be the best option for a garage door. It can provide adequate counterbalance when open, but as soon as you close it and put more weight on your car-which is likely going to happen during heavier winter months-the pressure from all of that extra metal will cause wear and tear that could lead to failure before too long.

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