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Do you have a broken garage door in your Denver residential home? At Ben’s Garage Doors, we provide inclusive garage door services to all our residential clients in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas.

A garage door is susceptible to tear and wear, majorly due to the constant opening and closing of the door. If a garage door malfunctions or is broken, the first instinct is always to look for repair services.

However, in some instances, experts recommending replacing your garage doors or related parts. Ben’s Garage Doors is the leading garage door replacement service provider in Denver. We replace entire garage door systems or individual components.

Call us if you need expert replacement service.

Spring Replacement

Signs That You Need A Garage Door Replacement

Some garage issues can be fixed through simple repairs, while others point to a more serious problem. Here are some signs that you need a professional garage door replacement.

You have broken hardware, handles, and hinges.

  • The dents are adding up. If the dents are accumulating faster than you can repair them, then it might be time for a new garage door
  • Frequent breakdowns. If the breakdowns and garage door repair persist, it might be a sign that you need a new garage door.
  • It lacks security.
  • The garage door is too loud. Some garage sounds technically require a little TLC to resolve. However, a persistent loud noise is a sign that you need to replace the door system
  • Outdated curb appeal. A professional garage door replacement cost pays back heavy dividends in curb appeal and added property value
  • No longer energy efficient. A new garage door comes equipped with better weatherstrips and seals, which keep energy costs down.

Luckily, we can expertly advise you when it is time to consider a garage door replacement instead of repetitive and costly repairs. Garage door repair and replacement should never be a DIY project.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our garage door spring repair includes the installation of new oil-tempered springs to fix your garage doors. Our technicians spend significant time in custom garage doors and springs. We also install springs that are stronger and more efficient than alternative brands.

If your current garage door spring is rusted or roaring, it is a sign that you need a new one. A broken garage door spring that is beyond repair is a sign that you need new durable door springs. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we can either repair or replace your current garage doors.

garage door springs
Garage Door Spring Replacement

Unfortunately, the garage door spring can any time. However, we do not advise you to replace or attempt a repair on the garage door springs yourself. Unless you are a licensed contractor with the proper tools, replacing a garage door spring can be dangerous, leading to injury and more damage.

A garage door spring is one of the major reasons your door won’t open. If the springs snap and get damaged, your garage door will not happen. At Ben’s Garage Doors, we use the strongest replacement garage door springs when conducting repairs.

Diamond Springs Authorized Dealer

We are authorized dealers for garage door springs from Diamond Springs, a leading American manufacturer of top-notch garage door springs that offers a life time warranty.

Types of Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacements

Most garage doors feature two types of springs;

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs range from number 1 to 4 for each garage door. The number depends on the weight and size of the garage door. A torsion spring is installed directly above the door opening.

Unlike the extension spring, a torsion spring uses torque to get the job done. Moreover, a torsion spring comes in varieties, including standard, early set, steel rolling door, and torque master.

Extension Spring

An extension spring extends and stretches. Garage doors have two extension springs, one on each side of the door and running parallel to the track. In addition, an extension spring extends when the door is lowered and closed and retracts as you open the door. Extension springs are more common on residential garage doors. They can be further classified into open looped, double looped, and clipped ends.

Whether you need an extension spring replacement or torsion spring replacement, Ben’s Garage Doors has your back. We replace your broken garage door spring with the best quality springs from quality brands.

Black-oiled garage door springs tend to rust, wear out, and break due to constant use. If they do, call us to replace them with new and durable galvanized torsion springs.

Our technicians also provide expert garage door spring repair in case replacement is not an option for you. Do not attempt to repair or replace a garage door spring by yourself unless you are skilled and have the proper tools for the job.

garage door cost
The cost of Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Replacement Costs

How much does it cost to replace a garage door or a garage door spring? The garage door spring replacement costs depend on several factors, including the weight of the garage door. The heavier the garage door is, the more expensive the garage door springs will be.

At Ben’s Garage Doors, we offer competitive market prices for our top-notch products and services. We do not have any hidden charges that may strain your budget. Call us to get a clear quote on your garage door replacement or repair project.

Custom Garage Door Replacement

We believe in customer satisfaction when providing garage door services. Therefore, if you have any garage door design in mind, talk to us to develop a solution to match your exact need. Our garage door options are affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

We can provide different garage door materials to choose from when replacing your door. These include;

Steel garage doors

metal garage door installation
Steel Garage Door Material
  • Anodized aluminum/ glass garage doors
  • Custom wood garage door
  • Vinyl garage doors
  • Fiberglass garage doors

Liftmaster Authorized Dealer

Ben’s Garage Doors is an authorized leader for all products from Liftmaster. Liftmaster is a leading American manufacturer of high-quality garage doors.

Hire Ben’s Garage Doors

Is your garage door damaged beyond repair? Does it look less appealing than it was when you first installed it? We can help you worry less by installing new garage doors or new garage door components. Call our replacement experts for swift replacement services

Ben’s Garage Doors provide expert garage door repairs in Denver Metro Area. Our garage door experts can repair and install any garage door brand. Moreover, we can replace all garage door parts, including the garage door opener, sensors, spring, rollers, and other components.

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Roni Spektor
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Perfect garage door supplier ! Responsive and professional.Ben the owner did a great job helping me with the the different parts and explaining me what would work best for my garage door.
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I call today around 9am. The Secretary tell me someone can be at my house in the next two hours. The technician come over after 35 minutes and fix my door quickly and professional. Ty Ben for good experience! Highly recommend
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Happy with their service, on time, very appropriate and respectful, satisfied with their desk service at the store, the lady behind the counter gave me an excellent treatment as a customer. After they helped me find my garage door spring coils.... Click to continue reading
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HANIEL Ben - Harush
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I called for a service for my garage after i had a broken spring those professional people came and fixed it quickly with no problem at all works really Good!!