Garage Door Repair Lakewood, CO

The city of Lakewood, Colorado, is just outside of Denver and only a short drive off the highway to enter the streets and neighborhoods of the town.

It is on the pathway into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, decked out with complimentary views of the hills for as far as you can see!

Many who live in Lakewood or have recently migrated there are coming out of the Denver area to find a lower cost of living, a culture different from the city, and a more relaxed community.

But no matter where you own a home in the Mile High state, the possibility of garage door repair needs will always remain a factor in your life.

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The Leading Garage Door Service Company in Lakewood, CO

With the professional technicians at Ben’s Garage Door Services, a longstanding Lakewood garage door service that community members trust, you can rest assured that your household will find a solution to all those pesky garage door problems!

Most Lakewood residents will start by searching for a garage door service near me through their internet browser, but you don’t have to look further than our local, licensed specialists for a quick and easy solution.

Our Lakewood garage door repair experts remain available around the clock and ensure same-day service options to supply the support necessary for all the members of our community.

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Lakewood Garage Door Repair Resolutions

It isn’t always easy to determine what garage door repairs are needed without professional assistance.

Ben’s technicians are here to save the day with our reliable service, fair pricing, and attention to detail on every job we work on!

No matter how large, small, or complex the issue may be, our team provides honest, transparent, and expert opinions on how to successfully repair or replace faulty garage door parts.

Has Your Garage Door Spring Broke or Snapped?

One of the more typical garage door repair services needed in the Lakewood area is for snapped and broken door springs.

You may need a garage door spring replacement if you notice any of the following symptoms with your current garage doors:

  • The door is opening and closing crookedly.
  • There are significant gaps in the springs.
  • A loud noise or bang is heard. This is generally a sign that the garage door spring has snapped.
  • The garage door has trouble with its normal operations and is moving slower than usual.
  • The garage doors are slamming or falling to the ground when closing.

Are Your Garage Doors Running Off-Track?

Our Lakewood garage door services can handle all the most common issues Colorado homeowners experience!

When garage door track repair is necessary, the garage door has likely fallen off its tracks or experienced damage to the track area.

The tracks could be the causing the current issues if the household is experiencing any of the following:

  • The garage door tracks look warped or are not connected to the door structure itself.
  • The unit is sagging to one side.
  • When the garage door is in operation, there are loud or strange noises that didn’t exist previously.
  • The door falls quickly.
  • The structure is completely jammed and won’t move up or down.

Support Through Garage Door Emergency Services in Lakewood, CO

No matter what is going on with your garage doors, our Lakewood garage door emergency services are a safety net!

With Ben’s Garage Door Service company, you don’t have to wait for a technician to fix the moving parts.

Our team of garage door specialists puts our client’s needs, security, and safety first.

You can call us for anything that is going on, and we will have a tech at the property as quickly as possible to resolve the problems and restore the environment back to its normal state of operations.

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Answers for Any Garage Door Opener

When prompted, garage door openers will signal the garage doors to open, close, and stop operations.

However, like everything within the system, that garage door opener can experience mechanical or technical difficulties.

The typical garage door opener should last up to 15 years, depending on the make and model of the opening device.

When and if the garage door opener suddenly malfunctions, it can render the entire structure useless.

However, these issues are only temporary, and Ben’s reliable service technician is around the corner!

Our technicians offer the very best for our clients, and we deliver the following options to Lakewood residents and business owners:

Straightforward Garage Door Opener Repair

If you are looking for a Lakewood company to provide garage door opener repair, we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Our technician specialists supply prompt garage door opener repair options throughout Lakewood and can fix or replace anything broken!

Whether you have a belt, chain, direct, or screw drive, the repair is possible with our emergency services by our side.

Installation of New Garage Door Openers

The same goes for new garage door openers or replacement options!

With our team of Lakewood garage door experts, the installation is straightforward and entirely stress-free.

You can contact our answering services to schedule a complete consultation to review your garage door opener options, as we work with the best manufacturers to ensure our garage door service company is the leading provider in Lakewood.

Our crew will help you find a garage door that suits the style of the home or property, making way for more contemporary living space and higher-quality materials.

We offer durable, long-lasting solutions for garage door replacements, giving every client exactly what they have been looking for!

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New Garage Door Installation Service Options in Lakewood, CO

Ben’s garage door installation was designed specifically for local residential and commercial property owners in the Lakewood and Denver Metro area.

With access to our garage door installation services, you gain access to a variety of new door options to boost the property’s curb appeal and increase the structure’s efficiency and durability.

Our team of Lakewood garage door technicians can help install steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and glass garage doors.

Plus, you have to pick between some of the best manufacturers in the industry!

A Remedy for Garage Door Replacement

Most garage doors will last a few decades, and some materials are stronger than others. 

Still, the debate between repairing and replacing will always remain challenging for businesses and homeowners in Lakewood.

Our Lakewood garage door company is fully dedicated to completing a full diagnostic of the current system and will provide our expert opinion when a replacement is needed.

If you aren’t sure whether our replacement is necessary, consider the following:

  • Is the garage door over 15 to 20 years old?
  • Is the extent of damage to the garage door significant?
  • Do you require frequent repairs to the garage doors?
  • Does the garage door suit your needs as a residential or commercial property owner?
  • Has proper maintenance been completed?

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There is a Reason Lakewood Garage Door Companies Suggest Annual Maintenance

When investing in a new garage door, continuous maintenance is required to keep the structure in good condition.

With our premier garage maintenance service options, customers genuinely see the benefits of investing in their space.

  • Increased security for the property.
  • Advanced safety features as professionals will complete a full examination of the garage door and supporting structures.
  • The property owner will save money on costly repairs as a minor problem is preventable when caught during a routine maintenance service.
  • You can enjoy your garage doors without the impending doom of a surprise repair surfacing, and further inconveniences are easily avoided, too!
  • You can take full advantage of the garage door manufacturer warranty, as many companies expect continued upkeep of your materials during use.
  • With maintenance, the garage door’s lifespan is notoriously increased through the care of professionals!

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Things People Also Ask Our Lakewood Garage Door Services

How can I tell if my garage door cables are bad?

You will want to know how your garage door works and understand what is happening with those cables.

Many moving parts go into the garage door system, and your cables work together with the garage door springs to keep those doors lifting and lowering correctly.

Once those cables become loose, a multitude of issues can arise from your garage doors’ usual operations.

You likely want to get in contact with a garage door service if you begin to notice any of the following:

  • Shaking or unbalanced doors.
  • Strange, unusual, and loud noises coming from the garage door systems.
  • The cables look worn and are physically becoming loose.

How long will my residential garage door opener last?

Garage door openers are essential in every modern garage system in Lakewood, CO, but just like every piece of your garage space, they don’t last forever.

The projected lifespan of your garage door opener depends upon the type of opening system you have, whether or not you have been dedicated to repairs and maintenance when needed, etc.

Consulting with a professional technician about the health and well-being of the current garage door opener mechanism can help property owners prepare for a possible replacement.

Typically, a garage door opener lifespan can range from 10 to 20 years when you have the right system and a reputable garage door service company to help when needed.

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Can I replace my old garage door without changing its tracks?

If you are interested in installing modern garage doors, you have to consider that other components of the garage doors will likely need to be replaced as well.

It is essentially impossible to replace a garage door without also replacing its tracks, springs, cables, and rollers, and many residents will choose to install a new garage door opener as well.

That is because everything needs to be supported by its counterpart.

If one part of the garage door isn’t working, it can immediately cause other components to overwork themselves, resulting in stress and advanced wear.

This can break down other areas of your garage structure.

Your tracks must be able to carry the weight of the new garage door.

The garage door springs must be able to do the same, and your cables and rollers will need to work within the unit accordingly.

What are the common causes of damage to garage door panels in Lakewood, CO?

There are many common garage door issues in Lakewood, but others are unique to Colorado and homeowners within the Denver Metro Area.

Sitting a mile closer to the sun can impact the climate of the garage space and sensors.

The snow, sleet, and cold weather can wear down the garage doors, and its panels and hail seem to be another common issue that requires garage door repair.

The elements that exist for those who own residential and commercial properties throughout Lakewood, Colorado, are something that everyone has to pay attention to to actively avoid an unnecessary call to your local garage door service company.

The professionals with Ben’s Garage Door Services can provide support if the garage doors end up damaged by the Colorado weather patterns, and our techs are highly knowledgeable and experienced in these matters.

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Ben’s Technicians Can Handle All of Your Garage Door Issues

As a locally owned, licensed garage door service in Lakewood, we are proud to serve the beautiful community we are a part of.

Our garage door repair solutions are available to residential and commercial clients across Lakewood, and we remain committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

If the garage door has been damaged, you need garage door opener repair, or any of those garage components need professional attention, contact our local garage door service for a free estimate!

And find a solution fully customized to your needs!

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Recent Garage Door Repair Customer Reviews

personaThe crew did an outstanding job with my garage door repairs in Lakewood, CO!

“Our technician was so straightforward and honest about everything for our garage door repair services from beginning to end.

I am astounded by how quickly they were able to get the job done and appreciate that it was completed in a professional manner.”

Glen S. Lakewood, CO

personaThey helped me avoid costly repairs and completed our recent service for a reasonable price!

“Our garage door was totally broken, I couldn’t get my car out, and nothing was working properly.

The team at Ben’s took a look at the problem quickly and resolved everything just as fast!”

Rosie & Ethan T. Lakewood, CO

personaBen’s Garage Door Services provides honest and professional spring repair!

“Our garage door springs snapped, but I had previously had some difficult experiences with garage door companies in Lakewood, CO.

I needed someone who could provide a prompt, efficient, and honest fix to feel confident with the process, and I am so glad that I hired them to get the job done!”

Duane B. Lakewood, CO

personaThis garage door company made me feel like their top priority!

“We have recently moved over from Wheat Ridge, but our garage door system was not in the shape it should have been, and there was a lot of work to be done.

Ben’s reliable service helped to replace our broken spring, cables, and rollers all in the same day!”

The Green Family Lakewood, CO,

personaAmazing technicians, excellent customer service & fair pricing!

“If you are looking for a Lakewood garage door service that can provide repairs or replacement parts without hidden fees and hassle, this is the right company to work with.

Our technicians supplied a stress-free quote, friendly service, and an affordable cost for our repairs!”

Mike W. Lakewood, CO

personaHassle-free garage door installation service in Lakewood, CO!

“I set out to find an installation service in the Lakewood area that provided quality work and came across Ben’s local garage door services.

I am so glad I didn’t go through the other company I initially requested a quote from because the service was unmatched, and our new garage door is perfect!”

Renee G. Lakewood, CO